What was your Huber Moment in the past? What about next week?

  • My closest 2 would probably be the FFVII Remake and the original Persona 5 reveal after that super-trolly Atlus stream back in... 2013? The one that was just a teaser of some chairs on a red background. It didn't matter that that was all they showed... just them officially acknowledging it existed and that it was coming out in 2014 (lol) was enough. The meltdowns on NeoGAF when it looked like they were only going to show PQ/Dancing All Night and a sequel to Arena were hilarious too, totally worth it.

  • The exact same moment as Huber. Lost my shit at Shenmue 3

  • @Tsosie This so much, it was mine as well. I have had some form of Noctis avi on every forum ive been a part of since 2006. I only hope the game is able to come close to resembling the gameplay and set peices promised by that trailer...

  • For me definitely FF VII remake, i waited so long for this one. When it was revealed it was pure hype in the middle of the Night!

    My last big dream is probably Half-Life 3, i still believe!! :D

  • The VIIR anouncement had a similar effect on me, especially the more I rewatched it:blush:

    I think HL3, or BGE2 are the only other games that might have a similar effect now...(especially HL3 of course!)

  • Gonna be now with the new Red Dead.

    Also when Mark Cerny announced PS4 with the GDDR5 architecture I went nuts.

  • Man, I still have goosebumps when I watch that ffvii remake trailer. Can't believe it's happening . Another big one was the first Zelda TP trailer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zwMdcESljqg

  • I won't lie to you allies, when Final Fantasy Versus 13 morphed into 15, I was legit shook, they did it perfectly. Then..... out of NOWHERE, Kingdom Hearts 3. I shed a tear or two. Yes I was a few beers deep but it was all too much for me.

    Also, it kinda flew under the radar last E3, but Nier 2 had my jaw on the floor just for the fact we're actually getting it.

  • @Edd Yeah, that is the only game trailer that has ever literally given me goosebumps as I was watching it-and still does a year later. Similarly, a couple of the early Force Awakens trailers are the only movie trailers that gave me legit goosebmps/chils.

  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst comes to mind. Not as extreme as Huber because I'm way to introvert for that but I was really excited. Really enjoying it so far.
    SSX (2012) could have been a Huber moment too if it wasn't for that weird reveal trailer. I played SSX Tricky so much as a kid I really hope we get another one this E3 but without deadly pits. Just pure tricks and fun and weird tracks like Tokyo Megaplex.

  • @RetroPS4 oh for sure, the Star Wars trailers had a similar effect on me as well. It's weird because compared to ff or Zelda I'm not even a big SW fan. Must be that trailer editing magic.

  • I was right there with them jumping out of my chair at Shenmue 3 and FF7R. Literally jumping up and screaming, especially at FF7R. Waving my hands all around. I was excited out of my mind.

    Copying from my post on GAF:

    I feel like I could have lots of near-"Huber moments" just because of how much I love and get excited for RPGs.

    But if I had to really narrow it down to going Full Huber - a proper, big Skies of Arcadia remake or sequel. Hell, even a simple remaster will make me go "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".

    And Xenogears. Anything Xenogears. A remake with disc two finished. More Xenogears episodes. A remaster. Fucking anything. ANYTHING GEARS. Not Saga, not Blade, but Gears. That's my Shenmue 3.

  • FFVII Remake was the one that came the closest. I'm usually a very "internal reaction" type of guy. But as soon as I saw the lifestream at the Sony conference lead into a CG trailer I knew what it was, yelled "YES!" out loud and was flailing my arms though I was celebrating some sort of victory even though I was alone, like I had just made a game winning shot or something. Messaged a friend in all caps and a bunch of exclamation marks.

    FF Versus XIII showing up at the 2013 conference was another one, not on the same level though, but it was big.

    There hasn't been anything that would get me on the verge of tears so I haven't truly had a Huber moment.

    As for stuff that can get me really excited close to that point, can't really predict it, but the Sony handled Crash Bandicoot games are very dear to me, so if it were to happen (it seems likely) and it looks great, I might have a great reaction to it. Another SSX game this time done with the style of Tricky/3 taking into account all the things fans wanted. Metal Gear 1 & 2 remakes handled by a great developer (Konami licensing out the IP basically). or MGS1-4 remakes (in the style of Halo Anniversary, aka keep pretty much everything the same, just a visual upgrade to current gen).

  • @Edd Yeah, there is definitely something amazing about editing.

  • The Last guardian for last year.
    Unkarted & Playstation all star will be my next week's Huber moment. For real, EZA is back for E3 might be the best!

  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection in 2014. Finally, after 13 years, Halo 1 on Xbox Live!

    Then the game came out. :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • Unoriginal answer but it was the FFVII: Remake that got me excited. I was also watching the GT podcast during it so that helped stir emotions as well. xD

  • I think it's more difficult now. I'll be excited for something but I'm not sure I'd have a reaction like Huber.

    Either way, I think it has to be that MGS2 E3 trailer. Seeing that trailer was mind blowing and even now, it still holds up.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yes, that original MGS2 reveal is the most mindblowing moment I can think of.

  • Mine is depressing. When I saw that Red Ash was being kickstarted, and I realized that it was going to be MegaMan Legends 3 in spirit, I was beyond happy. I was leaning back in my chair after reading about it, and was just so relieved I was going to get to go back to that world, at least in spirit.

    Then I realized that Mighty Number 9 wasn't shaping up so hot, that it was also alongside a second Kickstarter for an anime nobody asked for. Then it sunk it that it really wasn't going to fill the void. On top of that over the next few weeks it became obvious it wasn't going to hit funding. Then a publisher swooped in and they still asked for more money for "extra" stuff.

    It was a rollercoaster of being pulled up to a high I thought I'd never see, then sliding down right back to the low I felt when MML3 was axed.