Vote for the 2nd Official Developer Gameography Rankings (Valve)!

  • Hello fellow Allies! Welcome to the 2nd Developer Gameography Rankings!

    You pick the top games in your mind from the developer. With your first vote going to your favorite game from the developer! And so on!

    Votes are secret! Please send me your list via the private message feature of the forum! Don't post them here! Of course we can share each of our lists at the end of everything though.


    Voting begins today, October 3rd, and ends on October 23rd!
    I'll start announcing picks on the October 24th!
    You are required to vote for four games from the list!

    #1: 5 Points
    #2: 4 Points
    #3: 3 Points
    #4: 2 Points
    Honorable Mentions: 1 Point Each

    This time we are doing a very beloved developer to some, Valve! Now in this regard, some games listed are Mods, so I did exclude those that didn't have an official release. When you do vote, think of the game in its purest form in your mind, because some of these games can get confusing as they're still being updated today! Again, if I missed any games you would like to see me include, just let me know!

    Here are the games eligible for voting!

    Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Half-Life: Deathmatch, Half-Life Alyx

    Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Portal, Portal 2, Aperture Desk Job, The Lab

    Dota 2, Artifact, Dota Underlords

    Team Fortress
    Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2

    Left 4 Dead
    Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2

    Alien Swarm, Day of Defeat, Ricochet

    Thanks everyone! Enjoy yourselves and remember to vote with your heart!

  • @bruno_saurus Wow you went from a Gameography where I had enough games I put forward to one where I've only played a few.

  • You have CS Source missing from your list.

  • @jdincinerator If you only need one more game to send in your votes. Aperture Desk Job is free and it's only about 30 minutes long. It was made for Steam Deck but it's also playable on PC.

  • Sent in my list! Only had to make one cut and the list was easy to order.

  • @phbz So we could include the three remakes they did in the Source engine if you all so desire!

  • I can just barely scrap enough games together to submit a ballot, but I DO want to point out (pushes glasses up nose) half my list wasn't made by Valve per se...

  • @shoulderguy I'm afraid to reveal I'm a console gamer not a PC gamer-and I still won't have enough to make a good list.

  • @bruno_saurus On your list you have Counter Strike and Counter Strike GO, you have to have Source then, IMO.

    In the context of 1.6 and GO, Source is different enough to be considered a new entry in the series.

    But I'm OK if I can't vote for it, it's just that as someone who played too many hours of both 1.6 and Source I feel like Source is a new entry in the series.

  • I am a peasant who mostly played Source back in 2011 and didn't know that I was playing the inferior game. Back in my high school, we'd play a bootleg version of OG CS on our LAN with weird ass custom maps like The Simpsons family house. We had this genius autistic kid who knew how to code and hack and mod PCs and he just hooked us all up with fire games that somehow ran on our ghetto school computers and we had a blast doing absolutely no school work and just playing CS.

  • Ricochet is missing from the list.

  • @bruno_saurus I think they are all bad but I wouldn't mind if other people can vote for them.

  • Updated the list with Ricochet and Counter-Strike Source!

  • Voting ends in 13 days! WIth four ballots so far!

  • I will send mine later.

  • I don't know how you'd feel about this @bruno_saurus but I feel like there should be a gameography on publishers. I understand publishers don't actively make the games, but considering the wide catalogue of games, I feel gameographies based on the publisher would encourage more voters. If there was a vote on say Ubisoft games-that's a huge pool right there, so many franchises are connected to Ubisoft. Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Rayman, Mario + Rabbids, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Riders Republic, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, The Division and many others-I'd love to see who comes out on top in that gameography.

  • @jdincinerator Yeah, I had a similar post that I ended up not publishing. Given the small number of users here it would make more sense to have a developer tournament, or some other format.

  • Publishers is an interesting idea, though speaking from personal experience, I couldn't really participate like I would want to with the likes of EA and Ubisoft (especially with the former constantly pumping out iterations of sports games, Need for Speed, etc.).

  • Apologies! Just been busy studying for a test for work!

    So I get ya @JDINCINERATOR it would definitely open up the possibility of more votes, but also what would worry me in that regard would be the tracking of what games got published and how many would actually qualify. Because as @Brannox says, EA publishes sports games every year. So does 2K with now three sports games on their side. And just series that have been going on for decades at this point. Think that would just be a lot to find, but also cipher through. If that makes sense!