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    But in reality Reigns'll just say that "I'm in the title match at SummerSlam, period". :/

    How about that. :/

    But hey! "I'm not finished with you!" :D Yes! This was a nice surprise, back so soon.

    In other news: I think it's cool that they found some use for Bo and Axel. And I think we can be pretty sure that eventually they'll turn on Miz and maybe get a title match themselves, even. But that's still months away, if it's ever happening.

    The unit we know as Enzo & Big Cass is gone. Don't really know if this is a good thing or not. I'm kinda interested if Cass could now get into bigger pictures as a solo guy, but then again, is he interesting enough without Enzo. On the other hand, I haven't been that interested in them for months now, so I guess change is a good thing.

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    But the women's MITB match. Oh man, what a stupid ending. The first ever women's match of that sort, and freaking Ellsworth gets the honor to take the briefcase? Doesn't feel right, feels just stupid, almost like a slap to the women's face. Disrespect, I can almost hear Huber loudly saying somewhere.

    It's brilliant writing. You're hardcore marking right now ;) You're supposed to be angry and annoyed, that's the point.

  • @Hazz3r I hear you. :) I thought about that later yesterday, that I guess they did their job well after all. Still, I'm just conflicted between the kayfabe and reality about how that was handled.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    If anything, it's nice that they're finally addressing the obvious flaw in a No-DQ Ladder Match.

  • Well damn. They took the briefcase away from Carmella. I mean I liked her as the winner, I think it was the right call there. It was only the Ellsworth ending. Hopefully we'll see her winning it again next week, but I don't know man. Maybe they're just starting a feud between her and the new winner or something like that. :/

  • @Hazz3r but they could have restarted the match at the PPV and not make what it feels like a reactionary decision, plus every thing would be fine if Carmella climbed the ladder and unhocked the briefcase, after watching SD i don't know how the writer's or the match agent or even the women in the match didn't expect this reaction from the fans!

  • @A7X458

    I still think it's going to be okay. Just have the match again next week, have Ellsworth attempt to interfere again, and then have Becky Lynch stop him and win. The pop for Becky will be huge, Carmella has gotten a huge boost due to the controversy (amazing promo from SDLive).

    But I agree though, this would have been far better if everything had happened at MITB. Like you say, it wouldn't seem as reactionary as it looks and appear more as the great writing that I believe it to be.

  • Nice nice nice. They went with it and had Carmella win it again. I like this. It was kinda expected but still not 100 % sure, so I felt some tension watching the match. Now she has some good heat, credibility and a legitimate hold on that contract.

    How about that blast from the past: Punjabi Prison Match. :) That's a name I haven't heard in ages, got some good nostalgia there for a while. I don't remember, though, whether the match itself will be kinda boring or not, but in any case this was a good pick from the WWE history, I feel.

    And next week we'll have a Battle Royal to determine who will face Owens for the US belt. Cena's going to be back and he's in it, right? I really hope that Rusev would finally return for that and win the whole thing. They'd be a great pair with Owens, kinda like two bulls in the ring.

  • I like Carmella wining again but Smackdown suffered alot from having MITB match, no KO, Styles and Nakamura plus the women championship match was meh.

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    Anyone here averse to me renaming this the General WWE Thread?

    Worst named PPV is coming up this weekend? Who's hyped?

  • @MCRMJ if you follow the wwe news and the leakes which are 95% right like i do you'd know who will win but still i'm just hyped for Joe vs Lasner and the iron man tag match.

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    @A7X458 Oh definitely, I follow everything, but the Lesnar Joe match should still be decent if they don't go the squash route.

    Though thinking about it, I'm not sure Lesnar is capable of anything more these days.

  • So nobody to talk about Great Balls of Fire?

    I thought the Joe Lesnar match was really good, although I would have loved for it to last 5 minutes longer, there was such intensity in every move that you can't really blame the guys. Lesnar in particular went through all colors of the spectrum and was sweating like a pig at the end. I think if anything, this match really put Joe on the map as a terrifying threat for anyone on the roster.

    I secretly hope he won't just be fed to Reigns next week and the match will end on a draw so we can have a triple threat at SummerSlam.

    Speaking of Reigns, good match against Strowman, some fun spots, and I was surprised he lost the match! The ambulance stunt was cool but dragged on for way too long afterwards, not sure if they were going for realism or legit had trouble opening the door but it got pretty boring which sucked the energy out of the whole thing.

    The 30-minute iron man tag team match was excellent too, great pacing and storytelling, everyone involved did a great job, kudos to them!

    The rest was forgettable though.

  • WWE cancelled Talking Smack and the Pyro for the Raw and Smackdown, so butting your top belt on Jinder wasn't a success, WWE management needs to get with the times.

  • Whattttt?? Why cancel Talking Smack? That was one of my favourite things every week, it allowed so many wrestlers to show a totally different side of their personality, it made me like so many guys a lot more than I usually would. Crazy that they don't realise that! And it can't cost much to produce, so what's the reasoning behind it?

  • @Axel here is there response to PWInsider

    "We continuously review WWE Network’s programming line-up based on a variety of factors, including viewership and subscriber research. Talking Smack and Raw Talk will air following pay-per-view events, and Tuesday will continue to feature 205 LIVE."

  • So low viewership? Hard to believe but I guess they know their numbers better than us.

    It's still a huge shame as it helped further storylines and give mic time to those who rarely get any. I'm sad.

  • That Joe / Lesnar match looked good on GBOF, I liked it. It succeeded in making Joe look like a strong loser after the match. And in the following RAW he was on fire on the mic, what a great spot that was. And even Lesnar decided to talk this time himself, nice verbal jabs from both of them. Even Reigns got a few in, it's always somehow more electrifying when they bring up the reality ("You're not around that much" etc.). I'm pretty confident we'll get a Triple Threat match on SummerSlam, it'll be a good mix.

  • @Sentinel-Beach i feel like Lasner likes working with Joe and maybe he will put him over in Summer Slam, i can't wait how will Strowman return this Monday.

  • RAW spoilers

    Are we heading towards a Fatal-4-Way with Lesnar, Joe, Reigns AND Strowman? I gotta say, that would probably be an insanely fun match to watch!

    The other possibility is that they'll have a Triple Threat between Joe, Reigns and Strowman next week to determine the number 1 contender, and Reigns will win. Much less exciting.

    Also Kurt Angle's big secret turned out to be... Jason Jordan is his son?? Haha oh WWE, you! Seems to spell the end of American Alpha, that's a shame although they were buried on Smackdown. Now it explains why they gave Gable a couple single opportunities and Jordan was nowhere to be seen these past few weeks.

    Oh well, why not, curious to see what they have in store for Jordan, he's probably gonna get a push. The guy definitely "has all the tools", as Cole likes to say about all the guys who will never make it. In the post-RAW interview he was clearly not great and kept repeating himself, so I hope he doesn't buckle.