Pokemon Sun/Moon

  • Couldn't find a general thread for this. Have posted all past trailers for those that have missed any. Will update as new info comes out.

    Starter Pokémon:

    Alola Region:

    New Pokémon (1):

    New Pokémon (2):

    New Pokémon (3):

    New Pokémon (4):

    Alola Forms:

    Alola Forms (2), New Pokémon (5) and Enemy Faction [Jap]:

  • New trailer is up and well, Surfing Raichu! Need I say more?
    alt text

  • I'm looking forward to training Alolan Ninetails and Raichu. The new fish and sandcastle pokemon also look neat. That and Rockruff's apparent werewolf evolution are enticing me. I'm down for any well-designed grass and water pokemon, though. Ideally the grass type would learn solar blade (that has to be a physical move, right?).

  • I am really worried the Alola forms are going to be gen 1 only. That would be awful.

  • @Carmichael I'm more worried that they're not going to be in any games after Sun/Moon, since the reason for them existing is the extreme climate.

  • I used to be on #TeamLitten, but with the substantial rumors that make it look like it evolves to Fire/Fighting. I'm more on the side of #NotAnotherFireFightingStarter.

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