Bethesda E3 2016 Press Conference Thread (7pm Pacific)

  • @marcel I personally am hyped for some gameplay for Dishonored 2 and will be happy with that. ESV will be a plus. Hopefully some shocks and surprises as well.

  • Please Bethesda wash out my mouth of the bile that was the EA conference.

  • Give me the elder scrolls 6 with a completely new engine, I will be happy.

  • Only thing I'm happy about them announcing is Quake. Everything else I could've lived without.

    I'm one of the few who was disappointed with Fallout 4, and the base building was one of the biggest annoyances I wish they hadn't focused so heavily on, what DLC are they giving us? More crap for the base building....ho hum >.>

    Didn't like the first Dishonored, it's sequel isn't much more compelling...and this conference isn't really doing anything to hype it for me. So it'll be a pass for me.

    Prey, eh...not enough info yet, also depends on how the game will actually play, so I can't really judge it yet.

    ESO, people still play ESO?

    ES-Legends, I knew they were gonna talk about it and it sounds like they're trying to be like HEX, I'll keep an open mind but I haven't gotten a beta invite so I can't comment on it yet.

    Doom DLC is multiplayer focused....the one thing I hated about Doom, so no attention from me.

    But damn, Quake was awesome news, best announcement so far.

    EDIT- Oh and Skyrim HD, big whoop. Go get it on PC.

  • It was cool to see Quake, but yeah, it wasn't the best conference. It felt more like an update from last year. The Doom demo is very cool. I'm going to download that ASAP.

  • Pretty good.
    Highlights were Quake, Prey and Dishonored 2. I want to see more from Quake and Prey, but Dishonored 2 looks great and I can't wait for it to come out.

  • Nice conference! Hyped for Prey, Quake will be awesome.

  • Bit of a dehype but will get Skyrim and Dishonored was always going to get picked up. Really disappointed we didn't see more of Prey than a CGI trailer though. I give it a 3/5

  • After the disappointing conference from EA, this was a blast. Most hyped for:

    • Fallout 4 DLC
    • Fallout Shelter on PC (didn't like playing it on mobile, but liked the idea of it)
    • Skyrim remaster (All the hype! Have it on PC, but I much prefer playing on console. Will pick it up again and run through a third time.)

    Conference was great until the Dishonored 2 section. I'm pretty jazzed to play it, but the demonstration nearly put me to sleep. Pretty rough way to end the conference. Thus ends day -1 of E3 2016! Can't wait for all the conferences tomorrow! ;D

  • Ugh. Very disappointing show. Was better than EA but that isn't saying much. 2 stars.

  • The structure of the conference was fine. Some pacing issues at the end but overall pretty great. The content they had may not have been as interesting, but then again I felt it was ment for people excited about Bethesda. They have a lot going on for "small" Bethesda.

    Like Ian said, they did a fine job for it being an inbetween year. Mostly DLC year, too far away for their next big hitters. Dishonored 2 for people who wants that.

  • Completely agree with the Panel regarding the rating.

    I think it started off with a bang and pretty much stayed solid for the rest of the show. I loved the Dishonored 2 stuff but the pacing and talking over was a bit off.

    Surprised they didn't keep Quake or Prey for the crunch.

    • Quake Champions looked cool, I will probably never play it if its a PC exclusive, but that's fine. I like the effort to revive revered IPs especially when your past two attempts at doing so were widely regarded.
    • The new Fallout 4 DLC looked fun, I'll probably end up buying that season pass.
    • Dishonored 2 looked really solid, although as the crew acknowledged, the combat looked a little rough. I haven't played the first one but I look forward to playing through the Definitive Edition before 2 releases in November.
    • Prey looked fantastic. I never played the original and I don't care. The trailer really showed off an interesting atmosphere that I look forward to diving into.
    • If they could have only ended with a crunch... I hurt for Huber that "The Evil Within 2" wasn't announced. In due time, Mike, in due time.


  • Lots of stuff to mull over in this one.

    • Elder Scrolls Legends looks like it is shaping up to be a decent alternative to Hearthstone and I'm really liking the focus on having a story/campaign mode.
    • Good to see confirmation of new Quake and Prey with Prey getting me most excited because it seems to be tapping into some dark sci-fi tropes which is the stuff I love.
    • They managed to make talking about continued support for their current slate of games exciting to watch. Heck part of me wants to give Elder Scrolls Online ago!
    • Dishonored 2 looks great and in depth look at the game was what I was expecting for Mass Effect in EA's conference. Still on the fence about picking it up though because I didn't get on well with the repetitive nature of the first game.
    • As for the Skyrim Remaster - HECK YEAH! Maybe I'll actually finish the game this time around!

    Overall I like Bethesda's approach to E3. It is very much, "Here are the games you are currently enjoying and some new ones that you are going to love."

  • Here are my post-show thoughts:

    • Quake looks nice but I'd have preferred a Quake 1 setting (and single player campaign). I don't enjoy MP and it's PC only and I don't have a PC anymore so I guess I'll be skipping this one entirely.
    • Dishonored 2 - pretty nice. I never got around to finishing the first game as I didn't like the combat that much but I might give it another go.
    • I don't care about the Fallout 4 DLC, unfortunately I got bored with the game around 4 hours in and I never went back to it.
    • Prey looks awesome and is definitely the Bethesda game that I'm the most excited about. I loved the trailer, it piqued my interest in all the right ways. Very very cool.

    3/5 for me.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Yeah, Quake was probably favorite for me too :)

    Quake Champions

    I noticed an interesting trend here. They seem to be moving towards a service based company slowly. ES-Legends will most likely have a business model similar to Hearthstone and they already have Elder Scrolls Online. Fallout 4 is getting more customization options and the Skyrim Special Edition will have mod support like Fallout.

    And I don't expect a Doom 2 to come out any time soon. They are doing Dishonored 2 but what is curious to me is why they are just straight out rebooting Prey. They could have done a Prey 2 but they chose not not.

    Do you guys and gals think that it is possible that games like Doom, Prey and Quake Champions will be evergreen titles like Destiny, which will see a ton of DLC and expansion like MMORPG or other "service" games?

    And a small sidenote: They should really get the people producing and directing the Bethesda Conference to do EA next time. Bethesda had EXTREMELY good pacing. EA was just weird and cringeworthy

  • @marcel Yeah, compared to the EA conference it was much better, although the guy showing Dishonored 2 was no doubt putting people to sleep, there was little to no excitement from him or the gameplay on the screen.

  • @ObbyDent said in Bethesda E3 2016 Press Conference Thread (7pm Pacific):

    Ugh. Very disappointing show. Was better than EA but that isn't saying much. 2 stars.

    For me the show was great. I mean really I loved Dishonored and can't wait for Dishonored 2. So far Dishonored 2 is game of the show.

  • @Farsendor It was a good game but shown very, very, very poorly. This is coming as someone who loved the first game.