My Controversially Critical Community Showcase Commentaries

  • If you've followed my community showcases over the past few years, you'll realize many of them are peppered with criticism about games and the videogame industry. It's a knack I have gotten myself into that's quite tough to break, because it's difficult to know what I want to write for each community showcase, so blathering on about big games becomes my go-too.

    Now just because I come across like a groaning disgruntled nincompoop, doesn't mean I dislike the games I criticize, quite the opposite.

    For example, this month I seemingly contradicted myself, saying that God of War: Ragnarok is setting the bar low for Game of the Year, yet giving it my Game of the Year (so far) this year anyway.

    My point here, is that I think Ragnarok is a fantastic game, but there are flaws within it that make me feel like it could be far superior. I suppose I confused everyone, but the answer to this flip-flopping is straightforward.

    Afterwards, I went on to talk about the cliche regarding several games including Ragnarok, that throw enemies at you to such a point that characters start moaning about the frequency of encounters. I feel devs can showcase itself in a wider variety of ways without bashing you over the head with the routine enemy clearing over and over again.

    I would love to see games embrace diversity and give us the unexpected. I know wider audiences just want straightforwardness, which is totally fine, yet I can't help but see where improvements could be made.

    I believe that to truly love something, then acknowledging criticisms is important, because it can show where games can flourish and become even better. Not that I'm dissatisfied with games as they are, if I was I wouldn't buy them so much so I can keep talking about them.

    I want the best out of games, and I know that can come across as profuse negativity, but it's not meant to be that way.

    I have made creative community showcases in the past, and I love to produce those. If you go back to Huber's Community Showcase from April 2020 (I think), I wrote my own review of Easy Allies. I've also written limericks and other creative pieces as well.

    Perhaps this post is something of a pity party, but I found someone on the Twitch stream for the latest Community Showcase, stating that it was "an average James Davie post". That's totally true, but I find a comment like that doesn't understand the motivation for these kinds of posts.

    Another thing is I usually like to say everything that's on my mind, but trying to condense that down to 500 words is hard. This is why many of my entries are all over the place, because I can't completely explain myself like I want to. I guess this is why I should focus on creative stuff, rather than blabbering on delivering directionless diatribes.

    I will try to be more creative and concise with my posts in the future, I'll just have to work hard at being more inspired.