Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2002

  • To add onto to the valid/invalid votes point, as we go further into the past, it's becoming more common for me to give votes to games that I didn't play myself, but I HAVE seen in their entirety via full playthroughs (99% of the time from one of the Allies), so while I can't comment on the feel of these particular games, I CAN discuss environments, story, characters, certain aspects of the design, etc., to the point there are games I've watched I've actually enjoyed more than some games I've played. Kind of a mini-spoiler, my ballot for 2002 consists of 11 games, three of which I have not played, but all three made the top 8, 2 are Honorable Mentions and one I have as high as third. So I think voting to what you know, whether you played it, seen it, enjoyed it, and/or despised it all should count. And for a while, I felt really weird about including games that I personally didn't play, but one day I just decided, if I'm familiar enough with a game to discuss it beyond a surface, cursory level, why not?

  • I belong to a totally different school of thought in which I'd never vote for a game I haven't played myself. It just feels wrong in my mind. Like I've watched Huber play all the Resident Evils and I have to say that they seem like excellent video games for the most parts, but since I've only ever played RE4 myself I'd never give any points to other REs in these threads.

    But to each their own, I guess. In the end it's good to see any activity here.

  • I played quite a few games in 2002 despite being only 10 at the time. My top 2 are undisputable as far as I'm concerned. I do think many of us might have it in our minds what number 1 is, and I believe my number 1 is going to be number 1 on this list-it'll be quite shocking if it isn't.

  • Every vote for an eligable game is valid. I have played enough games from 2002 and other years from that generation to don't have to vote for games I didn't play but I think is ok to vote for games you haven't. If you recently watched a playthrough of it you probably have more clear memories of the games than when I played 20 years ago XD

  • I don't think of votes valid or invalid. Despite me not having played all time classics like Morrowind (more than a brief stint), I will still go to bat for anything on my list as being top tier from 2002. I still play some of the games I voted for despite them not being hailed as all time gaming classics. I vote by how I feel. And that is what will make our overall list unique.

  • I haven't received any lists in a few days so just wanted to remind everyone to please vote if you can. The deadline is October 6th.

    Currently have 9 participants so far.

  • With just over a week remaining, here's a reminder to those who haven't voted yet:

    @bam541, @Capnbobamous, @MXAGhost, @NeoCweeny, @E_Zed_Eh_Intern, @Axel, @Sheria, @Bigdude1, @Phbz, @Crepe, @Nimbat1003, @Tearju-Engi, @Scotty, @DemonPirate

    October 6th is the last day to vote.

  • @shoulderguy How many have voted so far?

  • @jdincinerator I still have 9 lists. The last two GOTY elections had 16 voters so hopefully we can get that many again.

  • I'm going to send mine!

  • I'll submit mine in a couple days, I just have one more game I want to try out first...

  • I will wait until the last days.

    I'm currently playing through Morrowind and don't really know yet where to rank it.

  • You guys are actually playing games for these things? I mean I just go with my gaming history.

  • @sentinel-beach said in Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2002:

    You guys are actually playing games for these things? I mean I just go with my gaming history.

    Some folks have gaps in their history that need to be filled.

  • @sentinel-beach Sometimes yes but this time I was already playing Morrowind. It's just a coincidence.

  • with these retro GOTYs I usually have a couple games that I never played before that has been on my to-play list for a while, so I just use this as an excuse to play them. also I tend to actively search for smaller games to vote for in these GOTYs, so it's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

  • One last reminder to vote. Currently have 12 participants with 4 days until the countdown starts.

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