WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Styles' win was a great surprise, it definitely made the champion vs. champion match much more exciting.

    The Shield's whole momentum kind of vanished before it even managed to reappear because Roman's gone. The word is he'll be back on Monday, though, so maybe they'll get things finally going. Anyway, I'm happy the championships are out of that equation, plus I really like Cesaro & Sheamus. The Usos match should be fun.

    I'm a little dissappointed about Cena being the fifth member, I was expecting maybe Kane (some are saying he was originally drafted to SmackDown, and he vs. Strowman would have made sense that way), or maybe even Daniel Bryan, but sure, that one had like 0,5 % chance of happening. Elimination matches are in any case pretty much always to my liking.

    Natalya's title reign has been in a weird spot as she hasn't really done anything during this all. That one match against Charlotte which ended really weirdly. So sure, WWE could still spice things up even more with yet another title change before Survivor Series.

    I've been wondering what role Zayn & Owens will play during the SS, surely there's something for them. I just don't know. Maybe they'll cause Team SmackDown to lose or something.

  • This unscripted moment is actually amazing!

    Youtube Video

  • WWE is clearly doubling down on Survivor Series as we now have Triple H in the ring. I'll take it, this makes things more fun and interesting.

    But what was that ending between Strowman and Kane? A botch or not? The commentary went completely silent, like it was unexpected, but would the ring really be that weak without some earlier tinkering or planning? I mean Kane's not that big, Strowman's done that move to many big guys before.

  • i think WWE needs to stop using the same old shtick and do new things, let wrestler be themselves more. Break the 4th wall, do pipebombs and break script

  • I gotta say, Survivor Series is shaping up to be freaking epic, they're throwing a lot of dream matches at us!

    • Shield vs New Day
    • The Bar vs The Usos
    • AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar
    • That star-studded Survivor Series match
    • The women matches feel less epic in comparison but should be pretty entertaining still

    I would never have expected to be that excited about this PPV a few weeks ago.

    Not to forget NxT War Games, I'm super excited about the women Fatal-4-Way and that tag team war, it's gonna be brutal!

  • War Games was excellent!

    Velveteen Dream has a very, very bright future ahead of him, what a match! Aleister Black is already a known quantity at this point, and the two of them looked like veterans in there, everything was so smooth, all their moves were executed perfectly, they both looked strong, the pacing was great, the story telling was great, the selling and impact was great, I was blown away.

    I don't get Kassius Ohno, he doesn't click with me at all, I don't like his looks, I don't like his moves, so his match was very forgettable as always for me.

    The women had a really strong showing! I dig Kairi Sane's new song. Happy for Ember Moon, and it was sweet to see Asuka hand her the title. Looking forward to the future feuds between those girls, and all the new talent for the MYC.

    Andrade Cien Almas also won me over, He's always shown a lot of potential but never had a classic match in my opinion, but this one was it. Also an intense back-and-forth with great psychology. Zelina Vega is so freaking good too, I kinda wish she'd already be competing as a wrestler, she's too talented to be "just" a manager. It would be original if she managed him and he managed her, as equals, and tried to push each other to be champs in their respective divisions.

    Finally, the War Games match was a glorious mess as advertised. There were some crazy spots, a lot of excitement, but in the end it's a shame that there were no real stales to the match. Basically now the Undisputed Era (stupid name, no?) become number one contenders for the tag team titles, and Authors of Pain are out of the picture. I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up on RAW sooner than later. A feud between them and the Shield, both army-themed, would make sense and be a lot of fun. How about a debut at Survivor Series even, costing the Shield the match?

    Awesome TakeOver as usual, and star-making performances all around!

  • And now for some Survivor Series impressions.

    The Shield vs The New Day, The Bar vs The Usos

    I had a similar from both these matches, they started off a bit slow and awkward but then they picked up and all the teams pulled out some original and spectacular moves. The Usos have been continually stealing the show since their heel turn and I hope they stay on top until Wrestlemania. I have a hunch that the New Day might break up soon, one way or another. They kept insisting that they're the only team that has always stayed together, unlike the Shield, and maybe this loss will push one of the guys to leave.

    The Miz vs Baron Corbin

    Surprisingly better than expected, it was a fun match and both guys looked pretty strong and badass. Can't believe Corbin managed to mess up the catchphrase at the end "My hand went up and your mouth went close". Or was that on purpose because his character's supposed to be lame? I can never tell with this guy.

    Women Survivor Series match

    Not a great match in terms of spectacle, but there were a few nice moments. They gave Tamina a nice push and she'll probably be Charlotte's next contender. Becky being eliminated that early was surprising but I don't think it hurts her. Storytelling-wise I think it works when a big name goes before their "lesser" partners, it sort of forces them into the spotlight and makes them take matters into their own hands, this is how Survivor Series can make stars (and what the men's match did NOT do...). In contrast, the way Bayley got eliminated made her look like a total geek again, I really think they've given up on her at this point. Being the last pick on the team, it would have been smart to make her survive longer and prove herself, instead she just confirmed she was the weakest link. Asuka was protected and I'm excited to see how far she goes from there!

    Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss <3

    Also better than expected, and it told a simple story well. Alexa is physically inferior but scrappy, and she showed a lot of resolve. Both women's intensity made it clear the match meant a lot to them, and that always helps the audience get involved too. Logical result but Alexa didn't look weak, I actually thought Charlotte was going to raise her hand / show her respect at the end.

    Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

    I just love Brock Lesnar matches, they're often pretty similar but man, that dude is unreal. So intense! Everything he does looks legit, I thought AJ was going to get proper injured at least 10 times (and maybe he did). Brock always ends up looking so red and sweaty by the end of the match. And AJ was spectacular as well, his gradual comeback and offense looked relatively believable and he pushed Lesnar to the limit. This is the kind of match I would show to a non-wrestling fan to make them see the light!

    Men Survivor Series Match

    It wasn't terrible, but what a wasted opportunity. With the talent all these guys have and the history between them, I could think of so many better ways to book this match, and they went with the most... WWE way.

    Eliminated all the "rookies" first, leaving only the old/retired/part-timers to fight it off for the millionth time. In what world does Shane get to survive last? What does that do for anyone? Yes you can have your McMahon family feud storyline as a part of the match, but don't make it the main focus and relegate all your amazing NxT talent to the background. How do they expect to ever build up new stars if they always end up pushing the same legends over and over?

    If they'd done something like I mentioned in the women's match with Becky's shock elimination, that would have been great. Have Joe or Balor eliminate Cena or Orton first after an intense 5 minute fight, that would put them on the map! Admittedly there were still some great moments, Nakamura and Joe still managed to look strong, but Roode and Balor did almost nothing.

    Cena and Orton teaming up against Strowman gave me a Goku and Vegeta vs an unbeatable monster vibe, I'm surprised the commentators didn't insist at all on the fact the biggest rivals in WWE are forced to work together.

    The ending was kinda fun, Triple H is very good at what he does, I won't deny that. And Strowman once again was booked extremely strong.

    But I'm afraid all of this only has one purpose: to make 2018 all about Roman Reigns. Basically this year has been spent building both Lesnar and Strowman as these absolutely unbeatable monsters, and Reigns coming up short against both of them. Now in the lead-up to Wrestlemania, I fully expect Reigns to beat Strowman in a few months, finally overcoming his nemesis, and then move on to beat Lesnar at Mania, the ultimate achievement, the revenge for 3 years ago, the match between the two men who beat Taker at Mania, etc etc. It's going to be sickening. I hope I'm wrong, I really do. Maybe they'll save up Strowman for after Mania, so he can be the first challenger to Reigns, "I'm the only one you still haven't beat", that would be better.

    Anyway, overall this weekend of wrestling has been super entertaining, and I'm very excited to see this week's shows for the fallout and new storylines!

  • http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/01/12/paiges-in-ring-wwe-career-reportedly-over

    Paige's career might be over, the situation seems to be similar like with Edge. Brutal. And she just returned.

    Otherwise, it's been really slow in WWE the past few months. Nothing too excited has happened, I think. However, now it's only two weeks before Royal Rumble, so the hype can slowly start rising.

    As for the championship matches, I really don't see Brock losing here. He's going into WM as a champ. As for Styles, though? They might be really tempted to go for that whole co-champs thing with KO & Sami. What a weird thing it would be.

    About the actual RR winner I have no glue at the moment. I mean, it would just kill me if it becomes the Brock/Reigns match in WM this way. Sure, they can have their match there, but please, don't use the Rumble match for that. Give us a surprise. Maybe from the SmackDown side, then. Though their roster is just so thin, I feel. I don't know. It feels useless to guess right now. Better just go with the flow when the match starts eventually.

    It's cool that the women have their own Rumble match as well, but with 30 participants there'll have to be like a dozen suprise entrants from the past or NXT etc., and that just often feels so stupid as you know they're just pure filler. But again, maybe better not to think about it too much beforehand. Just hoping for an entertaining event.

  • The men's rumble will make or break WM for me, i can see Shane coming in at number 30 just to take KO or Sami out or something stupid like that, my only hope for the women's rumble is that a women wins the match, my personal picks is Asuka or Nikki cross.

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    Any of you want to do a Rumble draft of sorts. Picking from the main roster we know are in the rumble. Plus a few mystery picks because we know there will be some.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Wow! I mean there were many, many rumours about him being a prick, and he had already gotten in trouble quite a few times backstage, so I'm really curious to know what he did to push them over the edge. I shall investigate!

    EDIT: So apparently he's being investigated for sexual assault, the allegations have existed since October and he didn't inform WWE. It came out in the media yesterday out of nowhere so WWE was rightfully pissed off. They do not even "wish him well in his future endeavors" as they always do, so it looks like that door is closed for good.

  • @Axel Never say never, Warrior said some crazy stuff way before he died and they named an award after him. Snuka was the only suspect in his girlfriends murder back in 1980 something and he appeared many times for WWE since then. Enzo isn't convicted yet, this kinda seems like a knee jerk reaction to the situation. If he's guilty they gave him the boot already, if he didn't they can bring him back some where down the line.

    But seriously the cruiserweight division is cursed.

  • Wow, Enzo fucked up. I think they would fire somebody with such big merch sales. Maybe if they let the cruiser-weights be cruiser-weights and not RAW LITE I wouldn't be so worried.

    The Royal Rumble is going to be fun!
    My hopes are:
    Mens: Roman, Triple H, Randy Orton do not win it.
    Womens: Emma comes back.

  • @YYZDrew Fair enough, but it will take a while in any case :)

    For the Women's Rumble, by my calculations, there are currently 19 women on both RAW and SmackDown (if you don't count the two champs who won't participate). So that leaves 11 "surprise" entrants, I imagine quite a few from NXT but not too many as they might not want to have them all lose. So there's gonna be a handful of returns and legends, I imagine Nikki Bella, maybe Brie, Beth Phoenix who suspiciously reappeared on commentary recently, Trish, Lita?

    It should be fun, I can't wait!

  • What's the deal with Kane, really? Why is he still there at the moment, and why on earth is he in the championship match? I mean, it's not that long ago that he was out of the picture entirely. I think it's an OK way to utilize Strowman like this, to put him in a match with Lesnar, because otherwise it would seem pretty odd if he were in the RR match and didn't win despite being a human mammoth, but why do we need Kane in the equation in the first place at all? But ok, if they want to keep him in the show(s), then I also had this thought that they want to protect Roman's new record in the RR match that he won from Kane and that's why the Big Red Machine is not in the Rumble match itself, taking back what was his.

    That was all possibly very unclear and I don't even know myself what I was trying to say. Just find it weird that Kane's still in a position like this in the first place, I guess.

    About the actual Rumble match itself, then. Who is going to win?

    • The too obvious choice against Lesnar: Reigns. They wouldn't, though. ...would they?
    • The pretty obvious choice against Styles: Nakamura. This would be his chance to win me over.
    • A pretty clear choice: Finn Bálor. He hasn't been used very well yet. Though he just got his club together...
    • I'd-be-extremely-okay-with choice: Samoa Joe. The crowd loves the man, and he seems to be on the verge of doing some really great stuff in WWE.
    • My all-time hope choice: Cesaro. Propably the best athlete in WWE. And propably never the biggest champion. :( And is he even in the match?
    • The OMFG! choice: Daniel Bryan. There's been some superweird murmurs about his possible participation in the match. Could he really be cleared to go all of a sudden? In any case, there's clearly something that needs a resolution between him and Shane when WrestleMania approaches.

  • Better yet: CM Punk as #30! The dream! The dream! Man, do I still miss him or what. But it's over, it's been for four years already.

    As for the women, Asuka seems like a sure bet. Maybe even too sure? I could see her being thrown out of the ring and then horrified faces in the crowd. The shock! The reactions! WWE would love that kind of a moment.

    Aside from Asuka, there are Nia Jax and Becky Lynch who I could see winning this. Sasha, too, but I feel she's already had her share of "firsts". It'd be great to see Nia finally go one-on-one against Bliss, pull the trigger on that one. And then there's Becky over on SmackDown's side, where she could face Charlotte, which would have a lot of potential as well.

  • @Sentinel-Beach For Kane, I think the reason is simpler than that. They need to keep the belt on Lesnar until Mania, but he still needs to face realistic opponents until then. He already faced Strowman one-on-one and beat him, so they don't want a repeat match with the same outcome, it would damage Strowman's aura too much. So Kane is only added to the match to take the pin, allowing Lesnar to retain while still protecting Strowman. That way he remains this invincible monster and can be the main threat to Reigns' title after Mania. I hope I'm not right on the money cause it sucks to know we've figured out their plans for the next 6 months...

    As for the RR winner, I agree that Reigns is too obvious and he doesn't need that win to earn a title match, so I believe the winner will be from SmackDown. Nakamura would indeed be awesome!

    For the women I also think Asuka is too obvious and will probably get a title shot anyway. Maybe their plan was for Paige to be the champ by then but looks like it's not gonna happen (have WWE officially said anything about her retiring? On TV they never mentioned it as far as I know). Becky winning and facing Charlotte at Mania would be great, with Carmella possibly pulling a Rollins and stealing it from both of them. Or... a returning Nikki Bella wins, ugh.

  • My picks are bayley to win the women RR and Nakamura to win the men RR, Asuka should win the title between RR and WM may be in a champer match.

  • Royal Rumble stuff and results.

    Oh WWE, why do you keep teasing us like this? It was so close, that we could have had Lesnar VS The Hurricane at WrestleMania. So close! Same thing with Charlotte VS Vickie Guerrero. But no, they were not meant to be.

    I liked both the Rumble matches okay, they were kinda solid. Nothing spectacular, but enough. Good winners, too, although pretty predictable. It was just boring to see how they handled the endings in both. I mean once it was Nakamura, Reigns and Cena, there was no way Shinsuke wasn't gonna win. It would've been great with him and Bálor the two last men. Same thing with the women. Asuka and the two Bellas? Come on. Keep Sasha till the end, and there would've been a bit more uncertainty in the air.

    That Ronda thing was weirdly put together, as no one spoke anything, there was just pointing and stuff. The idea was okay as a teaser, but the execution wasn't too tight.


    • I didn't think that the Bar would win again. I was almost certain that they'd start to steer Cesaro and Sheamus out of the spotlight after this loss, but no. Cool, I guess.
    • Had Alicia Fox done something? I think she was the only woman out of the active roster that wasn't included in the 30. Instead we got Molly Holly etc. I don't particularly like Fox, but just noticed this.
    • Rusev Day is so over. Geez! Put the man in a US title match or something.