WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • The first time I saw WWE was when it was WWF, when Bret Hart was battling, I think it was Hulk Hogan or something? Maybe even Steve Austin in his early days... Or when I was watching WCW with my father for the first time, I DEFINITELY remember it was Hogan in there. But I came back somehow by accident or something. I don't know what sparked the fan in me, but I started watching the whole Stone Cold Steve Austin rise to stardom. I was hooked on Austin from the get-go. The whole storyline with Mr. Mchanon was legendary. I was inspired by Mr. Mchanon's marketing style that I decided to mold my marketing after him.

    I knew Stone Cold Steve Austin was going to revolutionize the industry the way he did. The next day after winning the WWF Championship was awesome - he had the look for that segment. In 5 seconds, he's like stone cold stunner! That was awesome. I re-watched it on WWE network during the countdown to WrestleMania this year and the spark is still there.

    Now I watch it, it's not the same product because of the whole PG era BS. Get over that crap, WWE, get on the Attitude bandwagon that all of us want!

  • When did you start watching?
    I've watched on and off since I was in Middle School. But My brother and I have been watching it consistently since 2007. We recently got our Dad to start watching it with us. My brother and I are total Smarks and frequently talk about backstage heat, indie cred of some of the newer stars and complain about the storylines, my father is a much more classic I want to see two dudes beat each other up and then the stronger of the two wins, preferably the good guy. So its an intersting dynamic each week.

    Who is your all time favorite?
    I really liked Chris Jericho back when he returned, and I love his WCW and early 2000s WWE stuff. I find his current run as Dad-Jericho pretty funny. CM Punk was probably my favorite for the longest time, I felt his energy through my TV Set back when he was in the SES. Seth Rollins is probably my favorite worker right now.

    Favorite match of all time?
    Triple H v. Kane, Title vs Mask. Simply because it was the first match I ever saw. It probably doesn't hold up I've deliberately not gone back and checked. In my mind it was the perfect match. Something more recent I loved the series of Matches between Rollins and Ambrose last year, specifically that Ladder match.

    And current hero Villian?
    I like the Heels, in particular I'm high Rollins, Rusev and I find every Social Outcast segment to be pure gold.

    Money in the Bank is tomorrow, I pretty hyped its probably my favorite show of the year. The fact its running opposite the biggest episode of Game of Thrones this season is killing me a little. The MITB match, Rollins v. Reigns and Cena v. Styles are dream matches. I'm pulling for Owens in the MITB, but I'd also like to see Ambrose with the case. I fear they'll drop it on Del Rio. I want Styles to win to put to bed my doubts that Vince will try and Bury him because he got big in TNA and Japan instead of the WWE, though I fully prepared to be disappointed. I'd love for Rollins to win but I've accepted that Roman Reigns is the new Cena and will probably carry the title until Summer Slam at least. I hope they don't split the title, even with the Brand Split the WWE title is the top title, recommissioning the World Heavyweight Title just seems backwards to me. Rebuild the Intercontinental Title and make its champion the Star of SmackDown!

  • I watched WWF long ago, but I stopped completely when Owen Hart died.

    Bret Hart came out with a heart wrenching documentary, and I could no longer take Sports Entertainment Wrestling seriously anymore.

  • I'm hyped, so hyped!

    I started watching in the early 90s as a kid, also have terrifying memories of the Undertaker. He was the first wrestler I ever saw, I still remember it, I was flicking through channels at a friend's house who had Canal+ (the French paying channel which showed WWE at the time), and the Undertaker showed up on screen, with Paul Bearer, his entrance theme, and I was mesmerized. After that, I was obsessed with wrestling, bought all the action figures, and went to my friend's house every time I could or traded VHS to watch more of it. Then stopped watching a bit before the Attitude Era, can't really remember why exactly, and only got back to it in 2009, and been hooked ever since.

    I have high hopes for the brand split, I think one of the worst things WWE is doing to its product these days is over-exposing its roster, seeing the same guys twice a week will make you bored of them, even if they're amazing. In comparison, on NXT you will see a guy wrestle twice a month at most, and it makes it so much more refreshing.

  • Concerning Money in the Bank PPV:

    I agree that the winner in the MitB match will most likely be either Owens or Ambrose, and I'm fine with it. Still, though... let there be a Cesaro push!

    Reigns/Rollins match just became more interesting, when I started to think about it in that perspective that the title could be split. But I don't know. I mean it would make more sense that both RAW and SD had their own top belts and champs, but somehow I also feel hesitant about WWE splitting the belt. But this brand split would definitely be the right time for that if it ever were to happen again. Well, we'll see what happens, hopefully something good and interesting.

  • @Axel
    Yeah I agree with the brand split. It gets so borring when it's the same wrestlers over and over again. With the brandsplit, Smackdown is going to feel fresh, and worth watching.
    You also get those moments, in let's say the Royal Rumble, where suddenly a RAW star and a Smackdown star goes toe to toe. That is hype!
    This Brand split could be so good for WWE. Sure they can also totally blow it, but hey, this is Easy Allies! So i'm going to stay positive.

    I think they are going to go with two world titles. If they truly are going to tell separate stories and have their own brand specific network specials, then they will need a world title on Smackdown.
    And in line with the new era, it would make sense to have Rollins and Reigns headline each PPV. They could also very well want to continue the feud, and keep them on the same brand, but I still don't think we will get a clean win tonight.

  • When did you start watching?

    • Around 15 years ago

    Who is your all time favorite?

    • Dead man Undertaker
    • The Rock
    • Eddie Guerrero

    Favorite match of all time?

    Its hard to remeber because its been so long. I think it was the royal rumble with Brock lesnar

    And current hero?

    Sorry don't watch it anymore

    Favorite WWE game?

    Here comes the pain & smack down vs raw 2006

  • Money in the Bank Dean Ambrose wins and cashes it in after Roman Reigns beats Seth Rollins or during the match. Roman Reigns still triumphs.
    AJ Styles V John Cena
    Winner Aj Styles w interference by Finn Balor
    Kurt Angle is the 7th contestant in MITB

    Lets go crazy here Goldberg is the 7th contestant in MITB and wins.

  • Who's watching Money in the bank right now

  • This post is deleted!

  • Money In The Bank!!

    So I only got 4 predictions correct, so WWE deffinatly caught me by suprise!

    The 4 big matches delivered.

    Cena vs. Styles was so good. The finish was kinda mehh, but the actual match was incredible.

    And that main event!
    I don't know how the forum feels about spoilers. In my opinion you shouldn't go on a wwe thread, if your not caught up, but just in case, i'm going to use some spoiler tags.

    First of, we get Rollins pinning Reigns clean!! Holy S***. My first thought was: Sure, then on RAW they are going to claim Reigns was concussed when he ran through the barricade. But then we get Dean fucking Ambrose! I thought we would get a tease of him cashing in, not him ending up the champ! So much Hype!

  • @MonsTruz I would say no to spoiler tags, meaning just what you mentioned: just don't come here unless you're caught up with the latest. Plus, I think this thread is pretty much for the enthusiastic ones who know when and what is happening and know to stay away until they're ok.

    My biggest question at the moment after MITB: what's the deal with Battlegrounds? I mean an all-Shield Triple Threat match is kinda no-brainer next, but that's SummerSlam material! Are they going to skip the next PPV when it comes to the main belt?

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    Yeah you are probably right in term of spoilers. If there is a leak, that a certain wrestler is returning, or have been spotted or something. That's probably needs spoiler tags though.

    You know, I really wanna see the triple threat, but as you say that's summerslam material, or even mania material. Since the shield debuted, they have been featured heavily, and a show down match between them should be headlining a wrestlemania in my opinion. It seems so wasted on a battleground ppv.
    And if they really want to cement a new era, they can't have any part timers in the mania main even. So a triple threat match between the shield members, would be a beautiful main event.

    There is also the draft to take into consideration. They have just confirmed that it will take place on the first live smackdown, which is the go home show to Battlegrounds. That also seems very weird.

    Maybe the main event will be some sort of multi man battle royal type of match, to celebrate the last ppv before the brand split, or something like that.

  • When did you start watching?
    Around 2002/3, at the very end of the Attitude era

    Who is your all time favorite?
    Triple H (heel)
    Rick Flair
    Shawn Michaels
    The Ultimate Warrior
    Macho Man Randy Savage
    Chris Benoit (I know....)

    Favorite match of all time?
    Triple H vs Shawn Michaels , kickstarted Michaels's second run in a WWE
    HHH vs Cactus Jack, THUMBTACKS
    Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, both of the Wrestlemania matches are 10/10

    And current hero?
    Current state of wrestling is absolutely terrible. Inconsistent characters, WAY too much emphasis on the matches (instead of characters). As Jim Cornette has stated multiple times, werstling is, and has been dead for a long time. It's named "sports entertainment" and it shows. But if I need to choose someone (don't watch very much anymore) I'd say Bray Wyatt, just because he has CHARACTER.

    And the best wrestling game is obviously "Here comes the pain"

  • So Battlegrounds just got a whole lot more interesting!

    Roman Reigns, the golden boy, the guy, suspended for 30 days do to his first wellness policy violation.
    Technically he could still work the PPV, but how would that story play out?
    Now there is no word on what he was suspended for, but I can't imagine he is to popular with Vince right now. Sure, he is still going to be a top star, but I don't think he will get the belt back again in the month to come. That is exciting enough in itself.

    A main event at Battleground between Rollins and Ambrose for the WWE title, has a nice ring to it!

  • I was just thinking the same. The time frame does make it possible for him to be in that Battlegrounds match, but it would be super weird. A month's absence, and then he'd just appear there suddenly anyway?

    This will be now really interesting to follow. Both story-wise and behind the scenes.

  • Yeah, I believe WWE has a little bit of room in their wellness agreement, so it is possible that they knew before Money In The Bank, and that's why they took the belt from him. If that is the case, then RAW doesn't make much sense to me, then they should just have had Rollins win again.
    I can't imagine how they could put Reigns back in the match, but it is wrestling right, so we probably can't count on logical thinking ;)

  • Golden Truth are pretty cool guys :P

    Pretty surprised about the Roman situation.

  • When did you start watching?
    Born 85' Started watching around 89 or 90 through to 2003 ish.. fell off, then just a few weeks before the CM Punk pipe bomb in Vegas 2011 I started watching again, and been hooked since. Playing dream booking. Filling out PPV scorecards. Being in a WWE fantasy league. When they come to Brooklyn I'm a social media correspondent for the arena. (Basically I'm knowledgeable about the product so I get good seats and tweet for them)

    Who is your all time favorite?
    CM Punk (He brought me back in, and created a new way for me to look at wrestling. To look at the business of it)
    Shawn Michaels (I used to hate him cuz I was a bigger Bret Hart fan, but as time has passed I've seen Shawn to be a bit better)
    Bret Hart
    Macho Man
    (A lot of good talent on roster now like Seth, but to soon to give them an all time favorite spot)

    Favorite match of all time?
    Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker Wrestlemania 25
    CM Punk vs John Cena Money in the Bank 2011
    Bayley vs Sasha Banks NXT Brooklyn (Best Live Match I've Ever Seen)
    Ospreay vs Ricochet (Very modern but I think we'll look at it some day like Savage vs Steamboat WM3)

    And current hero?
    I gotta give it to Becky Lynch (I look for the underdogs) Dean Ambrose as well, he has fun

    And the best wrestling game - I've played a lot of No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain, but honestly the current WWE 2K16 is the best simulation to date. I've also had a bunch of fun with WWE All-Stars

    PS: I blog about wrestling. It's mostly a lot of gifs and pictures from old WWF magazines. And is just really meant to keep my mind active by writing about something.

  • Formalities:
    When did you start watching? I don't exactly watch. I got into the idea of wrestling in 2000 through one of the video games and I've kept up with what's going on via forums and the occasional download of a particularly good show. I have tried watching for periods, but nahhhhh.
    Who is your all time favorite? Jeff Hardy. I still believe that he could have been one of the biggest stars ever if he didn't have so many "issues"
    Favorite match of all time? TLC 2 at WM17.
    And current hero? Sami Zayn or Seth Rollins.

    The Roman Reigns suspension is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to the people who want him to turn heel. He's probably just going to show up at Battleground and be in the title match anyway, and with the crowd firmly behind Ambrose and even Seth being favoured ahead of him it could unintentionally make him the biggest villain in the company if he just ends up winning regardless.

    That being said, history shows that they don't exactly care what the masses want when it comes to Roman so maybe we should be expecting a dominating win followed by The Rock raising his hand and confetti falling from the sky :P