Things I'd Improve About Easy Allies

  • Unsurprisingly, I love Easy Allies, and I want nothing but the best for them in everything they do. I love their shows, their passion, their genuine and friendly personalities, and I love their videogame criticism. The following list includes aspects I'd improve about the Allies, which I think would enrich them even further:

    -More Reviews-I love videogame reviews and they are the primary reason why I loved GT and love Easy Allies. I know it's hard for them to cover everything considering there are only 6 of them (7 if you count Gabby), yet I feel they should hire freelance writers if funds allow them to. I don't think there's anything wrong with having some writers jump aboard and review games the Allies aren't interested in or don't have time to review themselves.

    -Create New Shows And Return to Old Ones- I am aware Don has his Food Reviews, Don't Skip has returned, and Achieve It Yourself is returning, and again, I feel it is a stretch for them to come up with too much new stuff, however, I'd love to see Huber's Prison of Love again, and new shows that could take the Allies in new directions.

    -Proper Patreon Supporter Interactions- I appreciate very much that EZA put on a bunch of hangout streams on Twitch, they are a lovely way to interact with the community. To be honest though, Twitch contains a rapidly flowing stream of comments, it's a constant conveyor belt that's hard to keep up with for them, and tough for the community to interact properly.

    I suggest Zoom calls and a way for us to converse with the Allies. I think it's meaningful to have these kinds of interactions, as we get to know the Allies on a more personal level, and it gives us a new way for us to appreciate them.

    -Replace Fast & Loose With The Q&A Again- I feel Fast & Loose is a rush job show. I like that they answer a ton of questions in a small group, but personally I'd like full responses and proper discussions, not a feeling that much like the Hangouts, I'd be minorly included in a bombardment of minorly included comments. I feel like the way the Allies engage with their community puts an emphasis on "fast food" interactions, but I'm more of a restaurant guy-I like to feel full.

    -Keep The Don't Skip Momentum Going- Don't Skip is a great series where the Allies put a particular spotlight on games that deserve attention, that may not otherwise receive it. Their most recent video on Trail Out was very much needed for me personally, I loved Wreckfest and I had no idea that a new FlatOut-like destructive racer was out-and The Allies made me aware of it. THANKS AGAIN DON!

    -Play More Games- This is probably a pedantic entry, but sometimes I get the sense The Allies stick to familiar games they bring to Frame Trap. I know they have their preferences, which is really welcome and great, I just think there should be a bigger spread of games brought to Frame Trap.