The EZA Community Top Insomniac Games!

  • Spiderman is my number 2 pick but I don't love it. It has in common with Sunset Overdrive having some of the best traversal on a video game but gameplay as a whole becomes stagnant pretty quickly. But going around New York never gets old, it's superb.

    I'm also not a superhero dude and this is a by the book Spiderman plot that could be AI generated and no one would notice. You know everything in advance as soon as you meet a character.

    The last third of the game was also quite glitchy and buggy, I don't know if it was fixed meanwhile. I remember Highlight Reel (YouTube channel for broken games) being mostly Spiderman clips for a month or more.

    But for a Spiderman fan I can see how this is a dream game, and when everything goes as expected it's a technical marvel.

  • @brannox Who is speaking bad about Nexus? I think most people just didn't play it because it's such a late PS3 game. I never heard much criticism.

  • @neocweeny Other groups of people I'm a fan of (Kinda Funny for example) always say it's bad, but to your point (and especially reviews for it), the few people (proportionally speaking) who are fans and really remember it know how solid of a game it is. Short, sure, but consistent quality makes up for it.

  • @neocweeny I don't think late PS3 games garnered that much attention. Besides The Last of Us, many PS3-only games in mid-late 2013 and 2014 were overshadowed by the arrival of PS4/Xbox One. You wonder why Puppeteer was so overlooked.

  • kinda late i know but anyway my full list.

    1- Ratchet and clank 2
    2-Ratchet and clank 3
    4-Ratchet and clank: crack in time
    5-Ratchet and clank: rift apart
    6- Resistance 2
    HM: Resistance fall of man, RC tools of destruction

    (sorry i own the remasters but haven't played spyro)

    happy too see ratchet 2 place above 3 and crack in time since i get the vibe people seem to like those 2 more, totally get why rift apart took the 2nd place, similar too how it won kinda funny's game of the year it's a game thats good at everything, but as we see was no-ones #1, basically for me i like the story but it's not as good as ACIT, i like the combat and weapons but not as much as 3 and i think it is lacking in side/post game stuff even the arena felt quite limited. it was a toss up between ACIT and rift apart for me but yeah music dope though compared to the ps3 series.

    Ratchet and clank 2
    so it's my champion i guess i should praise it, the reason why i love this game over the others comes down too 2 things.

    1.Humour- don't get me wrong dr nefarious is great, but i love the smartass and snarky consumerism humour it's just a different vibe too 3 that i find more enjoyable even as a kid.

    1. variety- this games has the most weapons the most varied levels and gameplay gimmicks that i just love, not all of them are perfect and while i love 3's combat additions this game kinda just throws all the ideas in and i just really like how it all works, and in particular is great fun too 100% (see below.)

    Youtube Video

    Ratchet and clank 3
    simply best combat and wepons in the series, levels look like piss, bill clinton has a sexy daughter oh and sexy evil robot pop star. qwark stay away from the monkey. LAWRENCE!!!

    so i love spiderman but... i don't love openworld games hence #3, basically what this game does excellently and has been a staple of insomniac in general is the movement and animation, that quality and fun movment makes spiderman so enjoyable even if the side stuff itself is kinda bland. i've slowly realised i actually prefer emptier open world games i don't like running into 20 question marks on the way somewhere. too keep me engaged openworld game need to have good storys and/or great movment or just be an RPG. spider man does those first two very well.

    resistance series

    remember loving these games and have tried to replay them but UGH launch ps3 games hold up alot worse than PS2 games... sooo brown... but i remember liking 2 the most and kinda just loved the whole world and setting from 1 onwards would love even a half decent remaster of the series.

    Rest of the ratchets

    a crack in time still has the best story over Rift apart IMHO, but i never liked the whole fly around plannet thing and in general i'm not a fan of the level design visually, i really don't remember any level from that game and i replayed it before rift apart,

    Tools of Destruction i think the visuals of this game work alot better than ACIT and when i replayed it they ended up alot closer together in terms of quality, i like the levels alot more and some of the weapons are just so cool (grooveatron), i never loved the weird rpg dialogue boxes they always felt out of place.

    but the story is just so ehh in this and compared to ACIT this plays alot slower. also the music outside of the pirate of the Caribbean theme was always lacklustre compared to previous games which was a nice bonus rift apart got right some great music in that.

    deadlcoked is fun it's just the gladiator minigames turned into a full game and very fun weapons.
    don't sleep on into the nexus its at the same quality as the other future games but just half the size and is a nice send of too the series for a while.

    all in all ratchet is in my top 3 series, i think all the core games are at least good and most are great, going commando is in my all time top 10, though now days i have things like dark souls and god of war 2and 2018 above it but it's still up there. easily beats the Jak series in my eyes, though JAK 3 is the best one play it, that's probably on Ratchet 3 level for me. seriously i feel like people just skipped it for some reason... and when they go back they just play 1 and maybe 2.

  • I was on vacation so I missed the finale here. Spider-Man is a no brainer but I anticipate that almost every Insomniac game going forward will have that kind of budget and scope. I feel like the best is yet to come.

    This was fun but also a nice walk down memory lane with such a long-running developer. Clearly, I'm not the only one that adores the PS1 Spyro series and it's clear it's some of their best work. I know R&C has a ton of Spyro DNA with the gliding, but the powerup abilities, whimsy, music, and overall tone of Spyro is dearly missed in my eyes.

    It was also nice to see the Resistance series get it's flowers, pretty high up the list.

    My Insomniac Game Rankings

    1. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
    2. Spyro: The Year of the Dragon
    3. Resistance: Fall of Man
    4. Resistance 3
    5. Resistance 2
    6. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

    HM 1 - Marvel's Spider-Man
    HM 2 - ​Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

    Thanks @bruno_saurus