What was your Huber Moment in the past? What about next week?

  • @tokeeffe9 Yes, that original MGS2 reveal is the most mindblowing moment I can think of.

  • Mine is depressing. When I saw that Red Ash was being kickstarted, and I realized that it was going to be MegaMan Legends 3 in spirit, I was beyond happy. I was leaning back in my chair after reading about it, and was just so relieved I was going to get to go back to that world, at least in spirit.

    Then I realized that Mighty Number 9 wasn't shaping up so hot, that it was also alongside a second Kickstarter for an anime nobody asked for. Then it sunk it that it really wasn't going to fill the void. On top of that over the next few weeks it became obvious it wasn't going to hit funding. Then a publisher swooped in and they still asked for more money for "extra" stuff.

    It was a rollercoaster of being pulled up to a high I thought I'd never see, then sliding down right back to the low I felt when MML3 was axed.

  • E3 2010. Sony conference. It's dull.
    Suddenly, the press conference comes to a halt.
    The sequel to my favorite PC game of all time is announced by Gabe Newell.
    Dreams came true.

    Extra important to me since Portal 2 is now my favorite video game.

  • In recent memory? Probably Dragon quest 7/8 western release getting announced during the nintendo direct. It's really hard being a fan of the series as long as it's under square-enix its rule and absolutely no info for years.

    DQ8 is my favourite of all time so getting that sweet 3DS-version with new content after the shitty mobile-port was a moment of pure, unrelenting joy for me. :)

  • @ALLCAPS ....but did it make you cry like an anime-fan on prom-night?

    (But seriously, it's sad how poor this game is being handled.)

  • My ultimate Huber moment would be anything Grim Fandango-related. Really, anything new. I would pass out.
    Also Sonic Adventure 3, with Crush 40 making the music... might actually happen. Would be the absolute highlight of E3 for me.

  • I don't think I ever had the "YES" reaction that Huber had, although I was really happy for the VII remake and I had my fair share of "omg this looks amazing" moments, especially when the PS3 was announced with the Killzone 2 trailer and a couple more beautiful looking games. I have been impressed, but I never felt the "we won, this is amazing, we waited so long for this". I don't think there was a game I really cared about that wasn't continued. There is one thing I would feel like that though. Right now, we all think that Silent Hills is dead - Kojima left, Konami are posturing as if they are skipping town, all hope is lost. But if Konami are really going into pachinko business, they don't need their IP's. There is a small chance they will really just give up on game development and sell off all their franchises. Maybe Sony can buy them and hire Kojima to get back on Silent Hills when he finishes his current project. One can dream. If I have to settle for something less impossible, but still amazing - gameplay from the new Kojima game.

  • I don't have the emotional capacity to have a Huber moment. I'm more of a constant medium kind of guy. I don't get highs, I don't get lows. I just exist. Games are pretty cool though.

  • @Nesnomis that's the most Ian Hinck-ian comment I've ever seen.

  • I think I just got my Huber moment :
    Youtube Video

    Like, basically, I don't care about E3 anymore. I'll just watch that trailer until I can play the game.

    Edit: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4fp47t_vampyr-e3-trailer-esrb-pc-gaming-show_videogames

  • @faris said in What was your Huber Moment in the past? What about next week?:

    Another SSX game this time done with the style of Tricky/3 taking into account all the things fans wanted.

    This is mine, 100%. Show me a trailer with a city track and I'll probably never recover. I can't believe we haven't seen SSX at E3 in five years. This is the first EA presser I'm missing due to work though, so naturally this year will be the year we get a reveal!

  • There's a lot of great moments of Huber being Huber, but my favorite one was when he was being Hogger, and tried to ride a friggin dragon.

  • My biggest Huber moment was E3 2013 with the double whammy of the reveal of FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Saw that live and I absolutely lost my SHIT.

  • Although I didn't get to Huber levels, I shouted out and shed a couple tears when they announced KH3 a few years back. Still waiting... ;c

  • The Final Fantasy XV trailers can come really close to making me cry. The Final Fantasy VII Remake was what made to scream and hide behind my chair, though, peeking over the top.

  • Yeah, the FF7 reveal was the most emotional I have been during a game since....like since FF7.

    My E3 of dreams: Illusion of Gaia remake. Also, I would only be completely satisfied if they keep the plot twist at the end. That twist basically defined SNES gaming.

  • Dragon Quest 8 Way back when was my Huber hype moment, it'd be SOOOOOOOO long since we had seen a new dragon quest game so this was seriously awesome at the time, and it was near the end of the PS2 life cycle which ironically churned out some of the best JRPGs of the age.

  • Most recent was backwards compatibility on Xbox One. I was literally like "WHHHHAAAAAAAATTT?"

  • 23rd January 2013

    It's a Nintendo Direct, many announcements have been made already; Atlus will be collaborating with Intelligent Systems, Yoshi is coming back to home consoles for the first time since 1997 and The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker is being remade in HD, but Iwata God bless his soul has one last atomic bomb up his sleeve that would shock me to my very core.

    Youtube Video

  • Star Wars Battlefront EA and Final Fantasy 7 remake.