The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (September 2022)

  • Ah tough luck with Riddick but I truly feel like it's one of the best games I've ever played and there really isn't any other game quite like it. If you can find a copy, get it!

    I went into the HoG not having played a good handful of these games, but a few stood out to me as I played through them before cross-examination.


    I know DOOM isn't some little secret in the gaming industry but I don't know one single person I grew up with who was even into PC gaming let alone DOOM. So the whole OG era of DOOM that released around the time when I was born was missed on me.

    And as a lifelong gamer, I feel like nobody really brought DOOM up as something I have to play. It's almost always spoken about as this thing from the past. So I was skeptical going in, expecting an archaic shooter.

    But holy shit! DOOM II is soooooooo fun. Once you get used to weird old school intricates like the a lack of y-axis, the flow of every level starts to feel so smooth and fun and quasi-addicting.

    Without a doubt, I had more fun in 1/3rd of DOOM II than I did throughout the entirety of DOOM 2016. Where I felt DOOM 2016 was way too repetitive (3+ levels destroying nests) with far too many QTE's and samey flow to everything, DOOM II felt like it was giving me a fresh idea every single level. And if you don't save scum, you retry levels with no ammo but it's so fun to just kill a few demons and take their gun, kill another, get the next gun. Lots of audio feedback to make everything feel fast and aggressive.

    What. A. Game.


    What Remains of Edith Finch

    I didn't really know what to expect with this one but I'm super glad I played it. What stood out immediately in my mind, and especially as the game went on, was Don't Nod's Tell Me Why. And I don't say this lightly, but having played Edith Finch now, I feel like Don't Nod shamelessly and borderline disgracefully ripped of details from Edith Finch's overall plot, art direction, and concept. Even small details like the offspring revisiting their family home, the shape, look, and layout of the home itself, and a quirky mother locking off doors to bedrooms within the house using quirky little traps is just so on the nose ripped off from Edith Finch. It's one thing to have a nod to a game that inspired you and it's another to be the bigger studio with the bigger budgets and have Microsoft publishing your game so you go and take the overall concept and stretch it out longer.

    And with all that said, I guess imitation is the kindest form of flattery. I get why they wanted to rip parts of Edith Finch off. The game is so novel in all regards. @JDINCINERATOR you did a fantastic job of explaining what no other writers seemed to explain and that is how fun the game is to play. I assumed it was a walking sim, but when I'm literally playing inside of a comic book bashing all of the objects in the house with a leg crutch, I have a hard time understand how people can even call it a walking sim.

    Unlike Tell Me Why or other "walking sims" Edith Finch was all killer and no filler. 2.5 hours to beat, one banger story after another, bing bang boom. No slowdown trying to find shit or solve mundane puzzles. Just go here and do something fun. Then go there and do something fun. Then it all wraps up while it still feels novel. I'm so glad I tried this one and I think it's worth of being "one of the greats" in it's respective genre. It's up there as one of the best along with Journey.

  • Good job guys!

    I would like to try to participate on the next one, this seems like fun. I just have to find the time.

    Outer Wilds is truly one of my favourite games ever. Very happy to see it elected. Great video too.

    Might be time to finally play Doom 2.

    I hope to see Riddick, Xcom and Forza 5 here again.

  • I came in with low expectations for my nominee but scoring 4 points is pretty good for a strategy game when paired against some of the all-time greats.

    You all had awesome, passionate and informative presentations but we can only pick three.

    My votes:
    God of War 2018 (3 points)
    The Chronicles of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay (2 points)
    What Remains of Edith Finch (1 point)

    Thanks everyone and thanks to @Capnbobamous for managing another successful Hall of Greats.

  • Very honored to have my second game in the HoG. I was honestly pretty shocked that Outer Wilds got in, I figured it was a long-shot pick. This was especially because the first few lists I got either placed it very low or not at all, however as I got more lists it was progressively getting picked more and more until it seemed to sneak in at the end. I also wasn't super happy with my presentation, but I have a habit of disliking my work after making it, so maybe in a few months it'll grow on me.

    Anyway, here were my picks:

    1. What Remains of Edith Finch -- Edith Finch is one of my favorite games of all time. It's a game that I myself have pondered bringing to the HoG ever since the first one, so I was very excited to see JD bring it, and he did a wonderful job explaining what makes the game so special. The narrative is just so impactful, making me cry every time, and the reason it works is because you're an active participant within it. It's not a passive experience, it's an active one, and as such you are able to get so much more engrossed in its world. Just a beautiful game. I was sad to see it not get in (honestly I would have rathered this one made it than my own game lol), but who knows, maybe I'll take a crack at it one day, though JD's presentation was so good I doubt I could do any better.

    2. Escape From Butcher Bay -- I love a weird pick. Dipset had so much more on his plate than many of us because he had to explain the merits of a game that I'm willing to bet none of us have ever played before. I think he did a very good job. The game looks very exciting, I'm fascinated by its world and tone, reminding me a lot of the immersive sims of the same era. It truly seems to be a hidden gem, and the fact that Dipset was able to explain that so well is why it gets my two points. I may never play this game, but after this I certainly want to.

    3. Star Fox 64 -- I felt the passion. I haven't played this game, and I doubt I ever will to be honest, but I felt Oscillator's passion radiate from the screen as he described it, and that's a very special quality to have. Maybe the game doesn't hold up too well today, I honestly don't know, but I know for a fact that it worked wonders for Oscillator back then, and that's enough for me.

  • I can't understate how thankful I am to @Capnbobamous for managing and organizing the Hall of Greats. I can't wait to chomp at the bit when they come around. This edition has been stacked with brilliant games that are all worthy. Thank you everybody!

  • Yes! Thanks to @Capnbobamous for continuing to keep doing this each few months! Very tough choices this time as all the games were grand! Will likely be looking for that Chronicles of Riddick remaster! All the others I actually have and some I even want to replay soon, like What Remains of Edith Finch! Thankful for the votes I got and am looking forward to the next one! Thanks people!

  • I anyone has ability and interest to share this on Community Showcase, the submission post is up.

  • I don't see the post so I think I might've left that tier at some point.

    In terms of how frequently to do this, January seems fine. That's 4 months away. I never really know what games to bring to our Hall of Greats tbh but I do like shining a light on some of my favourite games that I feel don't get enough credit among the more "serious" gamer crowd. Respect to Bruno for brining Madden last time because PS2 era Madden was phenomenal and I don't think annualized games will ever get the long term credit they deserve outside of outliers like NHL 93/94. But I'd like to go back and play some of my favourite sports / racing games and really try to formulate a case for them.

  • @Capnbobamous I know you typically reveal it at the top of the next HoG, but would you be interested in doing the updated showcase image of the winners now? I'd like to share it on Kyle's Twitch stream with my next resub in about 10 days.

  • Sent it in for The Community Showcase!

  • @oscillator Sure I'll make it as soon as I can

  • Here you go @Oscillator


    I have to compress it to get it to fit on the forum, so if you would like a larger version DM me and we can figure out how to get it to you.

  • @capnbobamous said in The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (September 2022):

    I have to compress it to get it to fit on the forum, so if you would like a larger version DM me and we can figure out how to get it to you.

    It's great, actually slightly better quality than the last one. :)

    Thanks for expediting!!

  • Kyle and his Twitch chat react to the inductees:

  • @oscillator hahaha that was such a vintage Kyle reaction. Also apparently I've been using the wrong FF7 box art the whole time lol. Whoever put the PS1 logo on the Remake box art did it just to confuse me.

  • Damn Kyle hatin' haha.

    I think our list is pretty solid tbh. It beats an exclusively Mario and Zelda HOG.

    Now to get some cult classic gems in there...

  • Hey folks, just a reminder that we're doing this again next month. Wouldn't hurt to start thinking about it!

  • @capnbobamous I have a suggestion. The forum was down last couple of days, so let’s add a formal rule: if forum becomes inaccessible during one of the phases, the phase gets extended for the downtime period.

    P.S. I know I promised to bring a game you'll likely will not even consider voting for, but I’ve pushed that back, because I want to bring something else first. Slowly working on my presentation, hopefully you’ll like it and I’ll finally get my nominee in.

  • Mmm, I hope a good crowd shows up, with how shaky the forum's been lately. :-\