WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • @parasitepaladin Watching that sure was one of those moments that woke me up thinking "just wtf am I exactly watching right now?". Laughed out loud at my own reaction then. :D

  • I was really hoping Jinder would appear in the actual house!

    But hey, this was a pretty good ppv! The only match that I didn't care for was The House Of Horrors match.

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    They should of given the Hardys the House of horror match. They would of shown them how it is done.

  • I ended up liking the PPV as well otherwise. It was sort of small enough but fresh, too.

    • Jericho's win surprised me the biggest, I think. He's coming to SD now and all?
    • Bliss getting the belt is good, there's room at the top for fresh faces.
    • Tag team match was pretty good. The heel turn is kinda ok, I guess. I mean it gives a new angle for Sheamus & Cesaro. It will just be pretty hard for Cesaro to act like a heel, I feel. The man's just too fitting to be a face.
    • What else? Samoa Joe threw a small botch in there right with the 1-2-3. His shoulder was nowhere near the mat. That just feels like a weird spot to mess it up, but maybe he got confused where they were going or something.
    • Strowman's seriously just great. I mean the way a giant like that can move so smoothly and quickly. The man's an athlete. That post-match beating took me by surprise a little, still. And especially those blood coughs were even pretty nasty.

  • About the Payback PPV:

    The midcard matches saved the show, everything except the house of horror and strowman vs reigns was excellent.

    The House of horror match was so bad, i just want to know who was the genius behind the idea.

  • A way too funny shot. "After the party's over..."
    alt text

  • Holy hell, is that a Breezango push? Oh am I am SO PUMPED.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Been there.. Unfortunately I look more like Bray, than I do Randy.

  • Popping in again because the fashion files piece was great, again.

  • Strowman's out for six months due to elbow injury and surgery. Really tough news, I mean he's been the one thing that's kept RAW interesting for some time now already. There was clearly a Lesnar match on its way this summer etc. All the momentum is now gone. :[

  • It's was nice to see john cena beats Finn balor on Raw even with an injury, but at least he change his move set.

  • How about that Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate match? Holy shit that was great. The UK guys just brings something else to the table, and it's beautiful. Ohh and JR calling the match.. And Bates is 20, and Dunne is 23 years old.
    So far the UK Championship scene has been wonderful.

    I'm also really looking forward to Backlash.
    Styles vs Owens, and Ziggler vs. Nakamura has a lot of potential, plus the tag match could be really good.
    Then there is the train wreck of Jindermania vs. Orton. I think it's going to be a pretty boring match, but damn.. I'm still looking forward to it.

  • Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate, strong match of the year contender. Backlash was good, I'm curious about Jinder title reign and i should confess that i'm glad that Orton is no longer the champ.

  • @drolejan Dunne vs. Bate was so good..

    I'm digging Mahal so far. I was marking out when he won the title

  • @Mr-M said in WWE - Who is hyped!?:

    @Sentinel-Beach So long as she's going out with Del Rio she won't appear on shows. Apparently the real beef is that he's a terrible influence on her in WWE's eyes.

    1. That's bull$#!^
    2. She's always been this... stand-off-ish, intolerant, abrasive, "I don't give a #u^&!" lady attitude since her debut, so for them to think that del rio has that much of an influence ....makes them seem stupid. It's like they never seen Total Divas. Or anywhere else that doesn't involve WWE directly. And her gimmick even reflects her attitude.

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    The only odd thing that Goldberg did was awkwardly pull kids out the audience and give awkward hugs

    Not exactly new, either. Cena's been doing that kind of thing for years.

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    @MonsTruz Ohhhh an India push. Okay, that makes complete sense. Shame the rest of the world has to suffer for it. He is much better, though I can't imagine Jinder being more popular than Khali in India. He was Mr. India after all. It just feels unnatural since Jinder wasn't even a midcarder, he was on the bottom and now he is the number one contender OUTTA NOWHERE WITH NO BUILD.

    Actually, not quite. WWE has been trying to put heat on Jinder for many years through the jobber stables. The kind of hate he's getting is called "heat," and it's more to do with the whole heel storyline that's going on now. This heat results in buzz all over the world, on the internet, and whatnot.

  • Jinder is amazing.

  • Extreme Rules happened. The main event was fine, a couple of cool spots. I think it was a good call for Joe to win the thing, he'll get some spotlight in Great Balls of Fire, and we get to see an interesting pairing with Lesnar. Joe'll lose, though, as SummerSlam will be the time and place where something big'll finally happen.

    I liked that Cesaro and Sheamus managed to win, I was surprised even. A good match, went longer than I thought but in a good way. Alexa/Bayley was weak, it felt like the match didn't even get to start before it was already over. Miz winning the IC belt is good, now we just need some nice new face to that picture to give it some fresh perspective.

  • Just how good was Joe and Heyman on RAW? that was just perfect. I didnt think I would be hyped about a PPV named Great Balls Of Fire, but damn.. Give me that Joe vs. Brock.

  • I'm just waiting for Rusev to reveal himself.

  • @A7X458 Yeah didnt we get a video promo where he demanded a title match for MITB?
    Maybe hes going to kill Naomi so Lana can get the title.