WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • So how about those Royal Rumble news on RAW? I did not see that coming. But based on what we saw at Survivor Series I have to believe this is (again) just to sell (even more) tickets and WWE Network subscriptions. There's no way Goldberg could be the winner, right? No way. But whatever happens, this spiced up things in a nice fashion, a cool surprise.

  • Oh hell no. They're taking this Ellsworth picture way too deep already. A legitimate title match? And at this rate the guy'll even win it, too. I don't know. I think I got a few laughs out of him originally, but now he's been tagging along way too much. The value of the WWE World Title will plummet if he wins it at some point. Utilize your roster, SmackDown! There's plenty of other guys to put on the title picture.

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    Worst thing that can happen since David Arcett winning the WCW title

  • I don't thinks it's going to happen, Ellsworth is fun but this Aj, Dean and James is already tiring. Smackdown has a lot of posibilites, let's hope they do something surprisingly good in the next months.

  • Ellsworth was used perfectly until he beat AJ Styles 3 times. I assume Dean Ambrose is going to turn on Ellsworth.

  • So we had a Women's title match in RAW. Gotta say: I did not expect that outcome to happen. Of course I'm happy for Sasha, and that match itself went pretty great with the ending and all. It's just that it smelled so strongly like Charlotte/Bailey feud (for the title) after Survivor Series, that this turn surprised me big time. But hey, surprises are the best thing in this business! I'll take it.

  • Man, Goldberg vs Brock was awesome

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  • I'm finally caught up!
    Here is for some random thoughts:

    Damn, they are really going all in on Goldberg! He is defiantly the top dog in WWE right now. Let's call it an interesting choice.

    And Undertaker is back for more than mania? They are really pushing the middle agers!

    But Survivor Series was a blast, the men's SS match was so much fun.

    Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens is still the best thing on TV. At this point I wan't them to main event mania for the Universal title. Maybe even, a title vs. list match.

    I like Sasha and Charlotte, they always have great matches, but they really need to stop changing the champion every month. The title debuted at mania, and both women is now 3 time champions? That's just stupid.

  • I hope Samoa Joe is getting brought up to the main roster now and I hope it's Smackdown. They need a few more main event quality people.

  • @MonsTruz said in WWE - Who is hyped!?:

    I like Sasha and Charlotte, they always have great matches, but they really need to stop changing the champion every month. The title debuted at mania, and both women is now 3 time champions? That's just stupid.

    I'm gonna keep disagreeing with that :)

    This sort of back-and-forth feud almost never happens, it's always the same formula: challenger wins the title, loser gets a rematch, loses it, champion gets X new challengers until he loses the belt to someone new, and the cycle starts again. This goes for all the titles, all the time.
    So to have a feud that makes both women look so strong by one-upping each other regularly in ever-so-grueling and spectacular matches is refreshing to me.

    And this was even more true for the Divas division of the past. Look at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WWE_Divas_Champions#Combined_reigns

    Apart from a select few, pretty much every diva on the roster was champion at one point, only to lose it to the next girl. It felt more like a participation award, to quote Miz. "Don't worry, you'll all get the title eventually, so nobody's jealous". But that ended up making the title feel rather meaningless.

    Now we've got two amazing women on top of their game having one of the biggest female feuds of all time and giving the title real value. When a new challenger (Bayley or Nia) finally steps in and beats one of them, it will feel like a much bigger accomplishment, because they will beat a 3-time champion!

    Anyway, that's the way I see it.

  • roman retaining tonight gives me less reason to think that KO is gonna drop at roadblock

  • @Axel

    You have some great points, but I am over this feud. They keep wanting to make this great moment happen for Sasha, and it was great the first time, it was okay the second time, and now? I don't care anymore.
    They have great matches, but I honestly don't think the feud is very good. If they were to spread it out, with small bits here and there, and then culminating in a mania match, that would be awesome.

    I know they don't really have any active female wrestlers on raw, so there is no one to really challenge for the title except Bayley, and they should wait on her.
    They should have enough dept, so that Charlotte could go over in a one and done title match at a ppv, while Sasha beat someone else.

    At this point, are they just going to keep switching the title between the two until mania comes around? Then they can be 6 time womens champions.. yeah great.
    I don't mind them having a mania match, but they need to cool it down, or there will be nothing left.

  • @MonsTruz I definitely agree that now they have to end it, the feud has run its course. If Charlotte regains the title one more time I'll switch to your camp ;)

  • The Wyatt Family to defend SmackDown Tag Team Titles under the Freebird Rule

    Meaning Luke Harper is one of the champs as well. They'll do what New Day's been doing.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Good! I think it makes their team an even greater threat and they should hold those belts for quite some time!

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    A great move! Now Harper can also take the pin, when they wanna take the titles of them.

  • I forgot that roadblock is like next week? Too many PPVs D:

  • The world today:

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    Roadblock is the last PPV of the year I think.