Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2022

  • @jdincinerator said in Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2022:

    Would it be a problem for anyone if TLOU won GOTY again both for the 2013 vote and the 2022 vote? I don't think it'll win of course. I think we all know which game's going to win.

    Sadly there are so few playing these days I don't see the point in making it all serious. I don't consider TLOU Part 1 to be a true remake personally, but I don't care if it's included. God of War or Elden Ring is going to win anyway

  • Man this years list is gonna be a joke from me. I only played a very small handful of 2022 games, and haven't even finished most of them. I can probably rank them on how much fun I had, but I feel like its a bit unfair to the devs when I haven't finished them all.

    Either way, should make for an interesting list.

  • @dipset Same. I think I only finished 2 games from 2022.

  • I feel like there are a LOT of polarizing games this year. Pretty sure I’ve played 1 game and have not yet finished it…or played it in weeks.

  • Bumping the topic. Reminder January 31st is the last day you can submit your GOTY lists. Also, you can send me a list now and update it later if you want to add any games.

  • Votes sent. Solid year for me, easy to pick my top 4 but the HM were a struggle, had to left out some favourites. Also disappointing that one of my most anticipated games in the last years didn't even made it to my top 8. Please let the Switch die Nintendo!

  • They should had a new one with ToTK release at least. Dissapointing to think about the compromise it will get probably.

    Bayonetta 3 was downright embarrassing sometimes.

  • Friendly reminder, you have 10 days left to vote. So start finalizing those lists soon and get them sent to me!

    I've currently received 12 lists.

  • I will be sending mine after the next weekend. There are still some games I want to check before voitiing.

  • @shoulderguy I would have sent mine in already but I was intending to play a bunch of 2022 games beforehand. However, I feel I can put together a top 8 regardless-but more time is more opportunity to play the games before voting.

  • Update: 5 days left to vote and 24 lists have been submitted.

  • While two dozen isn't like the height of the forums, it still feels like to me that it's a larger number I've grown accustomed to recently, and I'm happy to see so many participating for this one.

    Excited to see the reveals!

  • @brannox I've been accepting lists from the Easy Allies Discord and subreddit to increase participation. I would have preferred all voters use the forums to vote but I know most people stopped visiting the forums.

    When the countdown starts, I'll encourage voters to follow along here and share their thoughts with us.

    Also, thanks to the higher participation we can finally get back to having a top 25 countdown!

  • @shoulderguy Absolutely excellent. This is very heartening to read.

  • Just sent my list.

    It was a bit too early for me, there's a lot of games I know would probably make my list but didn't have time to play yet, so it's a bit heartbreaking, and won't be very representative. But it's better than nothing!

  • I've sent my list. Didn't have time to play one more game, but it would probably be in my honorable mentions only and in my list only, so it's fine.

  • I was doubting to send a list but I did. Only the first two games on my list I actually finished but I liked those two games a lot.

  • The countdown starts tomorrow. Last call for votes!

  • Ah f*ck it, I'll eat my words about not going to vote. I want to be a part in forming our list.
    Still, though: I'm campaigning for only reimaginings being eligible, not all the remakes.

  • Voting is now closed.