• Sometimes you wait on a game you've been curious about for months, and when it comes time to actually play it, you wish you'd bought the game a lot sooner. This is my predicament with Neon White, a game I should've bought upon release, because now I realize why the praise for it is so high.

    Without dipping into spoilers, the reason I love Neon White is because its gameplay is badass. You're given a bunch of awesome skills and weapons, with your goal being to reach the end of the level in the fastest time possible. I'll admit, I didn't think it looked that interest when I glimpsed at the trailers, but when you feel the ebb and flow of the action rippling through the Switch/PS5 controller-it truly feels fantastic.

    Also the characters are superb, witty and funny-it's a clever and comical pleasure to listen to-oh and the soundtrack is fantastic too. I'm amazed by just how all the elements come together to make a truly riveting time-sensitive action bonanza.

    Yahtzee gave Neon White GOTY honors over Elden Ring-now that tells me how truly awesome this game is, and I think you guys should try it too. It's a superb game. I'd divulge in greater detail-but I thought a short and sweet shoutout would suffice. GO PLAY THIS GAME!