The PSN meet & greet

  • Hii everyone. We're all here cause we love both EZA and games, and I think that we can all strengthen this community through playing together. So if you agree and wanna add some allies to your friends list, post below and get gaming.

    Here's mine: bluscorp91

  • Saxsoon for me. Look forward to playing some overwatch

  • ObbyDent

    I play Dark Souls 3 pvp and Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

  • createdtokill - feel free

  • Monstruz - Feel free to add me. Playing a lot of different things.

  • crimilde0
    I don't play that much MP stuff but I'm planning on getting The Tomorrow Children when it's out. Demo was super fun and it might just be the first MP game that catches my attention.

  • Farsendor

    I play just about everything no genre is lacking in my library of games.

  • Sora__87 (two underscores there)

    Don't play that many multiplayer games but feel free to add me

  • Added you all. I look forward to seeing you all in the PlayStation Nation lol

  • burns807
    feel free to add

  • PSN ID - runner609

    I play overwatch and UC4 multiplayer (casual play). I am on EST time zone.

  • ChieBestWaifu, I don't play too much multiplayer but I wouldn't mind having some allies on my friend list.

  • As far as multiplayer goes I've dropped a lot of games, but I play a bit of Smite and Paragon on PSN. And I have friends who just party chat with me to BS and share play while I'm on games like Blood Bowl 2. Screen names are in the sig =)

  • Just so you all know, there is an Easy Allies group on PSN. It was formerly the GameTrailers group, so if you were a member of that, you're a member of this one as well!

  • PSN: MeMorrow

    I play a bit Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted Multiplayer.
    But mostly story focused games. Anyone wann play Trine 3?

  • PSN: ThePrakash
    I just started playing Overwatch and U4 multiplayer and would be down to play with the Allies (and get crushed). I am also good for Doom and Street Fighter V. I am so excited for a EasyAllies SFV tourney

  • PSN: Xijk
    I play a ton of Overwatch, feel free to add xD

  • I've added you all :D. My PSN is bluscorp91 and I enter "EZA" as my message.

  • PSN: thellis

    You can call me ellis though. Thellis is hard to pronounce and I wish I could change it

  • My PSN is Jamicov, feel free to add me! Recently I've been doing quite a bit of Overwatch, so it'd be cool to play with some of you!

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