What are your top 10 SP FPS campaign?

  • Hello there,

    in this thread we talk about 10 best FPS Single player campaign of all time? I'll start one game per franchise

    1. Soldier of fortune 2 double helix

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    Excellent Gunplay, was very gory and violent.. game was incredible which is now sadly forgotten very fast. it was old school fast paced shooter where story was kinda like Deus Ex like based on conspiracy all over the world so if Deus Ex was pure FPS it would be soldier of fortune. John mullins is one badass and excellent Character too.

    1. Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay

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    The best Movie licensce game ever or I would say only good one? the was the game combine FPS and stealth genre into one. has Excellent atmosphere and rival Half life 2 back in 2004 too.

    1. FEAR

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    Very first FEAR was unique FPS for its time and its gunplay is still unmatched and AI was excellent too. like when you open flashlight enemies yell :flashlight" and the slo mo feature was fantastic too make game more immersive and engaging. its level design is repetetive office door make this game low in my top 10 FPS list.

    1. Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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    This was only only really great wolfenstien game since wolf 3d because 2009 one and new order are very mediocre. game has excellent variety, enemies from nazis, zombies to other creatures, to old school fast paced gameplay and one of the GOAT soundtracks.

    1. Crysis

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    When it was released many people only talk about graphics and benchmarking. it was very very demanding game at that time. but it was also very unique game too. with involving suit powers in semi open world sandbox enviroment. I even enjoy the second half that many people find boring. it was truly amazing game which franchise legacy ruined by dumbed down sequels

    1. System shock 2

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    System shock 2 was very inspirational game. I did played it for the first time after i played bioshock infinite which i found real bad and i saw many people talk about bioshock series is spritual successor of system shock thus I finally got this from GOG and played it and Holy crap! it blew me away. it was very deep and complex game. and to this date games copy it today like dead space did, like new prey will do. it was core concept of FPS/RPG hybrid which inspired Deus Ex and make it even more excellent. bring on remake and system shock 3.

    1. Doom

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    Doom 2016. only Modern FPS that is even in my top 5 let alone top 10 FPS of all time. and this prove developers can still make these type of games other than COD clones. and ID software did fantastic job. after Doom 3 which was excellent too was not really praised as Doom game but this game took the formula of classic doom and turn into modern and it works. level design are also excellent unlike modern FPS and not just go straight forward and cutscene after cutscene.

    1. Stalker Shadow of chernoboyl

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    This was the most unique and innovative FPS of all time and still to this day after almost 10 years no other games feel that immersed in the world of zone. most immersive and atmospheric game of all time. 2007 was the time when FPS start feel stale with the released of COD4 and Halo 3. this game however was very unique.

    1. Deus Ex

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    Like System shock 2 this game perfected FPS/RPG hybrid and bring it to new level. games like Deus Ex are the reason why even mass effect exist today. i played it for the first time before the anticipation of Deus Ex HR. and it ended one of my Fav game of all time. best story in FPS game, the perfect level design, this game sum up everything about gaming. the only reason why its not number 1 because this is the list of top 10 FPS not top 10 games and this game is no pure FPS game. its FPS, RPG and stealth genre into one.

    1. Half life 2

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    Half life 2 was the game that change the landscape of FPS genre like first Half life raise the bar. Pacing of game is Excellent, the variety (from ravenholm to citadel), the level design, the gravity gun. Half life series is basically pioneer of storytelling in FPS genre and it tell incredible story without having a one single cutscene. many games still try to copy half life. shame we will never see another half life game in future again.

    So what are top 10 best campaign of FPS you have ever played?


  • I might make a list (I tend not to rank games however) but something I feel people overrate a lot is HL2. That game really isn't as good as people remember it to be. The storytelling was exceptionally terrible and not immersive at all.

  • The only singleplayer FPS I've really played are Human Revolution and the Halo trilogy, all of which I'd attest are great. Cinematic experiences! Halo Reach, 4, and 5, though, much less so T_T.

  • Top 10? Can't really think of 10 so here's 5, in no particular order or ranking. (if you got a problem with that, sue me ;))

    1: Doom II

    Takes everything great about Doom and just adds more great shit. A few new enemies (including the rightfully dreaded Arch-Vile), new levels with great level design, and one of the most fun to use weapons; ye olde Supershottie. (and who can forget the infamous Cyberdemon vs Spider Mastermind duel?)

    2: Medal of Honor: Frontline

    Admittedly there's a fair bit of nostalgia here, but Frontline did have some truly grand levels (although some of them were a little too large for a game with no mid-level checkpoints), excellent atmosphere (which aged well despite the fact that the visuals haven't), and was just a fun romp.

    3: Half-Life 2

    What's there to say that hasn't been said? Only real complaint is that the enemy soldier AI was kinda eeh. (protip: Download the Half-Life 2 Update standalone mod on Steam if you wish to replay the game, fixes a shit ton of bugs introduced in HL2 when it had a graphics engine update quite a few years ago)

    4: Shadow Warrior (2013)

    Okay, the actual SHOOTING mechanics are kinda meh, but as a First Person SLASHER SW is just fun as hell. (and with a good sense of humor to boot)

    Hey, FPS(hooter), FPS(lasher), same abbreviation. If there's a problem with this game's inclusion then blame the OP for not being specific enough. :3

    5: Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

    To sum it up, it is to Serious Sam: The First Encounter as Doom II is to Doom. It's just more of a great game, only with added stuff to make it better. Greater level variety, greater hordes, and a fucking awesome final level. (although SS3's final level comes close)

  • A quick top 8 list, didn't put too much thinking to this one:

    8: Red Faction. Destructible terrain, which you can use to skip much of the game? Heck yes.
    7: Resistance 3. The story is meh, but the weapons are fun to use.
    6: Fallout: New Vegas. Story isn't great, but the world is fun to explore.
    5: DOOM (2016). This is just fun in it's purest form. Who gives a crap about story, when the game is so much fun to play. Even the Doom guy agrees with this.
    4: Spec Ops: the Line. Average shooter, but the story... I think everyone who keeps playing COD and BF games should go through this game once.
    3: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. I recently started to play this one, because I got frustrated with Fallout 4. And I was pleasantly surprised.
    2: Half Life 2. Masterpiece. Only one game in my opinion can be placed above this one.
    1: Deus Ex. The best FPS RPG out there. One of my favorite games of all time. I only hope this game to be properly remade with modern graphics, so that other people can enjoy this game as much as I do.

    Yes, I know that not all of these are considered FPS campaigns, but heck, this is my opinion, and I stand by it.

  • Very PC heavy list. Not a bad thing, but a bit difficult to relate as a console gamer. Do you think that these still hold up? With the "iterative" approach consoles seem to be moving towards, and PC/xbox compatibility, I'm considering making the move to PC. I'd like to have a good pool of old school games to keep an eye out for.

    My list (from a console gamer in no particular order)

    Doom2016: I was really concerned about the glory kills, but the game is rock solid and just feels great.

    Wolfenstein New Order: Another one that just feels good.

    Deus Ex HR: Maybe the gunplay isn't that great, but the RPG elements and the world make it a fun experience.

    Goldeneye: Could go perfect dark, but either way the single player is often overlooked.

    Far Cry (4?): 3 and 4 are very similar, but I think I'd give the edge to 4 (as 3 came out at the end of a generation and was pretty choppy).

    Resistance 3: overlooked gem of last gen

    Bioshock: This ones all about the atmosphere.....though the combat in 2 is a bit better.

    Rainbow 6 Vegas 2: Not many tactical FPSs on consoles so this really stands out.

    COD4: Its easy to rip on COD these days, but MW was fresh at the time.

    Killzone 2: Pretty good AI, heavy weapons, awesome graphics.

    FEAR and halo are also really great but don't quite make the cut.

  • Let's see.. here's a few I can think of (no particular order)

    1. Call of Duty - 1/UO, 2, and 4 are all great in my opinion but I'm giving a shoutout to the under-appreciated Big Red One. I love the idea of following a real unit through their entire campaign.. Good characters, voice acting, and a story that didn't feel too forced (as far as I remember)
    2. Halo CE - The only Halo game I've played through.. but I love it and play it repeatedly still.
    3. Bioshock - The intro/reveal and exploration of Rapture never gets old for me
    4. Half Life/2 - I don't think I need to say anything here haha
    5. Red Faction - Saw it mentioned above.. I used to love this game. I need to find a copy and play it again
    6. Brothers In Arms - I think this series doesn't get enough love, but I guess it doesn't help that there hasn't been one in 8 years or so. Pretty unique gameplay, but the story gets pretty cheesy in 3. Again, I love the attention to historical detail and following the real footsteps of those soldiers

  • Hard to make a list of 10, but here are a few classics.

    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay: It's all about the atmosphere for this one. Best Riddick content available, just a bad ass game.

    Halo: Incredible shooter, best console shooter at the time, and made the Xbox relevant.

    Bioshock: It's easy to pick this game apart. I think it was Ian who commented recently that he would have liked this game more if there was less combat. I can't argue with that, but for the time the story and atmosphere really pushed the genre, and it was doing what no other shooter was doing. Virtually every other FPS released in the late '00s was a military shooter.

    Half Life 2: Gaming perfection in my opinion. The pacing, atmosphere, story and characters are all great. The puzzles are fun, the physics make the world come alive. I'm currently replaying the game and what surprises me the most is the amount of context in the world around you.

    Cod4: It may have spawned many underwhelming sequels and rip offs, but the original Modern Warfare is an excellent game with a great single player campaign and multiplayer that set the standard for the rest of the Xbox 360/PS3 life cycle.

    I know all these games are already traditionally considered greats, but they do shine above the rest. The original Call of Duty, Halo 2, Medal of Honor: Frontline, and Timesplitters 2 are some others worth playing.

  • @RockDoctor Can't vouch for all the OP's games, but if you do get a PC and want to play older games they'll all be on sale for super cheap at some point!

  • Has your English somehow gotten better?

    1. Riddick
    2. Halo 3
    3. R6V2
    4. Half Life 2
    5. Bioshock

    Resistance FoM
    Killzone 2
    Half Life 1
    MoH Frontline
    Perfect Dark

  • @GoTaco said in What are your top 10 SP FPS campaign?:


    Absolutely. it was not even good game when it was released. i mean half life and quack were released at same times too. goldeneye has not age well and was not a good game. maybe for N64 standard but not PC FPS standard.

  • DOOM (2016) is worth a mention I think.

    Although I think it gets a lot of points simply for standing out in a sea of bad singleplayers. id Software definitely reminded everyone of what level design is suppose to be.

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    Thats a hard one..

    But some games I love

    Halo: CE
    Bioshock Infinite
    Killzone 2
    Timesplitters 2
    Medal of Honor: Frontline

  • In no particular order

    • Halo 1 & 2
    • F.E.A.R.
    • Half-Life 2
    • Amnesia: Dark Descent
    • Farcry 3 (or 4)
    • Doom 3
    • Alien Isolation
    • Unreal 2
    • Theif 1
    • Bioshock 1

    EDIT: Metro 2033 + Metro Last Light

  • Don't really have enough for a list, but I feel like I should mention Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, as well as the Metroid Prime trilogy.

  • @Black-Cell Half Life doesn't even feel dated besides graphics. GoldenEye has awful SFX, terrible graphics, terrible controls, and the multiplayer maps are just the single player maps so they aren't even made for actual MP so you can run around for eons without even seeing an enemy.

    Shit game when I was a kid and shit game especially today. I think most people who loved it were kids like me and didn't really care too much.

  • @Chie-Best-Waifu Dang forgot about Metro, dats good shit.

  • @GoTaco said in What are your top 10 SP FPS campaign?:

    @Black-Cell Half Life doesn't even feel dated besides graphics. GoldenEye has awful SFX, terrible graphics, terrible controls, and the multiplayer maps are just the single player maps so they aren't even made for actual MP so you can run around for eons without even seeing an enemy.

    Shit game when I was a kid and shit game especially today. I think most people who loved it were kids like me and didn't really care too much.

    The 4 players split-screen is what make GoldenEye great.

  • @Niriso

    It isn't even very good though. Controls are awful and the maps are way too big for only 4 players anyways.

    It has aged horribly in every aspect and was never very great in the first place.

    Playing in 2016 is like running around a confusingly large map, and seeing your friend after a minute or two of searching just for both of you to scramble and try to aim with broken controls.