Telltale Publishing a Mr. Robot Game

  • Source: here and a lot of other places online.

    If this turns out to be factual, I'm... a little worried. Admittedly, I'm not a Telltale fan. I tried playing through The Walking Dead and besides the 2nd episode of season 1, I really didn't find the game interesting at all. Tales from the Borderlands? Same thing. Just watching bits of their most recent Batman has me wondering how they keep getting away with creating "games" with very little interaction and a very outdated engine. I'm also concerned because I've recently started watching Mr. Robot and I've fallen in love with the show. I have problems seeing exactly how it could be made into a game without resorting to strange hacking mini-games but of all the companies to touch the property, Telltale is probably my least favorite.

    What are your thoughts? Is there anything that can make this okay?

  • As an extremely die-hard Mr. Robot fan, I won't be looking into this, and I probably won't even bother to watch a trailer.

    To reflect what you have said, the Telltale engine and gameplay both are very unappealing. In a market where we are flooded with amazing games with tens of hours of gameplay required to "Complete" them...

    I'm conflicted over playing World of Warcraft: Legion, a title I've already purchased. I've already sunk the cash to buy the game, its just the hours required. With Deus Ex launching the week before, and then ReCore, NHL 17, Forza Horizon 3, and Final Fantasy XV the month after (This doesn't even touch the INSANE october we have!!) I'm worried that WoW will require too much of my time.

    If WoW might not even make my personal cut, Telltale certainly doesn't stand a chance.

    All of this being said, If they manage to blow everyone away with a really incredible story, (Sam Esmail certainly is capable of this) - I'll at least give it a glance. That's what these Telltale games have going for them, they can give hardcore fans of a series something extra in the worlds they enjoy.

  • @Stormcrownn Yeah, who they have as a writer definently matters. I know Huber had expressed concern about the Telltale Batman games because Bruce Wayne makes a joke about his parents dying. If they disgrace the source material as badly as that, eesh... not good.

  • I want it.

    Tales From The Borderlands and Wolf Among Us were both fantastic. I enjoyed Game Of Thrones as a fan of the show so hopefully they do Mr. Robot justice.

    The technical problems with the Telltale engine are unforgivable in the new Batman series but the rest of the games I've listed are perfectly fine on a technical level. Hopefully Batman is a fluke. If not, I'll definitely be waiting for a massive sale to pick this up, assuming it happens at all.

  • @Light There's also a chance that Night School Studio (behind Oxenfree) might have involvement. If they have anything to do with the game, I'm interested. I haven't seen everything from Oxenfree, but I loved the tone/vibe and dialogue.

  • This sounds like the only way to make Rami Malek look worse in a video game.

    alt text

  • It really sounds like the Batman game is a new low in the telltale engine talk.

    I get the feeling they might have gone too far now and seriously do need to upgrade the engine if they want to hold onto fans.

  • Soooo.... Telltale was the publisher, Night School developed. Super in! Downloading the first episode now.

  • Banned

    Ew no.
    Give it to the guys who made Until Dawn at least.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I gotta say I was surprised Huber took that interaction the way he did. When Bruce made the joke it was about how his friend had been gone for 20 years and he hadn't been mugged (which he almost just was) and now he's back, and he's getting mugged.
    I never got the interpretation that it had anything to do with his parents.

    But, Telltale is certainly just getting by based on the names of their properties, rather then exceptional story or gameplay. Walking Dead was the only one I liked, and I only bought Batman because... Well it was Batman. It wasn't terrible, but I should have just spent that time playing Arkham City again.
    The one thing I do appreciate is the focus on Bruce Wayne instead of Bats.

  • @Inustar Ah okay, I was thinking that was pretty strange and I hadn't heard that complaint from anyone else.

    The Mr. Robot game is.... interesting. I still haven't figured out if I'm enjoying it or not, haha. You basically find a phone and Darlene says there is a file on the phone she needs but you have to act like her when others (like Elliot) contact you through text. There's some glaring problems with that plot. For instance, you can ask her why you can't just give the phone back, which she replies it would be too complicated - yet it's not complicated at all to have a total stranger pretend to be you and let them in our your very illegal Steel Mountain plans and have them attempt to hack employees there? Mind boggling. The game plays out in "real time" so you'll maybe send messages for a few minutes, whoever you're talking with will suddenly get busy, you close the app to go about your real day, and hours later you may have a text from someone. There are some fun moments, like a group text thread that just won't stop talking about things you don't care about (oddly reminiscent of real life) and I haven't finished it yet so I'm not sure if there's any sort of twist or payoff, but it's a decent distraction if you're addicted to the show currently.