WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Cena and Nakamura had a short but good match, would like it more if it was longer, nice to see two foreigners ( one Canadian and one Japanese) fighting for the WWE title.

  • Super late for last week's shows, but Nakamura actually won?! Boy, was I wrong there. What a cool turn of events. And on RAW, Lesnar is leaving? I've heard some UFC talk, is that it?

  • I could see Nakamura win against Jinder only to be cashed in on by Corbin, thus continuing their feud.

    As for Lesnar, losing in a Fatal-4-Way still protects him, allows WWE to have a champion present week in week out, lets him take a leave for a while and return around Wrestlemania. All signs point to it, but maybe it's all a massive swerve!

  • Booker T was so bad this week, i actually think he is under the influence of something, i miss the days of 2 man commentary team.

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    Best thing out of Monday Night RAW this week https://thumbs.gfycat.com/FocusedWhimsicalConch-size_restricted.gif

  • Why did Bayley get booed that much? What happened?

  • @Axel because they're stupid idiots plus the whole kendo stick thing with Alexa was alet down and really damaged Bayley character, she just need a good story when she comes back.

    Side note: isn't a shark cage match meaningless if the guy in the cage is a face?

  • Damn I don't think anyone saw that coming!

    Corbin cashing in and failing because of Cena, that was a surprisingly cool moment! I wonder if that was their plan all along or if the recent backlash against Corbin pushed them to make that decision. It was refreshing because for a second there, Jinder was the face, and survived against all odds. Could it be sowing the seeds for a gradual face turn after he loses the title?

    Either way, Summerslam is now coming and there's a lot of matches! Some that promise to be amazing like the Fatal-4-Way or the Shield vs Sheamus and Cesaro, others that are likely to be duds, but all in all it should be a fun PPV, can't wait!

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    Best thing to happen from last nights Smackdown. No more money in bank cashing in for Corbin.

  • It did up the stakes for the Cena/Corbin match which was stale before. I hope Corbin puts a good showing cause he's in a rut right now. When your best match is a chairs match against Khalisto you know you need to improve.

  • I really thought Corbin would hold the briefcase more than 350 days, now if he losses to Cena he has almost no credibility to me.

    Something i just found (skip to 1:25)

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  • Yeah, that was a moment right there in SmackDown. It seemed somehow really recently decided, because otherwise the picture was so clear that Corbin would cash in at SS (and win!). Unexpected twist, I'm cool with it! Maybe he'll destroy Cena now.

    And hey! As a bonus it's now more likely that Carmella will cash in her contract with only one briefcase left in the whole PPV. Please do that, too. There's absolutely nothing going on between Naomi and Natalya. Nothing. We seriously need some sparks in SD's women title picture.

    SummerSlam should be mostly pretty fun, I feel! It's long as hell, but I'll take it. That Fatal 4-Way match, please be good. It should be, it will be. As long as Reigns doesn't win I'm ok with everything. After that speech Heyman gave on RAW I started to think that maybe they'll even keep the belt on Lesnar after all. I'd rather see Strowman win it (or Joe, I'd take it), but Brock destroying everyone against the odds could be a cool moment too. Still, though, it really feels that this is the place to make that big move for the next champion.

  • Huber and Brad discuss the Sunday's show. Shame that they hadn't seen SmackDown yet, as there would have been a direct answer to Huber's question about what's there to care about Corbin's match against Cena.

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  • Haven't seen SummerSlam yet, but how about that NXT Takeover?

    Every match was top tier, it's been a long time since I watched an entire WWE show without checking out at one point or another.

    Gargano has everything to be a top face in the years to come, he's on the level of Bryan/Zayn in terms of getting the crowd to love him. Andrade is growing on me and I think that having a manager will help expand his character.

    The tag team match was all sorts of insane, what a carnage! RIP Nikki Cross.

    Aleister Black is an amazing character, I was wondering how he would keep his monk composure in the face of solid opposition, but he showed he can be gritty and aggressive too. Not sure how he would be treated on the main roster but he's got great potential. Have we ever heard him talk though?

    The women's match was excellent and Ember Moon proved she belongs in the same conversation as the Four Horsewomen in my opinion. I thought for sure she was going to win, I'm very curious what they have in store for Asuka's title now, there's nobody else on the roster who can realistically beat her and it would be strange to give Ember yet another shot.

    Drew vs Roode was my least favourite match, I'm actually really down on Roode. He's got the look, his entrance is great although it's getting a bit tiresome, but his matches are never exciting, I can't think of a single one I actually enjoyed and I can't think of a single move he does that stands out. He never feels strong, his wins never feel earned. And not in a cheating-heel kind of way, more like he did nothing impressive, received twice as much punishment, and somehow still won... So I'm glad the title's off him, Drew at least is intense!

    I didn't know Adam Cole before the show so I've now looked him up as well as his two buddies, and I like what I'm seeing. He's a good-looking guy, gave me Shawn Michaels vibes. WWE's roster is so stacked at this point it's ridiculous.

    Curious how Summerslam measures up, gotta wait until tonight to watch it.

  • SummerSlam spoilers, people!

    Talk about the show in 3... 2... 1...

    First of all, Strowman is goddamn gold and perfect, an amazing guy! And the fact that he's got practically everyone behind him cheering for him makes it even better. Oh man, those table spots on Lesnar. And the flying chair again! :D I love how WWE uses him and how he's been built there.

    The match was very entertaining, but I'm just a little dissapointed in WWE because of the way they kind of spoiled the winner beforehand. All that talk about Lesnar leaving if losing was way too much of a giveaway, it would've been more unpredictable if not all that. And then we got the strechers and that was it. It's 9 out of 10 times that the person then returns and wins the whole match, and look what happened. I'm still ok with it, it's interesting to see who faces him next, but it would've been really cool to see Strowman or Joe win it big on a night like this.

    • Jinder kept the title, that was a right call. There was no story with Nakamura, so no reason to give "an empty win" at this point. Plus this is good for Jinder as his character continues to grow now, he gets to become more anchored this way, sort of.

    • Shane was pretty unintentionally funny always being at the wrong place taking some hits from everywhere. Absolutely loved it when he came back to the ring all dizzy and showed two fingers to the protesting Styles: "...two." "Two?! He tapped out!" :D

    • Cesaro ripping that beach ball in half, priceless. Shame they lost the belts, but it was to be expected. Don't really care about Ambrose and Rollins back together, but maybe we'll still get something better out of this.

    • The Usos and New Day had a really entertaining match, so fast all the time. Got only faster towards the end, really cool moments with the back-and-forth. Nice to see the titles changing hands, I like it this way.

    • We got two new women's champions, I'm okay with it. No Carmella, though. Halfway through the Sasha/Alexa match I suddenly started to wait if she'd appear at the end of that match to cash in. I was thinking that since this was the first ever women's MITB briefcase that maybe there could be a loophole and she could switch shows if she wanted. But no. And in the end, it's better this way. No reason to use both the cases during the same week, plus there was so much more now going on fighting over the spotlight that the moment wouldn't have been so impactful.

    • Baron Corbin did not get any super aggressive revenge victory over Cena, nope. Cena just laughed and buried him. I'm not a fan of Corbin, but what we saw this week happening to him was certainly unexpected and kinda cruel, too. I mean a week ago he was practically a 100 % future champion. Well, at least he's not the first one. #BringBackSandow

  • Why are they putting the championship matchs in the pre show just to have 3 pointless matchs in the main show !!

    3 out of 5 smackdown matchs sucked, Neomi vs Natalya was good and AJ vs KO i personally liked it alot, the rest was exactly was i expected.

    Raw had the batter matchs excluding Big show vs Big cass of course, finn vs bray told a great, Sasha vs Bliss great, tag team championship great #ThankYouCesaro, Universal championship 10/10.

  • Finally finished watching SummerSlam!

    • First, what the hell was that pre-show? They opened the doors to the arena only a few minutes before the first match, so the Miz team/Jordan teamfought in front of an 80% empty crowd. It was seriously sad to watch. Neville/Tozawa barely had more atmosphere. Very disrespectful to all these guys.
    • That being said, The Usos vs The New Day was amazing! What a match! I think it's the best these two teams have had in a long long time. And the breakout star was easily Xavier Woods! He was all over the place, and pulled off innovative move after innovative move. I was seriously impressed, and I now see a real future for him as a singles competitor.
    • Corbin indeed got buried, it took nothing for Cena to beat him. But to be honest, I don't mind it that much, the guy has clearly been showing his limits these past few weeks, he's not ready to be on top. He should have had way more aggression towards Cena, the guy just cost him the biggest moment of his career, cost him a guaranteed title win! And he showed up like he would for any other match. Sure he trash-talked a bit but the fire wasn't there. Hard to tell where he'll go from here.
    • I didn't expect Natalya to win, let alone to win clean. She doesn't do it for me, I find her stiff and awkward, but hey I guess it's a reward for all her years of service. She'll probably hold the title and whichever face takes it from her will be cashed in on by Carmella.
    • I see none of you mentioned Orton vs Rusev, says it all really.
    • Sasha vs Alexa was pretty good but I thought the ending was a bit abrupt, I think the match would have benefited from 2-3 more minutes. I love love love Alexa so I was disappointed to see her lose, but Sasha's great, they should have a cool rematch, and I'm curious to see whether we'll see a feud between her and Bayley when she returns.
    • The Shield vs Sheamus & Cesaro got better as it went on, huge kudos indeed to Cesaro for the beach ball spot, that was an awesome move. Wonder how long they'll keep the title now. How about until Authors of Pain get called up in a couple months and we can have an old Shield vs new Shield match?
    • KO vs AJ was excellent, although there were a bit too many Shane bumps, it killed the pace of the match.
    • Jinder vs Nakamura wasn't impressive, the two had no chemistry and didn't seem to know what to do with each other. Glad Jnder retained though, as @Sentinel-Beach said, it's important to cement him more, and it's too soon for Shinsuke, it wouldn't feel earned.
    • The Fatal-4-Way was everything I hoped for, a complete carnage, everyone looked strong, it was beautiful. I don't mind that Lesnar retained, I would honestly have been satisfied with any winner for different reasons.

    Overall, a very uneven show, but it had a handful of excellent matches so it was worth it!

  • I'm halfway through RAW and Miz had another one of his insanely good promos, he pointed out how his place on the card at SummerSlam was bs: "So this is what a sold-out Barclays look like? I wouldn't know..."

    And went on to complain about Reigns and Cena always stealing the spotlight, and so on. I love it when wrestlers say out loud what everyone actually thinks.

  • @Axel Miz is on my top 3 best talkers of all time (Jericho and Rock are the other 2) and he deserves to be fighting for the Universal championship, but after what happened with CM Punk i don't see WWE rewarding talkers major titles shots, look at Jinder, he basically does the same promo every week and he is the WWE champion.

  • A few shake-ups this week following SummerSlam.


    • Lesnar vs Strowman announced for No Mercy. If it's anything as brutal as what those two did to each other in the Fatal-4-Way, it should be great fun. I doubt they'll give Strowman the win but I like how they're building up all these guys as legit threats, so they can realistically challenge for Reigns' title when he inevitably topples Lesnar.
    • Jordan had a very good match against Balor, he needs more performances like this where he comes up short but shows he has the potential to duke it out with the very best. From there he'll either get the crowd behind him as an underdog, or he'll get frustrated and turn heel. He just needs to show more personality if he wants to make it as a face, he seems too sheepish at the moment.
    • The goddess Alexa Bliss is getting her rematch next week. I think she'll lose and Nia will be the next contender for Sasha.
    • Don't know what they're trying to accomplish by randomly throwing Cena on RAW, maybe sowing the seeds for a Team Cena vs Team Reigns at Survivor Series?
    • Big Cass blew out his knee and should be out of action for around 9 months. Really sucks for him, he was getting a moderate push and could have been a solid Intercontinental champion down the line. It will be very hard for him to bounce back with all the other talent that will be there 9 months from now. No idea where Enzo goes from there, but that would have been the case with or without Cass anyway.
    • It would be nice if anyone showed interest in capturing the Intercontinental Title...


    • Bit of a messy rematch between KO and Styles, glad he retained, hopefully at this point he moves on with a new challenger and KO feuds with Shane?
    • Ziggler's backstage promo was interesting, got me curious enough for his return next week.
    • I have a very, very bad feeling about Nakamura. It's evident they have no clue how to book him given his limited English skills, and I'm pretty sure that after a few months of success he'll be nowhere to be found a year from now. They're going to ruin him.
    • The arrival of Bobby Roode! The crowd was really into him so he wrestled like a face, but his post-match promo showed he should still be a heel. Maybe the next challenger for Styles title?
    • The women title scene is really not exciting at the moment, Carmella is actually the only one showing some personality. Can't believe I'm saying that, but I can't wait for her to be champ.
    • The return of Shelton Benjamin! And he's teaming up with Chad Gable? That should be fun to watch!
    • Orton, Rusev, Zayn, Dillinger, Harper not being used, what a waste.