WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • I'm sick as hell this week so maybe that's why I had trouble getting excited, but I also felt apathetic watching Clash of Champions and RAW, it feels like Finn Balor's injury threw all their plans out of the window, forcing them to turn Rollins face out of nowhere (even though he's getting great pops so at least it's working).

    But compared to the paced storytelling on Smackdown, everything on RAW feels rushed and thrown together, pretty much exactly like before the draft.

    I did enjoy Cesaro vs Sheamus and although I didn't like the finish at the time, I think it really makes both of them look extremely strong, and if they make them win the titles, they could be a very entertaining and dominating tag team. BUT I'd still prefer Cesaro to win a solo title, and I'm not sure who could be credible contenders for them should they beat New Day.

    Jericho and Owens are very funny on the mic, I gotta say, I never get tired of them. But if Rollins's injury lasts longer, I seriously don't see any credible contender for the title, now that Reigns is US champ.

    The Women's match was good though, Charlotte looked very strong, and there was no major botch this time.

  • Anyone else likes the 8-bit Mega Man style theme song of T.J. Perkins? I find it pretty catchy!

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  • I'm really enjoying the Chris Jericho - Kevin Owens bromance they got going! Unfortunately they might be heading towards a break up already, which would be a shame. But maybe Jericho needs to be getting back on the road with Fozzy?

    But anyhow, I really liked RAW this week.

    It was great seeing the Womens title match main event the show, but why oh why does Sasha keep winning the title on RAW, and not on a PPV?

  • Looks like Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg might be happening at Survivor Series!!

  • No Mercy: An excited "YES!" was the word that immediately came out of my mouth, when in the end Luke Harper was suddenly standing there. Yes! Easily my favourite of the Wyatt family, a really good big guy wrestler. Welcome back, it's been a while.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah, Harper is cool.

    It was a strange PPV.
    Why did they end on Orton vs. Wyatt, just because of the Harper return? When they decided to open the show with the WWE championship match, they should have put Miz vs. Ziggler in the last slot. What a great match, and the crowd was into it.

  • LOL. Paige goes in and out. They'll soon show the door to her.

  • @Sentinel-Beach So long as she's going out with Del Rio she won't appear on shows. Apparently the real beef is that he's a terrible influence on her in WWE's eyes.

  • She also send out some angry tweets about WWE, so yeah she's done.

  • So what do you guys think of Goldbergs return?

    I think he delivered a very strong promo, and it was good feels all around. The match itself is not gonna be a 5 stars match, but damn I'm looking forward to it.

  • @MonsTruz Excellent promo from a guy who's not usually good at promos. If there's one good thing about modern day WWE matches it's that it'll be choreographed to the point where it at least doesn't suck :P

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    The only odd thing that Goldberg did was awkwardly pull kids out the audience and give awkward hugs

  • @Swordfish00830 He just want's to be a superhero for the children! Imagine if Reigns had said that?

    I'm so looking forward to the match!
    Any ideas why they are not saving it for mania? Is Lesnar going over, and then the final match at mania?

  • Hell in a Cell PPV results:

    I'm not really sure what to think about the RAW Women's title at the moment. I mean, because it's only Sasha and Charlotte, and once again the title just changed hands. Neither gets a two-in-a-row. Don't get me wrong, I really like them both and think they're great in the ring, but the situation is now starting to get too... stale? Even boring? Well, maybe not boring yet, but some fresh ideas, i.e. faces would be welcome.

    And when will Jericho get the belt?! Do they still continue with the Owens/Rollins feud? I guess, since Rollins got cheated again, but man, I'm just not feeling anything in this picture.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    Yeah it's weird how they are playing hot potato with the title. My thinking is, they want Charlotte to keep her undefeated streak at PPVs, but that's just poor planing then.

    The match was great though, and match of the night!

    Yeah, it's amazing how much Jericho has gotten himself over again. He really is a master of the craft.
    I like the dynamic between him en Owens, and I think they are going to co captain the raw SS team, and that will probably lead to a title match at the next ppv.

  • Hello allies, new to the forums but love wrestling.

    I'm starting to like Charlotte even more day after day I think they are on to something, I don't like the hot potato stuff with the title but I admit it surprises me everytime it happens.

    I'm super hyped about Survivor Series, I think this ppv is the one that will get better with the recent brand extension, who do you think will challenge Dolph?

  • Been lurking for a few months and this thread has flown way under my radar. Wrestling is the only other thing that rivals my enjoyment of video games! I am eager to share stories and swap yarns about it here!

    When did you start watching? Late 80s/Early 90s at the ripe old age of 4. My father was a big fan and we'd watch it together. I was easily amused by the antics of Junkyard Dog in my early years.
    Who is your all time favorite? The late, great, Macho Man Randy Savage. DIG IT! I was heartbroken that he did not make it into the Hall of Fame before his passing.
    Favorite match of all time? Savage/Steamboat at WMIII. It's a bit cliche but it is so good.
    And current hero? Kevin Owens is a lot of fun to watch. Honorary shout out to the New Day. (That Mania entrance!)

    I spent a few years training in professional wrestling before realizing I wasn't cut out for it, so I tend to see things in a completely different light and I've developed a deep respect for anyone who steps foot in the squared circle.

    The brand split has made things more exciting than they have been in a long time. The flood of international talent and growth of NXT is nothing short of remarkable.

    It's a great time to be a wrestling fan!!

  • I totally missed the questions let me see:

    When did you start watching?
    Around Wrestlemania 19 I started watching constantly, i'm from Mexico and before that it was hard to found a channel that broadcasted raw or smackdown.

    Who is your all time favorite?
    Eddie Guerrero is my favorite, I was heartbroken when he past away and still watch his matches on the network

    Favorite match of all time?
    Kurt Angle VS Eddie Guerrero at WM 20, the ending with the boot was amazing.

    And current hero?
    Has to be AJ Styles with a well deserved mention to Kevin Owens

  • I finally caught up after falling behind during my holiday.

    Holy crap the Women's Hell in a Cell match, they really pulled out all the stops, it was amazing. And I get what you're saying about the title switching back and forth between the two, but honestly I find it more refreshing than anything else. This situation is actually very rare, usually the title gets captured, successfully defended, and then there's a succession of different challengers until someone beats the champ and the cycle starts again. So I don't mind this situation, and I think it's come to an end anyway, it looks like Bayley is up next to challenge Charlotte.

  • What's everyone's favourite promo?

    Mine's Stone Cold's 3:16 promo after King of the Ring 1996. Talk about a guy getting thrown a ball and running with it, this promo made the Stone Cold character what it is - and he wasn't even supposed to be the guy winning the tournament!

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