Evil West Thoughts-Is It Best of the West?

  • There's a lot of pop about Evil West because it's a mid-tier game that appears to bring back nostalgic memories of those games from the Xbox 360 and PS2 eras, where games just had a penchant for showing you a kickass time, rather than shoving an emotional story down your gullet.

    I've played Evil West, and I do like how it does put an emphasis on having a good time, even though the deluge of samey enemies is grating. It's refreshing to have a game people are excited about, that harkens back to a bygone age in videogames-though I do get Damnation vibes from it. If you don't remember or know, Damnation was a 2009 third-person shooter with steampunk elements, that was met with a tepid critical reception. It also featured a main character who wore a cowboy hat and raided a few valuables from Gears of War's bedside table.

    But I'm not here to elongate my viewpoints, I'm more interested in what you guys think of it if you've played it-did you think it was worth the hype and praise it got?

    Also does anyone know if any of the Allies have played Evil West yet? Hasn't been featured on Frame Trap, so that's why I ask.

  • I literally JUST finished it yesterday, and for me, it's the definition of "Swimming in 7's."

    The foundation is there in both concept, art design, & how it controls. Combat is quite solid with several weapons and not having to worry about ammo (though you do have cooldown timers), but so much hold it back from being great:

    • Stilted character animations, both in-game and cinematics (ESPECIALLY cinematics)
    • A story that doesn't have a comprehensive start or cohesion
    • Poor voice direction (One character's VO just doesn't fit at all).
    • What I can only describe as "stickiness" when trying to fire a weapon by keeping the trigger pressed, but need to let go and try again for it to work.
    • Uninspiring locations/level design
    • With the exception of ONE level, there is no sense of exploration, as everything is on a linear track.
    • Unable to unlock everything/fully level up in a single playthrough, requiring New Game+. Hope you enjoyed the journey enough to replay it, otherwise it feels kind of cheap.

    I DO like how early mini-boss/chapter end encounters become regular enemies later in the game, and the four actual bosses do change up the mechanics somewhat, but I would say the last quarter of the game throws some combinations at you that's annoying.

    Overall, this is a game that has potential for of being a decent one-time playthrough (dependent upon your sensibilities), but for me, this is something that won't get a replay for a very long time.