Forgotten PS3 Games

  • The PS3 had many curiosities and I want to know which PS3 games you loved the most that have been lost in time. For me, I feel like Resistance 3 is always under-the-radar. It was a very sharp and awesome FPS with a plethora of great weapons. I feel it improved massively on Resistance 2 both in terms of story and color palette.

    This topic isn't just about forgotten great games, but also forgotten mediocre or bad games too. Apparently HAZE was pretty bad, but at the time I skipped out on it. I have recently bought it and it dropped through the post today.

    Also on Christmas Day I gave 2009's Avatar: The Videogame a go. It's a tacky third-person shooter with slowdown, garish and repetitive enemies, and is quite sub-par-but the vehicles are pretty cool to drive and roam through jungle terrain in.

    What PS3 games do you think are deserving of way more attention than they got?

  • I would say Nier but that just got a remaster.

    Conan is one worth checking out, a middling God of War clone with Ron Pearlman as Conan. I remember it being fairly alright.

    Folklore is a game that desperately needs a remaster. I know Game Republic is gone but it really needs a modern port.

    Speaking of Game Republic, all of thier games (the two Genji titles and Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom) all need to be part of some sort of collection or something.

    Time and Eternity is a extremely odd game that I vaguely remember being both modern and old school in design.