WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Sasha vs Asuka was really good in RAW, great match. The initial confrontation at the beginning was nice, too, forehead against forehead, both smiling wickedly. I was just waiting for them to start kissing at that point.

    We'll get a women's Elimination Chamber match as well, nice, why not. With the men's qualifications I was pretty bummed to see that Cena moved forward instead of Bálor.

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in WWE - Who is hyped!?:

    With the men's qualifications I was pretty bummed to see that Cena moved forward instead of Bálor.

    Yeah what the hell was that? WWE almost had a perfect fan-pleasing weekend but they just had to give us the finger at the last minute. Oh well. Hopefully this means Bálor gets to challenge Miz for the IC title, which would make sense with the Club against the Miztourage.

    It was a pretty packed RAW episode, with a lot of high-stakes matches. Asuka vs Sasha was indeed great, can't wait to see where Sasha goes from there. I'm fully on the Road to Mania hype train!

  • I don't really watch WWE much these days but I caught the first few matches of the Rumble earlier today and I just wanna say the two out of three falls match was pretty cool right up until the first fall ended. It kinda felt like they booked out the match and then suddenly remembered "oh right this is 2 out of 3 falls" and just threw on the rest at the last second. Maybe it'd make more sense if I was keeping up with WWE, I don't know.

  • @Axel we all know who is winning the champer match and facing Lasner at WM so balor losing to cena is not that big of a deal imo, but i am kinda disappointed that thr champer match is not for the universal championships.

  • When it comes to part timers, it doesn't matter if you don't can't defend your championship every 30 days. Why does that rule only apply to injuries?

  • @parasitepaladin Because WWE make up the rules as they go and only apply them when it's convenient :)

  • BTW where is ziggler?? Did i have a dream where he entered the RR match at number 30??

  • It only now occurred to me that Bliss has last defended her title in October. Whaaaat. I mean I sort of knew it, that it hadn't been on the line for a while, but this is already stupid. They just want to carry her as a champion all the way to 'Mania for like six months basically doing nothing? There's only really Sasha now in the Chamber match who could have some sort of a chance to maybe win, but I don't now.

    Men's Chamber match now has Reigns, so that's it. Right? It's great that Bálor will propably punch his ticket to the match next week in that second chance match, but is it just false hope? Although that's starting to sound like a story build-up a bit... Well, we'll see.

  • Bliss lost to Asuka way before the Rumble and Asuka never "asked" for a title shot, plus at the RR (excluding the rumble match) the men had 4 matches and the women had zero , in the other hand Bliss is a heel.

  • Here's some fantasy booking because I'm a sad, sad man:
    What would really get me into the women's chamber would be if they took Alexa out, using the poll as an excuse, and used that as their test spot for Rousey. Get her in there before WM, and have her possible in ring issues worked out with the camouflage of 5 other women. Have her "go too far" or something and injure Bayley or something in kayfabe during the match so Steph can come in to shout her down, cause a standard distraction pin/kick her out of the match, and set up the tag match at WM. Everyone's happy.

  • I once heard someone (i think it was Steve Austin) say that a heel vs heel match doesn't work because the crowd has no one to cheer for, so why is the main event of SD is Ziggler vs Corbin??, i have a feeling that you will hear a pin drop during that match.

  • After this RAW I thought for sure that now we'd naturally see Rollins vs. Bálor for the final spot in the Chamber next week, but no. There'd been some announcement later online that BOTH men would be entering the match now, so for the first time it'll be a seven man Chamber match. I'm okay with that. Just how does it work, will three men start the match? I mean it seems difficult to add a fifth pod in there.

    Strowman's musical moment came out of nowhere, lol. A funny sight for sure, but I feel like it somehow broke his character as well. Pretty gentle voice all of a sudden actually singing there like that instead of the monster roaring we've been used to see.

  • @a7x458 ziggler tries to be a heel but he’s so over. The crowd would definitely back him

  • 205 Live has been going upward. Ever since "season 2" started, I've been digging it. The show is so much better now

  • Could Alexa Bliss actually lose this Sunday? I mean, her night ended pretty successfully with Mickie James by her side, and the announcers were all like "will Mickie have Alexa's back at the Chamber match?" etc. And it's usually the opposite.

    And by that rule, Roman'll have a good night ahead of him, seeing how he was the first one out with a loss in RAW.

  • @sentinel-beach let's say you have Ronda vs Stephanie and Asuka vs Charlotte at WM, what match can the Raw women have to match the hype of these two matches?

    4 way Mickie (champion) vs alexa vs sasha vs bayley? Or a 5 way with Nia jax?

  • Elimination Chamber. Plaah. Literally no surprises. Well, at least Ronda's segment was nice, made me like her more and just generally more interested. "Three years in the making and now we own the bitch." LOL :)

  • Elimination chamber was okay. I wouldn't call it bad, but was it good? Ehhh.
    Rondas segment was better than I thought it was. Ronda needs more practice on the mic. I was iffy when the segment started, but once Kurt talked and it got going I loved it.

  • That was a cool moment when Cena announced his challenge to the Undertaker. The audience went pretty much insane, heh. Of course there's still six weeks of shows to fill, so they have to go the long way with all these "it's not possible" pullbacks. Until the gong finally breaks the silence...

    Reigns had a pretty good promo. It's always nice when parts of reality are added to these things, it makes me go a bit "whoa, nice". Miz was also great on the mic, as he usually is.

  • Cena vs Styles was great but now if we don't get Styles vs Nakamura at WM and we get Lasner vs Roman the show will suffer alot.

    plus i don't want Cena vs the undertaker, why is the undertaker adding to his lost count at WM.