2022 Nintendo & PlayStation Wrap-Up

  • Nintendo & PlayStation 2022 year in review results are here.



    My stats:



    0_1670982270375_PlayStation 2022.png


    1. Pokemon Legends: Arceus (76 Hours)
    2. Pokemon Violet (69 Hours)
    3. Triangle Strategy (52 Hours)
    4. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (43 Hours)
    5. Live A Live (26 Hours)


    1. Marvel's Midnight Suns (51 Hours)
    2. God of War: Ragnarök (45 Hours)
    3. Horizon Forbidden West (43 Hours)
    4. Sonic Frontiers (26 Hours)
    5. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves (17 Hours)

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  • Nintendo Australia actually did a proper Year in Review for us Aussies for once in their lives!

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  • I feel like I barely played very many video games this year and my PS5 Wrap Up sort of solidified that I had pathetic hours and I'm can't call myself a Gamer™️.

    But I took the time to estimate my hours on PC across Steam, EA Play, and XB Game Pass. That boosted everything for me to some pretty respectable Gamer™️ Hours.

    1_1671050779909_2022_Top5.jpg 0_1671050779908_2022_GoTaco_.png


    1. Nier Replicant
    2. Gran Turismo 7
    3. God of War
    4. Elden Ring
    5. God of War Ragnarok

    HOURS - 203

    Nier Replicant is on a 2.75x time multiplier. 51 hours actually feels like 140.25 due to monotony. GT7, Ragnarok, and Elden Ring will carry over into 2023 cause I'm not done with them.



    1. Halo MCC
    2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
    3. Cyberpunk 2077
    4. Halo Infinite
    5. Battlefield 2042

    HOURS - 390.1

    TOTAL GAMING HOURS IN 2022- 593.1


    It's so weird because I really don't feel like I played thaaaat much but if you add it all up, I spent 24 days of my life playing video games. Imagine if I put that energy into something more productive haha.

    Either way, 2022 was a solid gaming year. I had a blast playing Ready or Not, Halo 3, and now MWII with buddies. I haven't finished most of the heavy hitters but I'm not in a rush to finish them either.

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    Basically my PS wrapup went the way I expected, I definitely got addicted to GT7 for weeks, it's a supremely enjoyable game despite the issues it has or had. It's definitely my personal GOTY, might be my actual GOTY too. Also my #5 game is Genshin, glad to say that I've broken out of that rabbit hole lol

    I have no Nintendo console so can't do any wrapup obv

  • @bam541

    You been playing Sport Mode at all? I personally haven't touched it yet. I might be able to borrow a wheel off my step dad. If that happens, I'm going all in.

  • @dipset Honestly I've been mostly an offline boi lol. I did get back to Sport mode recently when they started giving higher credit rewards for the special event, it's real fun. I stuck mostly to the low stakes, more casual races, haven't played too much of the ones with longer laps and actual GR.3 cars.

  • @bam541

    I'm down to the last few Café Menu Books. I feel like this "Campaign" is starting to drag a little bit cause I just want the damn circuits unlocked for practice. It's like a mental hurdle where I don't want to play online until finishing the Campaign, but the Campaign is driving me nuts because the AI is so dumb and some races like Nurburgring in the rain Last --> First is like... who designed that?!

    I'm going to start trying to beat your times in Circuit Experience soon. Look out!