Fight against spam

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    I dont think it is AS bad as some experience it. Ofcourse we have loads of spam posts coming, but it also seen to be in waves. there can be like a month with nothing, then a few days where there are like 50 threads.

    We just need somehow to delay it or be more on top of it. We can't however expect to always be there

  • Cleaned up. We already have some things in place.

    That said we'll take any additional suggestions. If someone is familiar with a particular tool that would help with the forums, please PM me.

  • Is it possible to set it so that unless you have +5 reputation, you can't post new topic without captcha(or similiar anti-spam feature), but you could comment just normally. Because from what I've seen, spambots that have hit here only create new topics, and won't comment. Although, I don't think that would stop spamming, only slightly slow it.

  • It's something I believe we've talked about in the past but I'll see.

    Also I really want to thanks everyone who flags the post. It's genuinely very helpful and very much appreciated.

  • @Tragosaurus said in Fight against spam:

    @Axel That would only delay the spamming by 24 hours unfortunately.

    No, I was thinking that since the same fake users usually create at least 4 or 5 topics in a row, if they can only create one in the first 24 hours, they'll be spotted and deleted before they can create more.

  • Would there be a way to report/flag a thread from the list of threads on the forum instead of having to view the post and reporting it that way?

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    I increased the time between posts for new users. So do a favor to real newbies and upvote their posts when you see them. We'll see if this cuts down on the spam, but let me know if it makes it extra annoying for anyone else.

  • I think that will help a lot. The charter has been updated with the rule and generally the best first place to post for newcomers is Welcome to the Easy Allies Forums! so hopefully we can help any genuine accounts.

  • In the most recent example of spam, a new user registered about 40 minutes ago and has created 5 posts in that time with zero reputation.

    Even more despicable is this spam isn't even interesting. At least the black magic one appeared useful.

  • Any updates on getting rid of these guys?

  • Not really anything to add at this point. Just cleaning up for now.

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    Just did a huge run with the banhammer and deletion... I hope I got rid of it all for now! As it was quite the major cleanup, if I missed anything or managed to delete something I shouldn't, please PM me! Also, HUGE thank you to everyone that reported the threads <3

  • We're getting hit hard with spam tonight, captain! The ship is losing water but avast, we be a formidable crew.

    I really gotta start getting more sleep. But yeah, seems to be an excess tonight for some reason.

  • Ya, seems like another cycle.

  • I think I have spent more time reporting spambots than actually browsing the forums lately... I will keep on doing it as long as I need to, but sometimes it feels somewhat frustrating.

  • @jipostus I can totally understand that. No one likes it.

    Unfortunately our hands appear to be tied on preventing the spam so we can just try and get to it as soon as possible.

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    Yeah sorry about that guys

  • @Swordfish00830 @tokeeffe9 It's alright, you guys do what you can, and you can't spend all time everyday to look after spammers. I am willing to put up with it though. It has seemed to slow down again, but I know this is just temporary... There is no foolproof way to prevent spam, so the best we can hope is that those don't flood the entire forum with hundreds of posts...

  • Isn't it possible to only allow Patrons to use the forum? That would solve the problem.

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    @Axel No, there's no way to link Patreon accounts to forum accounts, and even if there were, I wouldn't want to shun someone from participating in the community because they lost their job or something. That's pretty much the opposite of what this community stands for.

    The daily spam is certainly a nuisance, but it's not nearly bad enough to start cutting off access to any part of our community. Brent is looking into plugins to help cut down on it some more though.