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    SMACKDOWN Womens Championship
    Another situation, where it should have been Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss.
    WWE need to get over this Naomi thing. I don’t care that she was the hometown girl. She is not good, and she never will be.
    I might just be upset, that my future wife (It's going to happen.. I'm telling you, it's going to happen) Becky Lynch didn’t win the title.

    Really? Did you not like the match? I will admit, I wasn't thrilled with the winner, but I thought the match was pretty good. Though that might have been because I had no expections for it.

  • A few nice surprises on RAW. I liked that Vince himself made a rare appearance, and that led to a new GM. This was a good move with all the hype around the man: Angle himself! :) Man, I already liked those few backstage spots a lot. The looks on his face. :D

    I don't want to speculate too much the future, because next week comes with a draft! At least in some measure. That'll shake up some storylines and give us new ones.

  • @parasitepaladin
    It just felt like an old school womens bathroom break match.
    Becky and Alexa has been the backbone of the Smackdown women's roster, and I feel like their feud should have peaked at mania. Natalya and Mickie James are really good in the ring, but their characters isn't interesting at all.
    Then here is Naomi and Carmella, and I don't think either of them belongs on a wrestlemania card.

    I'm glad for the women involved, that the match was moved to the main show, but in honesty, this match belonged on the preshow.

    Yeah, it was a pretty good RAW.
    As you say, the draft is coming up, so it's hard speculating to much on the future.

    • Balor is back, great! Now he can finally get a chance to shine.

    • As it stands right now, damn RAW has a good tag division: The Club, The Hardy's, The Revival, Enzo and Cass, Sheamus and Cesaro, The New day. You even got a couple of filler teams like The Golden Truth and The Shining Stars, that they can use as jobbers. I expect at least on of the teams to move to Smackdown, but the next few months could still give us some really good tag team action.

    • Kurt as GM is great. He is one of the few wrestlers, that can really do comedy, and still be a believable ass kicker.

    • The Brauwn - Lesnar stare down was pretty good.

    • I saw some rumors of Charlotte potentially moving to Smackdown, which I'm all for! There is nothing really left for her on RAW. I surely don't wanna see her feuding against either Sasha or Bayley anytime soon. And Nia? That would probably mean Charlotte would turn face, which seems like a wast.

  • I feel like the SmackDown's women match at 'Mania was simply a "palate cleanser", they've built cards before like that as well. It helps separate the biggest matches from each other and give the audience a moment to breathe again and calm down, get prepared for the next big thing.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah, that's what the used to do to the women, or diva's you might say. Now WWE likes to say Womens revolution every chance they got, but look at this mania.
    Two championship matches featured 10 women, and about 17 minutes of action all together. It just feels lost in the shuffle.

    If you put 6 people in a match, and give them 5 minutes, it's hard making a great match. It should have been Alexa vs. Becky with Becky going over. She is one of the only true babyfaces in WWE, and the fans always gives her a great reaction. If they absolutly needed to have Naomi win, they should have just gone with Naomi vs. Alexa.

    I hate that WWE want's everybody on the mania card. It should be a reward for the wrestlers who had a good year, and a hard lesson for those who didn't have a good year.

  • @MonsTruz I see. I kinda agree about the matches themselves, I thought the question/issue was more about the placement of that particular match on the card. But yeah, especially the SD women's match felt too forced in that regard that they were just all stuffed there. But that's the trend today: everyone's going to 'Mania. Same thing happens with the Andre match: it's where you put everyone who doesn't have a (strong enough) storyline going on. Leftovers, if you want to be mean about it.

  • @Sentinel-Beach At least the Battle Royal was on the pre show, but yes that is a true "get em' all on the card" match. I'm fine with the battle royal, but it really feels like a missed opportunity. Why not put something on the line?

    It could be something like: If a smackdown guy wins, then he gets a title match for the IC title. Or the US title if it was a RAW guy. Then if they had Corbin win the IC title, they could have told a underdog story with Rawley challenging Corbin.

    Then in the build up to the mania, you could really hammer home the importance of those titles. There could be "legends" coming back, that perhaps never manged to win the IC title, and get another shot at that. There could be younger guys talking about how much it would mean to them getting a shot at those titles.
    You could even use it to settle scores. A guy like Ziggler could enter the match, with the intend of getting another shot at Dean Ambrose, and proving that he could beat him.

  • There we go, Nakamura on Smackdown!

    If he and AJ stays on the same brand, then lock in match of the year for Summerslam.

  • I don't follow NXT, but I've heard a lot about him. That entrance was amazing, I know that much at least.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Indeed. That was such a great moment. If you start your entrance with a live violin player, then that is simply just cool.

    I'm really exited seeing him on the main roster. The only NXT I see now a days, is the Takeovers, caus there is just not enough time for the weekly shows. So i honestly don't know what to expect promo wise from him, but I know how good he is in the ring.
    He has had some great matches in NXT, and in Japan against AJ.

  • Ok, so this denifitely didn't go as a draft normally would, but instead we got some new faces in little by little. That's cool, I was just waiting for something else personally. Misread the message from last week.

    I didn't expect any of the bunch Ambrose, Miz and Bray to move to RAW, to be honest. (I think only AJ seemed a solid bet, but he didn't move after all.) This pretty much means that Owens heads to SmackDown, right? Can't keep IC and US titles in the same show. And that upcoming Bray/Orton match now feels kinda pointless, don't you think? I mean Bray won't win and bring the WWE title to RAW with him now. (And does he hop between RAW and SD now for three weeks?) Not unless Lesnar moves to SmackDown tomorrow, aaaaand I don't know about that.

    Could Gallows and Anderson move to the blue brand? Some of the bigger names should, I feel, and then there'd be that fabled Styles connection waiting. RAW got Mickie James and Bliss in women's division. Nia Jax seems to be next in line for the belt, but that could very well be the blue belt as well. We'll see.

    The star of the show, however? Braun Strowman. Dear lord, I laughed so much. Pushing Roman down from that ramp on that stretcher, what the hell? :D The audience couldn't believe that, either. And then once more the giant returned, to push the freaking ambulance on its side with Roman inside. Oh this was good, like something from the turn of the millennium. :)

  • I really like the way they are doing this "shakeup". Now I'm really looking forward to Smackdown, to see who goes the other way.

    Charlotte and Owens seems like a lock.
    They need a strong female heel for the Smackdown brand, now that both Mickie and Alexa is on RAW, and Charlotte has just been jobbed out to Nia Jax.
    I hope she immediately takes the title from Naomi and then goes on to feud with Becky Lynch.

    They have to get the US title to Smackdown somehow, to the Owens move seems logical. They could always move Jericho to Smackdown, and then have him win the title back, but he should be leaving for a Fozzy tour anytime now.
    Also, with both The Miz and Wyatt moving (and AJ turning face?), Smackdown really needs a couple of heels. Other than Corbin they don't have any single heels that matter. So Owens has to go, but they still need one more.
    Strowman? Joe?

    On the Tag team side, someone has to go to Smackdown as well. New Day? Enzo and Cas?

    @Sentinel-Beach Strowman just became the number one face in the company! Ohh man that was a blast, just destroying Roman. And flipping a freaking ambulance over!! They are going to show that moment for years to come. I would have loved to see that moment with Huber.

    And in other exiting news, Kane is running for mayor in Knox County, Tennessee. Who would wanna argue against him?

  • Seeing who other people around the internet is predicting for Smackdown, I totally forgot about Rusev! He could be a great heel on the blue brand.

  • Phew, I've been absent from this thread for far too long, I was always several days behind since Wrestlemania so I had to avoid spoilers!

    Too late to share my thoughts about WM though.

    I was also expecting a more exciting format for the shakeup, instead of just randomly throwing guys out there one by one, leaving us guessing what it meant (at least at the start of the show).

    At the time of writing, I think SmackDown is underway, so I won't bother with predictions, I'll watch it tonight and give my overall impressions then.

  • SmackDown feels great at the moment! Somehow just so refreshing. Owens was a no-brainer, but it still felt good seeing him arrive. Now with 70 % less beard, even. :) Also, Zayn just feels right on the blue brand. And it's great that the US title finally starts to get more hype around it, I mean the upcoming Owens/Styles will be really good, I feel. Those guys are on fire on the mic and in the ring, looking forward to that feud.

    Charlotte arrived, and now I'm wanting that feud with Becky, like MonsTruz was anticipating earlier above. And will Lana get actually in the ring this time around? That was one sexy preview, by the way.

    Rusev will fit nicely in SmackDown, that was a good surprise. He can be in both midcard and at the top, too, especially in SD with fewer folks.

    Tag teams got Shining Stars and New Day. No matter whether you like the threesome or not, New Day will bring some life into the scene there. Good call. And English is now alone, what was the deal behind that again?

    And man. Nakamura. What a wild card for the future, for the big feuds and titles. Feels good.

  • Myself I have been super disappointed by WWE post-WrestleMania.

  • Smackdown was pretty good.

    • It's weird that AJ is suddenly in the United States picture, but man, that feud against Owens is going to be stellar. Owens did look weird without his normal beard though.

    • Ziggler vs. Nakamura could be a really great match! Ziggler is probably not anybodies dream feud for Nakamura, but I think it's a very good starting point. Nakamura needs a win from the get go, and Ziggler can easily take a loss, and make Nakamura look like a million bucks.

    • Charlotte is a great addition to the womens division. It still looks a couple of women short, but hey, now they got the most talented one.

    • I'm looking forward seeing what they do with guys like Sami and Rusev.

    • The tag division looks okay with New Day coming over, but I think they still needs a big team. I'm hoping we will get a #DIY call up sooner rather than later.

    I'm super optimistic about WWE the next couple of months. It was a great Mania, and now they have shuffled talent around.

    Now, best line of the week. Rene Young on talking smack to Shane: "You're limber, get it up there "

  • WWE are killing Sami Zayn, he got pinned 2 weeks in a row by AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal so what was the point of moving him to SD??

  • @A7X458 To be fair, he's billed as an underdog, and he needs to lose lots in his first few years on the main roster for that role to payoff if they plan on putting a belt on him.

  • @DarthAmmii Yeah I agree. I think they are doing a remarkable job with Sami. If they can continue to show some restrain, they can have a truly great moment down the line.

    Anybody else digging Jinder Mahal? I loved him on Smackdown this week. They need to emphasize the "being rich, and more cultural" part of his character though. Don't go to far into the race thing.