WWE - Who is hyped!?

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    Absolutly. Once they decided to go with Orton, this was the way to do.
    Reading the rumors before the Rumble, that Orton was going to win it, made me dehyped (Is that a word?), but in the moment, I sure was glad that he won over Reigns.
    Other than that, I don't get what they are doing with Reigns. Are they gonna have him retire Taker at mania, and finally turn heel? If that's the case, then putting him in at number 30 was fine. But if they ever want him to be over as a face, then they sure are putting him in some bad spots.
    Are we getting Orton vs. Cena again, again, again.. at mania? I sure hope not. I hope Wyatt wins the title at Elimination Chamber. Then we can get Wyatt vs. Orton at mania, and Cena can go another round with Styles.

    The ppv was fine, as expected, Cena vs. Styles was a great match. I don't think they can have a bad match together.

    The Rumble itself, was pretty disapointing, in my mind.

    No big suprises other than Reigns?
    Tye Dillinger was fun, but what else.. Mark Henry?

    They did however, do a great job of showcasing Strowman.

  • @Sentinel-Beach My main issue with Roman being #30 is that he was on the show already with a title opportunity. So what would have happened if he beat Kevin? Would he still get to wrestle for an opportunity to face himself at Wrestlemania? It made zero sense to me.

    Looking back a day later, this Royal Rumble was so flat. When they started piling up guys in the ring in preparation for Goldberg/Lesnar/Undertaker, I nearly got an eye injury from rolling them.

    Goldberg is going to beat Kevin Owens at Fastlane before Wrestlemania, take the title and put it on the line against Brock. Bray Wyatt is going to take that title from Cena to have Wyatt vs. Orton. Personally, I don't want to see Cena/Orton (anyone remember their title unification match at 2013's TLC? I do, and I was burned out of that feud then.)

    The future is looking mighty bleak. Every other match but the Rumble was good. Bummed AJ lost, but the writing was on the wall with that one.

  • http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x324q62

    (If the link didn't work it's the too many cooks botchamania ending, you'll find it super easy if you google)

    The rumble was underwhelming. I think by this point they need a couple of mark out moments in the body of the match or else it just kind of stagnates, and considering the people they had backstage there's really no excuse for the lack of them.
    Anyway, my dream booking would have been Sin Cara to win only to pull off the mask and reveal Seth Rollins. Gives the championship match an out and more avenues in general to make the road to wrestlemania more interesting.

  • Samoa Joe!

    Ohh man that Raw ending brought back my mania hype!

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in WWE - Who is hyped!?:

    I never counted Reigns to be in the match since he already had a big one the same night. And then he came out and I was like "WWE stop. Just stop already! Stop!" Do you have to shove him into the main event match this badly?"

    Haha that's exactly what I did, I was shouting at my TV "Don't you dare! Oh my god how can they do this? Is this a ****ing joke?". They got me to cheer for an Orton win for the first time since... ever?

    WWE, you played me like a damn fiddle!

  • So we'll be getting Owens vs. Goldberg, really? That feels somehow pretty weird. And can they really make Goldberg lose that one? Or at least Owens won't win clean, I think. There'll either be some interruption by Lesnar or Jericho, or then Goldberg will actually just win the title.

    Which would mean that the WrestleMania match between Goldberg and Lesnar would ALSO be a title match. Now that wouldn't feel right at all. Two part-timers fighting over the top belt, and propably Lesnar would win that one after his humiliating losses.

    I don't know. The direction the title belt is now moving towards doesn't feel "natural", if you know what I mean.

    But I have to say that I liked how they trolled us (or at least me) with that US title match. Owens being all the time "I'll have your back" after Jericho put him in a tough place, and then he actually HAD his back, lol. I was sure this would've been the point in time when a crack would have emerged between the two of them, but no. :)

  • The only thing I hope is that no matter who is the Universal Champion after Wrestlemania, it should be someone who will be on Raw every week at least untill he loses the title. It would be amazing if KO retains on FastLane but is highly unlikely.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    It really seems set in stone, that Goldberg is getting the title at Fastlane, and then Lesnar get's it at mania.
    I don't feel good about this..

    I like the idea of Owens vs. Goldberg. That's a cool match, and there is a possibility that it can help elevate Owens, even if he looses.
    What I don't want to see, is Goldberg winning, and then facing Lesnar in THE main event of wrestlemania. Again, it's a great match, and obviusly it should be on the card, but the main event?

    You can say what you will of the last few years, but even the dreadful HHH vs. Reigns, was to showcase a new star. I'm not saying Goldberg, couldn't be in the main event, but at least put him in there with a younger guy.

  • @MonsTruz Goldberg hasn't really proven himself to be ready for any kind of long-form match since returning and I really have concerns about him headlining Wrestlemania. That match doesn't need the title and I'm disappointed that it will be taken from a workhorse like Owens only to be thrown onto a 50-year-old who wants a real Wrestlemania moment.

  • Reminds of when The Rock took the title off CM Punk, ending his record reign, only to lose the title to Cena at Wrestlemania. Kind of a spit in the face of the rest of the roster who bust their ass all year long, but when Mania comes, sorry guys, this one is for big names only. How do you expect to create more big names if they always stay in the shadow of former glories??

  • @Axel At least Cena was a full time wrestler. I feel like that's the biggest concern with Goldberg vs. Lesnar for the title.
    But I agree, Cena vs. The Rock did not need the title, to make it feel special, just like Goldberg vs. Lesnar, doesn't need the title.

  • The Elimination Chamber match itself was really good. And I'm glad to see that thing back in general, it's good fun once a year. I had this stupid grin on my face when Bray fed Cena that Sister Abigail and CHING, the champ's out. I would've been satisfied with Styles winning it again, but hey, this is so much better. About time! :)

    Now, there's seven weeks or something till 'Mania on SmackDown side, and already there at the end they acknowledged the Bray/Orton possibility. Which means to say --> that won't be the whole picture, I assume. There are rumors flying around about Orton and Styles both really wanting to face each other, for instance. Maybe this'll grow into Triple Threat somehow. And I really, really like Harper, and he's there looming nearby, but I still can't see them putting him in the main event. You know, as a Wyatt Family special or something. But it would be great!

    Whatever the case will be, I hope I'll see Bray walking in and out of WrestleMania as the champ. He could hold it for some time now.

  • Festival of Friendship managed to catch me off guard. What an effective moment that was, I guess I had placed that to happen in Fastlane, maybe. I actually felt really bad for Jericho at that moment, which made me feel even stranger, as it's mainly excitement and anticipation that WWE causes in me. (And disappointment, lol.) But this hit kinda hard, so well done, WWE.

    It's starting to look like Jericho will cause Owens to lose in Fastlane, and then we'll see them in 'Mania. And I do have to say that it is better that things went this way, that there's a clear line between a face and a heel now. I mean I had expected it to become sort of a mutual falling-out after Jericho accidentally causes Owens to lose in Fastlane or something. This is way better in that sense. Now he'll intentionally cause that.

  • SmackDown was great, especially that Triple Threat match felt like a treat. Glad we got that out of the way already, I mean the rematches. And I really like that they seem to keep Harper close to Bray still, story-wise, close to the belt too in a sense. There could be time for some surprises, next week even!

    And just in general: I think this is now a really good time for WWE. Things are interesting, I get excited over a bunch of different stories, and guys and gals tend to deliver all around the field. I'm enjoying the shows, I mean to say, as well as looking pretty eagerly forward to what's coming. For both SmackDown and RAW, as there's enough feuds cooking in both that I'm interested in. Cool times, so keep 'em coming, please.

  • Fastlane results.

    So yeah, they really went that way. It was pretty obvious, I don't mean that, but oh man, what horror awaits us at WrestleMania as RAW's main event of the evening now. Goldberg vs. Lesnar for the title. I mean will it be as well a thirty second match? What a great way to end the evening. I would've been ok with the two men going against each other again even in a quick manner, if that's every time needed for Goldberg, but to put the gold on the line as well, the show's own Holy Grail? This doesn't feel right at all.

    At least the Owens / Jericho will be pretty epic, I feel. And I think we'll see Sasha's heel turn tonight on RAW. She's definitely going against Bayley in WM. Charlotte might be in there, too.

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    Owens would of been better if just laying down and letting Goldberg pin him.

  • Do any of you guys ever watch OSW ?
    The 'Old School Wrestling' review podcast.
    They've done loads of reviews about the PPV's from the Hulkamania Era, some WCW and ECW shows too. (super quality with regards to production and the knowledge of the hosts) ...start from Ep 24 ro so...give it a go. Honestly. It's amazing.

    It's easily the best and funniest wrestling related thing to come about since the internet came about


  • Dude OSW is my lifeblood.

  • @DeweyDTruman well Helllloooooo fellow nogger :D