"Have You Heard of This Game?" Thread

  • Have you seen a game recently that you think will completely fly under everyone's radar? It could be something that's coming out soon, in the distant future or maybe its already out. Well Post it here and share your excitement about it. You never know, you may have found the game that someone has been waiting for their entire life.

    Personal Pick For The Week: Cosmic Star Heroine
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    It's difficult, because basically all of the games I care about and enjoy most outside of the AAA Triforce of Zelda / Naughty Dog / Elder Scrolls are niche, but known. Everyone in this community has already heard of Monster Hunter, Abzu, Odin Sphere, Gravity Rush, etc.

    In terms of really no-name indies, I've really enjoyed Dust: An Elysian Tail and Crypt of the Necrodancer. Respectively a level-based Castlevania-like and a rhythm-based roguelike, both have excellent style and cool stories (Necrodancer a bit less so, but the style makes up for it). Necrodancer is well-animated and Dust has nice music, but the smart money's on Dust's vibrant level art and Necrodancer's pulsing soundtrack. Dust truly is the closest you can come to a Vanillaware game and I really believe Necrodancer is the best rhythm game despite not featuring any licensed music. They've both been out on PS4 since earlier this year and are each well-worth $15.

  • I not only heard of Cosmic Star Heoine, I backed it :D

    A game I found disappoingly unheard of is Dual Gear and it really is a dream game for me, something I'd been saying was a great idea for YEARS, a mixture of Front Mission and Valkyria Chronicles.

    It's very early in development still but I feel like if it got the support it could be something truly amazing

    Youtube Video

  • Battle Chasers

    I saw this demo at E3 and it looks super cool.
    You should keep an eye out for this one


  • Cosmic Star Heroine and Battle Chasers look so gooood.

  • I feel like a PR person for the game at this point.

    A Hat In Time (2017)
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    What Is It?: An indie collectathon platformer in the style of SMS and Banjo Kazooie.
    Why should you care about it?
    -Beautiful game all aroud.
    -Huge Environments
    -Amazing soundtrack (featuring the work of Grant Kirkhope)
    -Really cool dev team. (They give weekly dev updates here)

    Here's some stuff:
    -Beta Gameplay
    -Official Website

    You can play the beta right now, I really recommend it!

    Edit: Featuring the voice of Jon "JonTron" Jafari in the role of "Moon Penguins".

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    A game that kinda have caught my eye but noone else seem to have an idea that it exists are the game
    This seems to become some really cool fantasy sci-fy game. Feels like it can become amazing, but might also just become a flatjump.

  • Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita needs more love. It's not a very well known game, but if I were to put words to it without any hyperbole, I believe Dungeon Travelers 2 is one of the best handheld rpg's of all time.

  • @michemagius I haven't seen anything about A Hat in Time in a while (not following), but I definitively hope it turns out good.

    This one just came out, and it looks really pretty!!!