My Community Showcase Post

  • From what I can tell, I wasn't in this month's Community Showcase, so I thought I'd share my post right here for all of you to see. Considering that the topic is about this fine community, I think you guys might just like it. Anyway, here it is:

    For this Community Showcase I want to put a spotlight on the community-specifically the community members on the forums. I am grateful that there are a bunch of like-minded and wonderful EZA community members, that I want to give them all a shout out because their contributions have made me inclined to engage more and more. The following are my shout outs and why I value them as community members:

    Brannox- One of the kindest guys on the forums, who always appreciates the people who vote for the same games he does in our videogame countdowns. The analytical details in his posts are to be admired and appreciated.

    ffff0- Someone whose opinions I can’t help but totally respect. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to videogames and I always find him agreeable.

    Bam541- I feel me and him share similar videogame interests and opinions.

    Yoshi- A Nintendo nutter but always an entertaining one.

    Oscillator- He’s a smooth Oscilator, a smoooooth Oscilator-and his Hall of Greats presentations are fabulous.

    PHBZ- A pleasant dude who I share various videogame-related agreements with.

    Shoulderguy- The esteemed host of the community’s videogame countdowns.

    DIPSET- A fellow WWE fan who also has done splendid Hall of Greats posts.

    Capnbobamous- The host of the EZA Hall of Greats-a fantastic idea that I’m very thankful that he has spearheaded.

    Bruno_Saurus- He’s responsible for the Gameography idea and has thus given the community an original concept.

    Happygaming- I appreciate his positive vibes and I’m thankful that he gave me the opportunity to appear on his podcast.

    Axel-He handed me the reigns to the EZA Community’s 2008 Game of the Year.

    Sorry if I’ve missed anybody out-if I have it might be because my interactions with you aren’t common, or you aren’t as active on the community forums as those I’ve credited.