Tackle the Backlog -12 in 12 for 2023

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    Maybe shift your priorities around

    yeah i play games super based off vibes, so the lists mostly just serve as reminders more than anything else... eg right now im playing divinity OS2 again probably wont finish it again but i was in that mood.

    hollow knight and also dragon Age: inquisition are the ones im most worried about beating before the sequel. i actually like DA:I alot but it was such a long game and had issues at launch in particular i want to play the trespasser dlc since i've heard over and over that its the best story based content in that game.

  • I would already beat Hollow Knight if it didn't have that God awful checkpoint system. I don't want to repeat the same thing I've already done.

  • @scotty I know 2023 is still early, but this is already the weirdest take of the year I've read so far, the one to beat. Are you dying to normal enemies or something? There's so many tools to stay alive between benches. It is such a nonissue. There's not huge walk backs to face bosses either.

  • @mbun

    All in all, I disagree with everything you said from my experience with it until now with 10 hours. Not enough benches, annoying normal enemies hurting you everytime you are going back to same boss, not enough resources to stay alive most of the time when you have one hp left etc.

    If only checkpoint system wasn't this awful, I could bear the other annoying parts.

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    Started previously but didn't finish.
    -Nier: replicant (feel bad about this one)

    Bruh don't...

    I played 50 hours of this to get all endings for 12 in 12 last year and it sucked the life out of me. I'd look up YouTube videos of the twists, turns, and core moments. It's 50 hours that feels like 150.

  • @scotty Are you missing how to recover yourself or something? You must be missing something core like using charms if you're having this much trouble. Most bosses have a bench very close by.

  • @dipset

    oh dont worry i just mean finishing it the first time i know it's not like automata and i can just look up the other endings and moments

  • @mbun

    I actually use them, kill normal guys to get back health etc. Putting some charms.

    My main problem is, even though benches are not so far away it's still some distance and while I try to get back to bosses for retries or going into new places; normal guys just annoys me with the stuff I said and when I die it makes me furious. Especially exploring new spaces. And you know because game has tight spaces they almost always hurt me some even if I try not to bother with them.

    They could at least put a new bench before every boss.

  • I have yet to ever hit 12 in 12 so I'm abstaining from participating in this thread. For whatever reason, I feel pressure to play faster when I should just enjoy my time with any given game. So no more rushing and no more crossing things off the list. Just enjoying my time with the backlog.

    Good luck to everybody!

  • @dipset Yeah I beat maybe 5 games a year now so I'm out too but looking forward to tracking everybody else's journey.