Titanfall 2 SP inspired by Half life - says the developer

  • http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/08/11/titanfall-2-single-player-campaign-is-surprising

    We've all been influenced by Half-Life and Bioshock and didn't really have the opportunity to bring that level of pacing and player-centric conflict to games like Call of Duty that are so much about a squad. So this was a really great opportunity to stretch our limbs

    plus new gameplay footage

    Youtube Video

    Is it marketing? or can it deliver?

  • I really didn't give a damn about Titanfall 1 and I'm not hyped on this sequel, but I'm not gonna blatantly hate on the game either. Best of luck to them. I hope they can come up with something unique and exciting for the single player mode. Bioshock had a lot of great backtracking and a memorable game world. I'm all for any game attempting that level of atmosphere and sort of self-contained gameplay (i.e. RE Mansion, Butcher Bay, Arkham Asylum, Rapture).

    Half Life 1 at Black Mesa is in the same vein as well but more linear. The gameplay variety deviates more than mere shooting though. I don't see why Titanfall 2 cannot deliver considering there isn't really any context within the first game. T2 may as well be T1 for all I care.

  • Why did you single out HL?

    In any case, Titanfall 2 isn't really a game I'm excited about but it's on my radar.

    @Black-Cell said in Titanfall 2 SP inspired by Half life - says the developer:

    Is it marketing? or can it deliver?

    These are marketing videos yes. I don't see why they couldn't deliver a solid SP.