Fan Art Site?

  • In my professional career, I am a web developer/designer. There's some languages that I don't get to work in often and would like to get back up to snuff in them. I have something I made in college that I think would be perfect for a fan art site, and could recreate. Would this be something you folks would be interested in? What sort of features would you want to see in it?

  • @Ruaidhri18 As a website for Easy Allies?

    What I would like to see in a fan art site is something like the game filters on Twitch. So, say I want to see fanart from "Overwatch". I click Overwatch and I see the top upvoted posts as well as further filters like game characters, maps, art styles, videos, etc.

    There might already be something like that out there but it could be a fun project. What language do you code in?

  • A lot of their fanart is posted on tumblr:
    But if you wanna do your own thing, go ahead. Keep us updated if you decide to follow through with it.

  • @Nillend Is this actually managed by the EZA staff? Would be helpful to have sites like this featured somewhere on the homepage

    @UltimateBrent, maybe on the bottom of the homepage sidebar?

  • @marcel PHP, CSS, HTML, and Javascript, MYSQL. Though I am a bit Rusty on PHP and MYSQL, which is one of the reasons why I want to spend time making this!

  • @Ruaidhri18 cool ... but maybe this is an opportunity to start playing with stuff like Node.js or Ruby ... or even React.js ;)

  • An important thing for me would be having a display that's able to effectively show off multiple formats of art. I'm a writer and performance artist, and I'm actually working on some tribute art dedicated to and inspired by the Allies that isn't in a traditional 2D medium. Being able to accommodate single images, multi-image posts, text submissions, and video playback would be huge in terms of making artists in all mediums feel included.

  • What frameworks have people used for PHP. I was thinking about using Zend again, having some experience with it, but I'm interested in Laravel. Has anyone used that before?