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  • Ratchet 2 is an amazing game. Big step up from the original. Memorable planets, good humor and story and the best soundtrack in the franchise. I think the third one is more refined but I still think very highly of Ratchet 2.

  • #3: Spyro the Dragon | 23 Points


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    Release Date: NA: September 9th, 1998 | EU: October 1998
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Platformer
    Platform(s): PlayStation 1


  • Wow! I'm really surprised Spyro 1 is not only our #3 Insomniac game but that it beat all of the other Spyro games.

    I never played Spyro 1 back in the day but I 100%'d it in the Reignited Trilogy. I think it's a fine game but it's painfully simple by today's standards with the core of the game being about burning easy enemies and gliding to hard to reach spots. There isn't nearly as much depth or complexity like the Speedways, powerups, and secrets from Spyro 2 and 3.

    It's a fine game and the fundamentals hold up, but it just doesn't do it for me like other platformers from that era still do.

  • While it's not my favorite in the trilogy. Spyro 1 is the one I played the most. I beat this game so many time in my live. It's the most nostalgic for me and it's just easier to replay because it's shorter than the rest and has no mini games and gimmicks. I have this game completely memorised still to this day. It has some amazing level design and one of my favorite soundtracks ever in a video game.

  • Spyro The Dragon is a classic PS1 game and the only Spyro game I was able to play until Enter The Dragonfly on PS2. I'm carrying dense memories of playing Spyro as a widdle boy and it was a magical and glorious game with color and character that resonated with me. I do wish I had played the other games, but the original is usually the best, so it's great I got the chance to experience it. The 2018 remaster looks fugly by comparison, but it's at least commendable that all three PS1 Spyro games are playable in one package.

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  • There is debate between me and my father about what my first game was, but I contend it was Spyro: The Dragon, as it came bundled with the PS1 I got for Christmas when I was six. This game was my introduction to video games as a whole, so it's extremely special to me.

    Despite it's simplicity (and the fact you drop straight down from flights as opposed to the vastly superior hovering mechanic from the Spyro 2 on), it's that very simplicity is what makes it so fantastic to me. Free Dragons, collect gems, and flame thieves. That's it. There doesn't need to be a more compelling story or all these different things to collect. With gems not just scattered around, but also coming from defeating enemies, it really incentivizes you to fully explore every area. Another choice that's permanently etched in my brain is the sound effect you hear when you get close to a captured dragon. I can recognize that hollowed out crystal sound anywhere.

    And the levels with their secrets and boss levels are fantastic. Having Hub Worlds centered around different styles of dragons is super cool, as each kind look and sound different from the other Worlds. Many levels in the first couple worlds (Artisans and Peace Keepers) are pretty straight forward, but starting with Magic Crafters, it gets more complex with secrets. Every level/world has such catchy music, so this soundtrack sticks out the most to me. Some of the most satisfying moments in my gaming life were when I finally figured out how to get to the Dragon on the cliffs in both Cliff Town and Dry Canyon. How to reach the lone dragon wwwwaaaaayyyyyyyy out on a far off tree in Tree Tops (I actually did this wrong the first time, but still). How to reach the secret floor in Haunted Towers. Accidentally finding out how to lower the secret wall in Artisans WELL before you release the Dragon that knows how in a Magic Crafters level. All of these before ready access to the internet.

    Bosses are memorable for me, because they aren't just the singular fights/events they are in later games (though I do appreciate that). In the original, they're at the end of levels that feel like the others in their respective Worlds.

    Aside from the hard drop, I DO have three other major criticisms: Swimming being harmful, the life system, and the Speedways. Regarding swimming, it feels like a bizarre choice to have Spyro feel harm every time he dips a toe in water (this could be because of it being a complete mechanic and integral to many level designs in sequels). Which leads me to the life system: Defeating previously torched/rammed enemies dropping little crystals and getting enough gets you a life. Sure, you can find little containers with eyes peering out (I still don't understand that to this day) for an instant life, but it takes so many crystals just to get one life and if you don't know what you're doing, it can make the game feel cheap with faux-difficulty. Lastly, the Speedways are just complete gameplay shifts, and while I said above with the other Spyros I enjoyed the changes of pace, in this game they just don't feel good to me.

    But those criticisms aside, this game as a whole is so short, so easy, so simple to complete. It only takes me about 6-8 hours to reach 120%. This is even easier courtesy of a mechanic introduced in Year of the Dragon where if you hold all four of the shoulder buttons, Sparx can pinpoint the location of any gems you missed. With the Reignited Trilogy, this feature is brought over across all three games and it's one of the best quality of life features. For the entire trilogy, I would say it can take four days for me to fully complete everything, and it's always such a pleasure to do so.

    And the last thing I want to touch on is to be a defender of the Reignited Trilogy's art design/style. I read/hear more often than not the opinion it doesn't look good, and I can not fundamentally disagree more. I LOVE what Toys for Bob did with the art style. The polygonal originals have charm sure, but graphically they don't age as well as I would like, so the Reignited Trilogy brings that forward in a delightful way.

    As shown above, I have it fifth overall in my 20 Insomniac games and it's my 36th favorite game of all time (and obviously my favorite Spyro). So massive shout-outs and thanks to @bam541, @bruno_saurus, @JDINCINERATOR, @Shoulderguy, @NeoCweeny, and @Phbz for giving it a vote!

  • I only played a few hours of Spyro right before the voting for this ended, it holds up quite well imo. Want to play more of it but too many games rn.

  • #2: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart | 33 Points


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    Release Date: June 11th, 2021
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Platformer Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 5


  • #1: Marvel’s Spider-Man | 45 Points


    #1: 4 (JDINCINERATOR, Shoulderguy, Sentinel Beach, bam541)
    #2: 1 (bruno_saurus)
    #3: 2 (Phbz, Nimbat1003)
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    HM: 1 (DIPSET)

    Release Date: September 7th, 2018 (PS4), August 12th, 2022 (PC)
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Action-Adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PC


  • I highly adore Marvel's Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

    The joy of just swinging through New York City is a true joy. A ten out of ten experience. The story is heavy as heck! It sprinkles in some heavy moments for both Miles Morales and Peter Parker.

    For Rift Apart, I love the RYNO 8. And how it's basically just a weapon filled with easter eggs. It's beautiful. I really love the dynamic of Ratchet and Rivet and what that brings to the story. Rivet isn't just a Ratchet clone either basically, she has gone through some more hardships than Ratchet and is more guarded. I also love how in this game, Dr. Nefarious is basically a henchman to himself after a bit. Grand jokes occur lol

  • Spider-Man is legit one of the best open world games around. Good variety of activities in a beautifully realized NYC, and most of all, the swings and zips. Insomniac made the best superhero game here because it never feels better than ever to play as the webcrawler. The feel of the swinging, the fast paced combat, the witty quips, they done him so right. The story had some less than stellar parts, especially in regards with the villains, but Peter's personal arcs are more than impactful enough to make it worthwhile. It's just a great AAA game all-around.

    RIft Apart went a step further of simply perfecting the classic gameplay formula, and made its story so enjoyable. The dialogues can be so wholesome and memorable, not to mention the high level of animation and VO quality that brought the script to life. A must have game for PS5 owners.

  • Ehh? The first Spyro beat 2 and 3? Now you're all just being silly. What a weird situation.

    Spidey's #1 as it should. Truly a lovable game. It just FEELS. SO. GOOD. Been reading the comics for over 25 years, Peter Parker's my man, and Insomniac did justice to his alter ego.

  • My votes:

    1. Marvel's Spider-Man
    2. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    4. Spyro the Dragon
    5. Sunset Overdrive
    6. Ratchet & Clank (2016)
      HM: Resistance: Fall of Man
      HM: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

    I've played some of the original Spyro the Dragon at a friends place but didn't finish the game until the remake released. The remake is very polished and faithful to the simple fun nature of the original game. Story is minimal but the moment-to-moment gameplay, and impressive worlds make each level a pleasure to visit. Spyro the Dragon is #6 of 13 on my 1998 GOTY list.

    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart won the EZA community's GOTY for 2021 so I'm not surprised to see it in the top 2. Here are my thoughts on Rift Apart from that GOTY countdown earlier this year:

    "Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is so well done in just about every way. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel but the basic Ratchet and Clank gameplay, combined with the additional new characters, weapons, and mechanics make for an enjoyable gameplay experience. It's also technically very impressive, the game is absolutely beautiful in the 60fps Performance RT mode that I played. It's not all perfect though, the story didn't do much for me and I ran into many invisible walls and experienced some minor bugs. Despite those issues, it's still one of the best games of the year for me."

    Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is #7 of 42 on my 2021 GOTY list.

    Marvel's Spider-Man is the definitive Spider-Man experience, and maybe even the best super hero game. Arkham City is probably still my favorite in that regard but Insomniac's Spider-Man is a fighter for the top spot. It has the great swinging mechanics from the 2004 Spider-Man 2 game but made even better. All of the combat feels really good and it has a great emotional story with top-notch voice-acting. For me, it's the incredible story moments that really separate Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales from all of Insomniacs other games. Marvel's Spider-Man is #4 of 36 on my 2018 GOTY list.

    Big shout out to @bruno_saurus for doing all this work. Really well done for your first developer gameography countdown.

  • Admittedly I find it a bit strange that Rift Apart swoops in at number 2. I didn't think that it was as beloved as other R&C games but I for sure loved it. As for Spider-Man at number 1-was there a better choice? No is the right answer-Spider-Man is sublimeness. Here are my votes:
    #1. Spider-Man
    #2. Resistance 3
    #3. Ratchet and Clank 3
    #4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    #5. Spyro The Dragon
    #6. Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    #HM: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
    #HM: Sunset Overdrive

  • Here were my votes! Which I feel like I could change even just today, but who knows!

    1. A Crack in Time
    2. Spider-Man
    3. Rift Apart
    4. Resistance 3
    5. Miles Morales
    6. Going Commando
      HM: Resistance 2
      HM: Spyro the Dragon

    And I am thankful for the participation for the first of these! Thanks a lot people! If you have any suggestions, I will gladly hear em! I am thinking of doing two smaller developers next time, probably in a week or something! How that process will be, we shall see!

  • Here are all the Insomniac games I played ranked (and put in tiers):

    1. Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    2. Ratchet & Clank 3
    3. Spyro the Dragon
    4. Ratchet & Clank 2
    1. Spyro 2
    2. Ratchet & Clank (2002)
    3. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
    4. Resistance 3
    5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    6. Spider-Man
    1. Ratchet: Gladiator
    2. Ratchet & Clank: Nexus
    3. Resistance: Fall of Man
    4. Disruptor
    1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    2. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
    3. Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction
    1. Sunset Overdrive
    1. Ratchet & Clank (2016)
    2. Resistance 2

  • #1: Spider-Man
    #2: Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    #3: Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer
    #4: Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    #5: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    #6: Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando
    HM: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
    HM: Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction

  • Apologies for this. It's going to be one of, if not THE, longest post I think I've ever had. And coming from ME that's saying something.

    To start with Rift Apart (as will be the case for much of this thread and post), I feel I need to pull from previous GOTY countdown comments. So to discuss Rift Apart:

    ...The biggest takeaway for me is how it was (for me), the first TRUE example of the current gen tech in the PS5. It blew me away with how instant loading is, especially the little pocket dimensions on several of the planets. In addition, the fusion of the Dualsense's haptics and the 3D audio had me glued to the TV, fully immersed in gorgeous worlds and a fun narrative.

    The most important addition is of course Rivet, and I enjoyed her character so much she NEEDS to be a series staple moving forward (Granted, with Spider-Man 2 next year and Wolverine in three [both allegedly, but remember, never believe release dates/windows], this franchise is on ice for AWHILE). Plus I got a kick out of all the references and Easter Eggs, with the RYNO being the BEST example of that. Never gets old.

    When the biggest (read: most common/loudest) criticism is great game is great, it shows how solid the foundation is. MY only criticism is so light in the HUD being rearranged with where they have the bolts, ammo, etc., it kind of feels bad to even mention. I enjoyed this so much, it's catapulted up to being my 2nd favorite game of the franchise (I'm a Tools of Destruction person) and it currently rests at being my 17th favorite game of all time.

    To further expound on these thoughts, I feel Rift Apart does a great job of juggling two different storylines and four different characters, all culminating quite nicely and tying together many threads. The dichotomy between the pairs of Ratchet & Clank to Rivet & Kit, how they're mirrors of each other, but opposite as well, is pretty solid. Level design is both more open and more refined, and revisiting several of my favorite places with a new twist was a massive highlight as well. For this thread, I had Rift Apart slotted at 3rd overall, and fist bumps to @DIPSET, @Nimbat1003, @Sentinel-Beach, @JDINCINERATOR, @Shoulderguy, @bruno_saurus, and @bam541!

    But onto Spider-man.

    I'm not shocked it's taken number 1. After four years of being on the fence and hearing from many friends and peers over that span it's so fantastic and a recent Arkham series replay to prep for Gotham Knights, I finally caved.

    I'm currently playing it for the first time, and I'm practically done (I only need to defeat Rhino/Scorpion, and then I assume Octavious to finish my 100% run. And yes, I know of the post-credits scene). So with that said:

    It's fine.

    And I think I'm not over the moon about because the main reason why it's taken so long for me to get the game: I just don't care about Spider-man the character and the greater property. CONTEXT! I'm not a superhero person. Batman is kind of an outlier, and that's only because the Arkham Asylum's demo on 360 got me into the that series and compelled me to watch and own the Dark Knight Trilogy. So I've become a casual fan of Batman. I was really, REALLY hoping this game would do the same for Spider-man... And it just doesn't.

    I did not care about ANY character in the game UNTIL the bombing of City Hall. THEN I had become invested in Peter, May, MJ, Li, Otto, and Miles. But after playing for several hours before that point, that's kind of a damning thing it takes so long to care. Another big reason why I've come around on the greater Batman universe is I find many of villains compelling in one way or another. This interpretation of Spider-Man? Only Li and Otto are really interesting, and that's due to the time given to them. Fisk? Rhino? Vulture? Electro? Scorpion? Absolutely NO establishment, no reason to care. This leads me to what I think is the game's biggest problem, which is simultaneously one of its strengths: It's the single greatest love letter and interpretation to Spider-man in games. And because I have no background or interest in Spider-man, it feels like this game is only TRULY for people who were already Spider-man fans.

    Another major problem I have is this game has so. Much. FLUFF. The Outposts, Warehouses, Hideouts, and Prisoner Camps are just the same wave based fights over and Over and OVER. Many Crimes are repetitive as well and while I appreciate there are only five per group per section of the city, there are still a few sections themselves, so they old QUICK. Even Side Missions feel like letdowns because for characters like Black Cat and Tombstone feel like they're just there to be there, just barely better than throwaways. Manhattan is beautiful, well-realized, and the citizens walking around is neat, but I don't have the connection to the city many others do. Simply swinging around or flying across rooftops isn't enough incentive to play a game for me.

    In addition, this game throws a LOT of mechanics at you at the jump with throwing you into swinging as your very first gameplay task. The opening does a great job at being an action-packed pulse pounding segment, but at the same time, it takes a while to get used to just to play, much less combat. As far as combat goes, I like how flexible and diverse it is, but it too suffers from fluff with the Benchmark system. Benchmarks are utterly pointless as their rewards feel like NOTHING for doing tasks SO MANY TIMES for miniscule XP. And all of these frustrations are amplified because the main narrative is great! I really believe there is a fantastic 15 hour game buried in a good 40-50 hour game.

    The last criticism I have is the game is just not stable. To date, it's crashed on me seven times (and again, I only have a little of the main game left and I'll do the three DLC packs), and all too often defeated enemies have some extremely bizarre and glitchy ragdoll physics that just take me out of it.

    I'm mixed on it. Objectively, it's very solid, and I get why many love it. I do. But for me and my tastes, it just isn't as wowing as I was hoping. If I had finished it in time, I would've slotted it between Into the Nexus and Quest for Booty (more on those in a bit), marking this as 13th of 21 Insomniac games. But still, I've made a commitment. I'll finish it out, play the DLC, play Miles Morales (which with my experience Spider-man, I'm not expecting anything better), and will probably get Spider-man 2 to support Insomniac more than anything else. But honestly, after playing this solid game, I didn't really feel like I was ever having fun.

    And with that, my list of every Insomniac game I've played, with comments on the games that didn't make the countdown:

    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    Ratchet & Clank (2016)
    Spyro: The Dragon
    Ratchet & Clank (2002)
    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
    Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
    Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage
    Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
    Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
    Resistance 2
    Ratchet: Deadlocked
    Resistance 3
    Sunset Overdrive
    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
    Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

    Fuse hurts. I was so into Overstrike but with EA being EA, this has got to be one of the biggest disappointments I've ever played. Uninspiring gameplay, bland environments, boring level design, and absolutely AWFUL characters, I STILL can't believe this is an Insomniac game for how bad it is.

    Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault was the second straight disappointment for me from an Insomniac developed R&C (Since Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank weren't from Insomniac, this and the next game I'll get to were shocks). This game has eight minutes of cumulative story. EIGHT. MINUTES. And like Sunset Overdrive, you can't start a new game; just replay four planets (one which having two variants). Being a tower defense game as opposed to traditional exploring, combat, and story, this game is the one Insomniac developed Ratchet & Clank I REFUSE to replay when I do my series runthroughs. This game is lifeless and a complete waste of time.

    Ratchet & Clank: ALL 4 One is a perfect example of a game that was chasing the trends of the time of every game needing four player co-op. And because of that, the fundamental game and level design is terrible with these flying checkpoint robot things constantly breaking up the pace, plus most enemies have bland attacks and for the very few moments the story may have, it's mostly a completely forgettable time. The early 2010s were just a bad time for Ratchet & Clank.

    Ratchet: Deadlocked is... ok, but I recognize it's got issues. Taking Clank away from gameplay and replacing him with two uninteresting floating robot companions is an odd choice. The premise is interesting of Ratchet being captured to forced to being a gladiator of sorts for the sake of marketing (and the commentary team being fully biased in trying to make Ratchet being a monster), but the mission structure isn't that fun with half being vehicle based (and some of those being auto-levels at that). I can still find some enjoyment in it, but it's not worth it unless you're a die-hard fan of the franchise.

    Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty is awesome for dealing with the Robot Pirates, which are an underrated group. That said, I think I should leave what I said in our 2008 Thread:

    However, it's brevity is probably its biggest flaw: You can 100% this game in about three hours, you're only given a handful of weapons with practically pointless upgrading (each given to you is at Level 3, only able to go to Level 5), and though it serves as a nice connecter between Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time, it feels like that could've either been much more to do OR be tacked on to the beginning of A Crack in Time.

    Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus gets a bad rap. I consistently hear it's not a good game, and being the direct follow up to All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault, I can understand being lumped together with those, but because it's a return to form, not a big time commitment, and has interesting levels and concept, I'll still argue it's a fun game and well worth playing. So much so, it's currently my 90th favorite game of all time.

    And with that, I've come to the end, so I just want to laud @bruno_saurus for this idea. I'm not sure I can be as into many other developers' catalog as I am for Insomniac's, but this was an absolutely fantastic time and I'm greatly looking forward to the next one. Many thanks and much appreciation for this!