MinnMax The Deepest Dive - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

  • The MinnMax folk are covering Fate of Atlantis, one of my top 10 games of all time and the 2nd best Indiana Jones adventure after Lost Arc. For those who never played it it's a good way to get to know this wonderful adventure.

    They're still in the first half, I'll update once the second half is up.

    Here's the gameplay
    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Second half of the gameplay is up. Just an heads up that Hanson picked the worst of the 3 possible paths for this game.

    Youtube Video

  • I've never played any Indiana Jones video game but I have to say that I'm pretty damn hyped on the Machine Games AAA Indiana Jones game. I have pretty much full confidence in them as a studio at this point and we're due for a good pulp adventure in gaming with Uncharted retired (for now).

  • Here's the second half of the discussion which is more interesting than watching Hanson playing it.

    Youtube Video

  • @dipset I hope that game is good but I'm not expecting too much. Fingers crossed.

  • @dipset yeah they're the perfect studio for it imo. They always try to push themselves with each new game instead of just resting on their laurels and making the same kind of stuff, especially in the story department. An Indiana Jones game with fresh, great story is the kind of stuff we need!