WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Roadblock had some good matches, and some I wasn't so into. About the results:

    That tag team match was really entertaining to watch, what a performance from Cesaro and Sheamus. I'm so happy they got the belts, especially Cesaro. Man, he's impressive. And what a weird feeling this is again that something's actually happening in RAW's tag team section.

    That Charlotte won was pretty clear, when you actually thought about it. They needed a heel champ who'd Bayley could then conquer in WrestleMania. That's a moment right there just waiting to happen. Just wondering what they'll cook up for Sasha.

    I'm NOT into the Universal championship picture, haven't been all this time since Owens won it. Okay, the win itself was great with Triple H and all, but all these months with Rollins and now Reigns feud = no sell. I just find the whole situation boring. Jericho's been fun, at least. I think Triple H will return for Rollins in Royal Rumble to start set up that WM match between them.

    I'm wondering if they'll really wait for WrestleMania for Owens vs. Jericho. I mean, come on, that HAS to happen at some point eventually. What bothers me is Finn Balor's role in everything. I'm assuming he's coming back in RR. It would just suck real hard if they give him the win there, because he DOES HAVE a rematch already in his backpocket.

    Also Reigns remains a question mark, I'd hope they put him back in defending the US belt because that thing has no role now. But they've been building this Rollins & Reigns thing, too... We'll have to see how the pieces move.

    And hey! Even Goldberg is after a title! What the hell. :)

  • For me the highlight of Roadblock was Neville!

    Damn, I'm suddenly very interested in the cruiserweight division now!
    He is really what the division needed, and the combination of him and The Brian Kendrick as the top heels, is very exciting to me. Also, compared to the other cruiser weights, damn Neville is jacked.
    Now they just need to create a compelling babyface character.

    Also, on the other end of the scale, I really like how they are booking Strowman. They are really showing that he is a dominating force. I'm still not sold that he can have a good match, but everything so far has been pretty good.

    It's also looking more and more likely, that we get Jericho vs. Owens for title at mania! That would be amazing. Although I don't know how the fozzy schedule is.

  • @MonsTruz Neville is just what the division needs. Well, that and Gran Metalik.

    Loved the finish to the Cesaro/Sheamus vs. New Day match. Such a crafty move by Cesaro and that pin from Sheamus was solid.

    I can't believe we have a four-time women's champ in such a short amount of time, but Charlotte is a much better champ than Sasha.

    Owens snatching the win in dubious fashion works for his character, but I think it diminishes the overall importance of the title. I want Balor to come back and reclaim what he never lost.

    Reigns is the anomaly, for sure. Expect him to be a presence in the Rumble, but I'd really love to see an inter-promotional match between him and whoever the IC champ is to unify that mid-level title, with the winner taking it back to his brand.

    WWE is on the up and up, I just need for them to really start that hard push to the Royal Rumble and then keep the momentum going into Wrestlemania.

    I'm also dying for an Owens vs. Zayn match at WM. That'd be fantastic.

  • I was actually surprised that Charlotte got the title back again, I now agree that this is getting a bit ridiculous, although they said there wouldn't be a rematch after this so the feud should be over anyway. Sasha took some scary bumps again, she was bleeding like crazy in the end!

    I feel exactly the same way as @Sentinel-Beach about the Universal championship picture. On one hand it should be cool to have 3 or 4 guys gravitating around the title at the same time, it should add unpredictability, but it's just a mess, with Rollins whose face turn was too sudden, Reigns who still gets booed out of the building everywhere he goes, Owens being booked a bit too weak in my opinion (as heel champs often are, but look at Charlotte, that's a great heel champ!), and Jericho who's indeed very entertaining but also keeps losing so doesn't feel like he'd be much of a threat if he ever turned on Owens.

    And don't get me started on Reigns barely ever defending his US title, and nobody seemingly interested in it... I was convinced they'd push Strowman after him, and that could have been a fun feud to follow, but it looks like he'll stay with Zayn until at least the Rumble (I wouldn't be surprised if those two kept going until Mania actually, it could be a great moment for Zayn if he won).

    Really happy for Sheamus and Cesaro, and I'm curious to see where the New Day goes from there! If they stayed together as a faction but went for individual titles, like say, the US title, we could have entertaining storylines.

    Don't mess this up, WWE!

  • 205 Live is on Hulu and I just found this out! Rich Swann is ballin outta control!

    One of my favorite themes, too! Though nothing is has good a GLORIOUS DOMINATION. Those two, plus Shinsukes and Asukas have got to be the best themes of 2016.

  • It is starting to seem like Reigns will win the Universal belt from Owens in RR. Right? Why would they otherwise first strip him from the US belt? (Nice that Jericho could now add that to his list. (Not THAT list, lol.))

    And Undertaker in the Royal Rumble match. Hmm. First I was like yeah, cool. But now I'm more thinking that will this actually lead to anything? Granted, there are a lot of guys whose entry doesn't lead to anything, but still. This feels kinda "cheating" in a manner of speaking that they put guys like Taker in who won't appear every week and won't thus hold up a story-line going into WM. ...Unless he will. Like for three months or so. I don't know, I have mixed feelings. He's a nice addition, but also a guy who either has to win or he'll look too weak for his character. Hell, I now remember seeing speculations of that fabled Cena/Taker match that has never yet happened in WM for the WWE Title. Could be reality after RR. Interesting times.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Taker's only ever won once and it hasn't hurt his character ever - same with so many other characters. The rumble is the easiest loss a wrestler can take since it's harder to look like a chump than a star if you're given any sort of time to do anything.

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    Anyone interested in doing a Royal Rumble draft?

  • @Swordfish00830 How would this work? We just pick the winners of each match plus the rumble winner? Also, yes I am interested in it.

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    Depending how many of us are interested. We divide the 30 picks evenly. We pick off the confirmed entry's in the rumble. Then we go with a wild card pick. Say I want the Iron Shiek or someone like that to be a mystery pick. Hope to at least get 4 others we would get 6 picks each.

  • Sure, I could join up in this.

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    You never know who is going to win especially in this years Rumble.

  • After six months of unstoppable hype, Emmalina will finally have her premiere as she enters the Rumble at #30. The crowd loses its mind, chanting YES! YES! YES! louder than ever before. JBL's hat falls off the table. Emmalina then proceeds to slap Goldberg, literally the last man standing, out of the ring, thus earning her ticket to WrestleMania. There she will make something unprecedented, as she utilizes her championship opportunity to simply resurrect the Butterfly Belt, Divas Championship, for herself. The night ends with her coronation. JBL's hat falls again.

  • Honestly though, I'll be happy with pretty much anyone as the winner of the Rumble match. I guess I'm secretly rooting for Zayn.

    What DOES worry me, however, is the fact that they give it to the returning Balor who enters as #30. Not only would it repeat that too many times seen segment of a "surprise return on the last number who then takes it all", but it would also be dum storywise to "waste" the Rumble winner's spot to Balor, who already has a legitimate spot on the title belt as he never actually lost it to anyone. They could bring him in in the following RAW and maybe start building a Triple Threat match, if the RR winner also comes from RAW or something.

    So what I'm saying is PLEASE don't make the RR match a predictible one like that.

  • The Rumble is always pure hype, and this one is going to be a blast!
    There are so many people who can win it!

    My biggest wish is to see Lesnar destroy Rawley. If I get that, then I don't care who wins the Rumble.

    Is Owens retains, then a Jericho win will surely be a nice wrinkle to that story. The US championship does complicate it, but I'm hoping it's just a smoke screen.

    They could use Balor to eliminate Undertaker, that could be a pretty awesome mania match.

  • Okay, so the Rumble happened. At least it didn't go that predictable way I feared. But honestly, that #30 was ever worse than I could have imagined. I never counted Reigns to be in the match since he already had a big one the same night. And then he came out and I was like "WWE stop. Just stop already! Stop!" Do you have to shove him into the main event match this badly?". This was all boosted by the fact that he had came up short in trying to win the title earlier, which would have placed him firmly in WM big match already that way. So this was horrible to see, him entering the RR match.

    But in the end, it was Orton. Some kind of semi-victory here, in viewer's perspective. I mean at least not Reigns (who might take on Taker now?), but I would have still preferred some newer guy, a fresher face. Does this mean it's Cena vs. Orton in WM? That's so 2010 or something, but okay, they both still tend to deliver. But what's the deal with the Elimination Chamber still now in between? Is it to determine a challenger, or will Cena actually be in there as well, defending the belt?

    And will Lesnar finally beat the crap out of Goldberg in WM? He's lost now twice in an embarrassing manner. He's looking so weak right now, like a clown in the ring with Goldberg. Surely they can't continue (or finish) this feud this way.

  • Now that I've had a night to sleep on it I think the only reason Reigns entered at #30 and eliminated a ton of people everyone actually wanted to win was so they wouldn't boo so much when Randy won. Pretty sure they did the same thing last year with HHH.

  • @DeweyDTruman
    Absolutly. Once they decided to go with Orton, this was the way to do.
    Reading the rumors before the Rumble, that Orton was going to win it, made me dehyped (Is that a word?), but in the moment, I sure was glad that he won over Reigns.
    Other than that, I don't get what they are doing with Reigns. Are they gonna have him retire Taker at mania, and finally turn heel? If that's the case, then putting him in at number 30 was fine. But if they ever want him to be over as a face, then they sure are putting him in some bad spots.
    Are we getting Orton vs. Cena again, again, again.. at mania? I sure hope not. I hope Wyatt wins the title at Elimination Chamber. Then we can get Wyatt vs. Orton at mania, and Cena can go another round with Styles.

    The ppv was fine, as expected, Cena vs. Styles was a great match. I don't think they can have a bad match together.

    The Rumble itself, was pretty disapointing, in my mind.

    No big suprises other than Reigns?
    Tye Dillinger was fun, but what else.. Mark Henry?

    They did however, do a great job of showcasing Strowman.

  • @Sentinel-Beach My main issue with Roman being #30 is that he was on the show already with a title opportunity. So what would have happened if he beat Kevin? Would he still get to wrestle for an opportunity to face himself at Wrestlemania? It made zero sense to me.

    Looking back a day later, this Royal Rumble was so flat. When they started piling up guys in the ring in preparation for Goldberg/Lesnar/Undertaker, I nearly got an eye injury from rolling them.

    Goldberg is going to beat Kevin Owens at Fastlane before Wrestlemania, take the title and put it on the line against Brock. Bray Wyatt is going to take that title from Cena to have Wyatt vs. Orton. Personally, I don't want to see Cena/Orton (anyone remember their title unification match at 2013's TLC? I do, and I was burned out of that feud then.)

    The future is looking mighty bleak. Every other match but the Rumble was good. Bummed AJ lost, but the writing was on the wall with that one.

  • http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x324q62

    (If the link didn't work it's the too many cooks botchamania ending, you'll find it super easy if you google)

    The rumble was underwhelming. I think by this point they need a couple of mark out moments in the body of the match or else it just kind of stagnates, and considering the people they had backstage there's really no excuse for the lack of them.
    Anyway, my dream booking would have been Sin Cara to win only to pull off the mask and reveal Seth Rollins. Gives the championship match an out and more avenues in general to make the road to wrestlemania more interesting.