3D Fan Production for EZA Tabletop Escapades

  • Hey Peeps, some of you may know already I've been live streaming a fan produciton for Tabletop Escapades. The goal is to make each of the Allies Characters (And a ben as dungeon master) and then animate a brief 3D intro, something like a much smaller in scope version of the 90's xmen cartoon if you will.

    The aim of this is 3 fold. 1) give back to teh Easy Allies in a unique way as a thank you for the years of awesome content, 2) keep my skills sharp as I'm fairly new to the games industry and 3) share experiences or teach people about some of the stuff that goes into making art for games and other media.

    I work in the games industry full time (and have some annoying physical injuries), so finding time to stream is tricky, but it's been about two months almost and I'm almost done Law (pictures attached below). Moving onto Necator next. each character will come together quicker and quicker as we iron out the kinks.

    If you're interested to see what goes into 3D production (i'm doing everything, from concept to final anim, so all modeling, texturing, rigging etc) or just wanna hang out on stream, please feel free to stop by at my twitch channel. Or follow me on twitter. Been getting some great support form the Allies and some fellow fans, much appreciated

    Law Concep


    texture map - diffuse

    law model

  • This is awesome :astonished: Will we get v.004 "Nude Law"? :laughing:

  • @Mechanoid hahaha tabeltop escapades rule 34. oh god no

  • This is excellent stuff. Been following your progress through the Allies on Twitter. Keep it up!

  • @sblomkamp Wow, this is so epic I might actually start watching Tabletop Escapades ... the only EZA show I don't watch

  • Looking forward to your next stream mate. :D

  • Hey, just a quick update, I finally finished Law. I was gonna do a better test anim but i'm exhausted. Gonna get some Z's and start on Necator tomorrow, will tweat out when i start the concept art stream

    rig test anim

  • @sblomkamp AWESOME!! That's so good! I'm ready for Necator, Yogalla & Therese!

  • @alexcaste85 thanks! yeah ive started teh necator concept but having a surprisngly hard time finding a flow. Open to direction and suggestions from the community!