Any Allies who are a FF14 enthusiast willing to guide a noob?

  • Allies,

    After too many years of hearing how great FF14 is, I finally took the plunge into the generous free trial. I have tried to avoid MMOs ever since my 6 month stint with WoW scared me ten years ago, but I cannot ignore the constant claims of how FF14 is one of the greatest FF tales/OSTs ever told. It also helps that it has such a strong MSQ through-line.
    I am a level 25-ish Lancer in FF14-ARR looking to maximize my experience before I decide whether to subscribe. I have been trying to focus on MSQs but, man, are they dull so far. I know, I know: ARR is a slog and I just need to get to the expansions. But there are side quests and mechanics all around that I am not sure if I should be doing.
    What are your thoughts, should I just stay on the straight and narrow MSQ? I am treating this as a mostly solo experience but would be happy if anyone wanted to show me the ropes at some point.

  • Definitely don't waste your time getting tied up in the ARR side quests. Do the blue ones and move on. There's a ton of content outside of the MSQ to check out, especially when you hit 50 and clear ARR, so don't think you have to solely do MSQ and burn out. It's a long road to Endwalker, and you're entering one of the most notoriously dry parts of the MSQ. Go smell the roses; the MSQ will be there when you get back.