So, you're my next game?

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    Right now Gamepass is my main source of games. I have a backlog folder on my Xbox where I put the recently added titles I eventually want to play. I usually don't have more than 5 games there and pick by gut feeling my next one. Honestly Gamepass was the best thing that happened in gaming for me.

    Does your gut sometimes ever pick completely random games on there as your next game? For example ones you've never heard of before or a type/genres of game that you would maybe consider out of your comfort zone?

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    One thing I don't like to do is play a series out of order. This means I don't actually play a lot of games on release because I'm not caught up with the series yet. Sometimes I try to make an effort to catch up to an upcoming release but most of the time I fail at it.
    There are some big franchises where I am many entries away from the newest release because I realy start a series from the very first game no matter how old it is.

    Where do you stand on something like Call of Duty or Assassins Creed where there isn't really much or any connection these days?

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    If people start yammering on about a game that must be played-then I'm inclined to check it out. I feel like I gravitate to these huge triple A releases if the hype is that big then I want to see if that hype is truly warranted. I'm a few hours into Ragnarok and although it's a fantastic game for what it is, it's what I think many people expected it to be. I don't think Ragnarok is doing anything new, it's giving gamers more of what they love-which is fine, but if that's our standard for GOTYs we do seem to be setting the bar quite low.

    I delved straight into A Plague Tale: Requiem because I completed Innocence thrice, so my eagerness to check out Requiem was unabated. Following that, I decided to devour New Tales From The Borderlands because I thought it'd be an easy and breezy story-led adventure, and it most certainly is that.

    So generally speaking, if the hype is huge, I am inclined to play the game just to see if I find whether the hype is warranted. Then if a game is straightforward-that will compel me to play immediately, as will my excitement for a game stemming from previous works by the same developer.

    Do you have many older games sitting on the backburner?

  • @sheria Absolutely, already played several games I've never heard until I saw them on GP. And no doubt I've played genres I never buy games from and ended up enjoying them.

  • @sheria I don't do it because of the story. I want to see the gameplay evolution of a series.

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    @sheria I don't do it because of the story. I want to see the gameplay evolution of a series.

    Any exceptions?

  • Another thing that helps is if a full series or at least the important predecessors are easily available. For example, I see Dishonored and Dishonored 2 on Game Pass. I very much intend on playing those but if I had to buy them, I probably would wait for a sale.

  • @sheria I've got a variety of games sitting on the back burner, though I try to play as many games as possible. I've played over 60 games that came out this year alone, but I imagine I've got a BIG amount of games from years prior I haven't even played yet.

  • @sheria series with games not released outside of Japan.

    For some reason I played the Kirby games completely out of order. I don't know why XD

  • of course I pick game which interest me or have elements that make me interest. but sometimes also surprised like i was surprised by FF7 remake never thought I would end up liking it. Me, liking a JRPG game. LOL

  • New GTA, Metroid or 3D Mario are day-one locks. I’d say Final Fantasy, SMT and Persona are close to that level too.

    After that, a big thing is PSN sales. There will be games I was somewhat interested in at full price or ones that I thought I’d never enjoy but were so cheap it was worth the gamble. This is how I found Hitman 2016, which I love.

    Otherwise, I guess random signs from the universe you could call it? My kids are super into Frozen right now so I ordered the Kingdom Hearts collection thing and am very much excited to jump in. We didn’t have a house for a bit and once we did, I updated my MISTER, which recently received a non-beta PS1 core so I finally jumped into Final Fantasy Tactics.

    So I guess all this is to say it’s completely random.

  • A follow up question to everyone I guess. When you finish a game, or feel you've gotten enough of the one you're playing , do you immediately, or soon after, start thinking "right, what's my next game?" or do you stop thinking about games for a while and kind of let the next one just come more naturally/organically?

    (Not expecting people to immediately jump straight onto that next game mind, just wondering if you start at least questioning what the next one will be)

  • ^ I know one game in advance what I'm playing, meaning when I start playing a game, I already know the next one. Depending on how short/long the current game is, and how much I'm anticipating the next one, I could have a gap waiting for the next one to release, or interrupt the one I'm on.

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    @sheria I've got a variety of games sitting on the back burner, though I try to play as many games as possible. I've played over 60 games that came out this year alone, but I imagine I've got a BIG amount of games from years prior I haven't even played yet.

    Here's my backlog:

    Own, Haven't Started:

    Super Mario World, SNES
    Dark Souls 1, Xbox 360
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, Xbox One
    Rage 2, Xbox One
    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Switch
    Yooka-Laylee, Switch
    Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit, Switch

    Own, Barely Started:

    Halo 4, Xbox 360
    Dirt Rally, Xbox One

    Own, Half-Finished:

    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, Xbox One
    Alien: Isolation, Xbox One
    Cuphead, Xbox One
    New Pokemon Snap, Switch

    Own, need to complete post-game:

    Super Mario Odyssey, Switch
    Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Switch

    Own, ongoing open-ended:

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Xbox 360
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Xbox One
    Rocket League, Xbox One
    Planet Coaster, PC

    Already released, intend to buy (in order of priority):

    Luigi's Mansion 3, Switch
    Ring Fit Adventure, Switch
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Switch
    Final Fantasy VII, Switch
    Halo Infinite, Xbox One (or Series X)
    Dragon Quest XI S, Switch

    Intend to buy, retro:

    Earthbound, SNES
    Star Fox, SNES
    Harvest Moon, SNES
    Winback, N64
    Space Station Silicon Valley, N64
    Glover, N64
    Resident Evil 2, N64

  • Regarding what my next game is going to be, I always have a backlog list, so I have a (rough) idea of my next several games, though everything is always subject to change. Here's a snapshot of my list as of this morning:

    God of War: Ragnarok
    New Tales From the Borderlands
    The Callisto Protocol Watchthrough
    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core: Reunion
    Save Room
    Evil West
    Somerville (?)
    Killzone: Mercenary
    Octopath Traveler
    Final Fantasy V
    Halo: Infinite (Revisit)
    Pokemon FireRed (Quasi-revisit)
    Final Fantasy X (Playthrough #6482652946 [hyperbole, but you get the idea])
    Final Fantasy X-2 (Playthrough number 4, I think?)
    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast (finish up)
    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (1st playthrough to start after Outcast finished)

    So, to give a little insight:

    New Tales From the Borderlands is so high, because I've already started it. Before, it was somewhere in the middle. And I as I said, I don't juggle games well, so I need to finish it before moving to my top priority Ragnarok (which came into my possession yesterday). I misjudged how much free time I would have this past week, otherwise I would have held off. I hope to be done before the weekend is out.

    Save Room is SUPER short from what I've heard, so I might be able to only need 2-3 hours to get through it, so it may jump up the list.

    The Callisto Protocol is a game I very much want to watch a Huber full playthrough (and the Dead Space Remake for that matter). And since I don't want to play it, it's very easy to schedule around.

    I love Crisis Core, so it's a given I'm going to play the new shiny version.

    The question mark you see next to Somerville is because I'm on the fence. For as high quality as Inside is, I HATE the last 30-45 minutes of that game, so much so I haven't gone back to it in the six years since it came out. Somerville has an interesting looking premise, but I'm awaiting reviews and for someone to say (without spoiling it) if this games as out-of-nowhere like Inside does. Dependent on those is what determines if I give it a shot.

    As I said, new game announcements (Whassup Game Awards), out-of-nowhere feelings to revisit something else in my collection, and other factors can cause me to change up this list, but again, this is a snapshot as of me writing.

  • Right now I'm jumping between playing the latest stuff, tackling my modern backlog, or booting up my emulators to play old stuff. It's mostly depends on my mood. Usually I'm much more interested in being in the zeitgeist and playing the new stuff, but if there's not much that holds my interest then I'll either do my backlogs or go retro.

    I have GoW Ragnarok and Signalis representing my newest stuff rn, both are probably in my top 4 of the year so far. Also got some other newer stuff like Forbidden West and Jack Move on hold because I'm not exactly in the mood for big open world stuff or a JRPG rn.

    For my backlog I'm gonna slowly get through Cyberpunk 2077, and maybe after that I'll do Dragon Quest XI or Yakuza Kiwami since both are on PS+ extra. Also have other stuff like Genshin and GT7 for when I just want to play games for the grind while listening to music or podcasts and such.

    For the old stuff I have no idea what I'll try next, I did try out Aladdin on PS1 for a bit, pretty neat game. I still need to play the stuff available on PS+ Deluxe too.

  • I already start thinking about the next game about an hour into playing a new a game.