WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • @sentinel-beach

    Yo I watched the show and enjoyed 90% of what I saw. Overall the show gets an A-

    • I don't know why Bray is cool with Matt and I do not care. I thought it was a nice ending, for whatever it was. Combing powers?
    • Happy that Cedric won and is now champion. I remember Cedric getting "please sign cedric" chants after his loss in the CWC. Now look at him!
    • It was crap how Naomi won. Where was she? When did she go under or between the ropes. Bayley or Sasha needed that win to further their feud. Pull the trigger on that match.
    • IC title being the first opening match was really good. It got the crowd read for the rest of the action and set the tone. Did not like Miz coming out second especially if Finn was not going to show up with the Demon persona. I was really cool with Balor coming out with fans behind him. BALOR CLUB IS FOR EVERYONE!
    • I was stunned that Asuka lost but agree with you that she is now free. Now there can be suspense to her matches where I don't think there has been any since her feud with Ember Moon in NXT.
    • What was that US title match? I was in the kitchen cooking my bbq sauce and it happened. I turned around once and next thing I know Jinder is being announced as the new champ.
    • I missed the Rousey match because my Wrestlemania dinner went to hell. Had to order and pick up pizza. How long was the match? I was sure this would get a good chunk of time.
    • Triple threat match was enjoyable. Way to build up the Hammer Bros as a monster team.
    • SO HAPPY FOR DANIEL'S RETURN! Smiles all through the match waiting for his tag. And man was he moving.
    • Nia Jax v Bliss should have been five minutes. Nia runs down Micki, like she did. Grabs Bliss, slams her, tosses her, turnbuckle splash. Bliss with the eye poke, builds a comeback, goes up tops, gets grabbed mid air and Nia slams Bliss two more times to pick up a win. That's how I would have booked it. This match was a little long. BUT still glad Nia picked up here title win. I was really worried they would have Bliss win.
    • Styles/Nakamura was a slower paced match then there Wrestle Kingdom match. You can't call this a dream match and have no story line going into it. Why is this a dream match? Overall I still think it was good. I'm not going to take points away because they had an excellent match when everyone was expecting a wrestling classic.
    • Braun and Nicholas was really great and now WWE has a fan for life. Good on Braun.
    • I was legit surprised Lesnar wins. If Brock was WWE champ I would agree the WWE is having Brock hold the belt for so long so as to erase CM Punk's record. This is the Universal title though, and he already has the longest reign. He is only the fourth man to hold this belt. I did not care too much for this match. At this point I was not even paying attention.

  • RAW after Mania, I liked this a lot. Really cool moments as there were a lot of returns and surprise lifts from NXT.

    • Ember Moon gets two thumbs up, I feel she'll spice things up well in the main roster.
    • No Way Jose doesn't excite me, never been a fan of dancing gimmicks.
    • Jeff Hardy, why not. His music always gets me pumped and energizes the space. (Loved Balor and Rollins' faces later on after meeting Matt & Bray, lol.)
    • Bobby Lashley? It's been ages I've seen him. It seems he's been in TNA most recently. I wonder if he'll have charisma this time around.
    • I knew the Authors of Pain by name, but seeing their juggernaut nature and form I'm not sure I like them. We'll see.
    • Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe! My favourite return of the night, I really like him. A great promo immediately and all. This'll be good.

    KO and Sami appearing in front of Kurt all humble made me chuckle. :) They had a really nice match later on, too. Paige had to finally say her goodbyes, this had been hanging in the air for long now. These are always unfortunate situations in this world. The return of Nicholas from behind of Braun's back made laugh really hard, just perfect. :D The audience exploded as well. Cool Mania Moment, but now it's time to continue.

    The upcoming Saudi Arabian PPV is a cool bonus by the end of the month, I feel. 50 man Battle Royal, tag team championship match, Lesnar/Reigns in steel cage...

    And next week it'll be Superstar Shake-up, yes! Really excited about that. We'll have a couple more returns and lifts in SmackDown still, and then the rosters are going to be so full with both older and newer faces. Ready to be relocated. This is a really cool time in the wrestling world right now.

  • This was just too good. :]
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  • SmackDown was pretty fun as well, not that many returns or new faces like in RAW, though. Paige as the new GM surprised me, I'm fine with this. Interesting to see what happens if Absolution arrives to SD next week, but I don't think so, they'll keep them separated.

    Charlotte is clearly heading to RAW now. Considering next week's chaos this was pretty much the perfect time for Carmella to finally have that belt now when the "new season" is about to begin. And damn! Peyton Royce almost looks like she could be shooting some R-rated stuff, if you know what I mean. I don't mind.

    Nakamura's "Sorry. No speak Engrish." made me chuckle, the audience had fun as well. Heel Nakamura, this could be good.

  • I liked WM34 alot, Asuka vs Charlotte is match of the night, and the only 2 bad/boring matches were the US championship and the Universal championships matches.

    Lasner vs Roman was the worst WM main event in a long time, i lost all interest in the Universal title the moment Roman kick out of the 3rd F-5, the storyline was supposed to end at WM but now i have to endure the same stuff Roman and Joe did last year because Lasner is holding the universal title and wants to fight in the UFC in the same time.

  • I'm a bit late for all my Wrestlemania week impressions, so I'll just mention my personal highlights.

    First, big shoutout to NxT Takeover, as usual, the best matches of the weekend happened there.

    • The ladder match for the North American Championship was one of the best I've ever seen, so many spots, great length, impossible to guess who was going to win (and great winner too).
    • So happy to see Aleister Black's push continue, I pray they don't fuck him up on the main roster because this guy could truly be special.
    • Ciampa - Gargano was so satisfying, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, so intense. So many callbacks to past events, so much history. This is what long-term booking provides, and why the main roster matches rarely reach those heights.

    Now on to Wrestlemania itself!

    • The Cruiserweight match was a bit underwhelming, I think it would have benefited from having Drew Gulak instead of Mustafa Ali, a clear heel would have made the match more engaging than this forced "Heart vs Soul" premise (what does it even mean?).
    • The Men's Battle Royale was good only for its ending and the birth of Matt and Bray's tag team.
    • The Women's Battle Royale was an absolute mess, it felt like we were back to 10 years ago when the division was made of bimbos, thrown together at the last minute, commentary couldn't be bothered, half of the eliminations happened off camera / during ads. A Bayley win would have made much more sense even if it was predictable. Now she looks like a chump. Again.
    • The Intercontinental match was pretty good, not a classic but a good opener. Rollins is great and I hope they make his championship reign matter and keep the belt on him for a while.
    • I also don't mind that Asuka's streak was ended, it couldn't last forever and I'd rather have it end at Mania than at a random PPV 3 months from now. The match could have lasted 5 minutes longer though, it didn't feel like they left it all in the ring (again, this is where NxT matches shine).
    • Ronda was on point! I'm so happy for her that she convinced the doubters, and I gotta agree it was probably my favourite match of the night, I couldn't look away. Steph deserves a lot of praise too, she played her part to perfection. Awesome that they let Ronda and Triple H fight, I thought that was against company policy so I wonder if it was a one-time thing or if they're going to loosen up on this rule. Curious where she goes from there, I hope they don't throw her in the title picture straightaway though, let her earn her stripes, we don't want a female Roman.
    • I enjoyed Nia vs Alexa a lot too! Predictable but who cares. I'm happy they made Alexa survive that long too, her character is amazing and she's easily the best woman on the mic, she deserves all the success she's had. Say what you want about Bayley, Sasha or Charlotte being better wrestlers, but none of them can deliver a naturally convincing promo. I'm team Alexa forever and always!
    • Styles / Nakamura, if it happened in NxT, would have been twice as good. Again it needed those extra 5/10 minutes to become truly epic. Heel Nakamura is perfect though, so I'm very hyped for the rematch. His SmackDown backstage interview was perfect.
    • The Strowman bit, eh, why not! It's great that they didn't drag it out and ended the whole thing on RAW.
    • Reigns / Lesnar got shafted by the crowd, I understand the feeling of course but I hate seeing a show purposely ruined, it always makes me feel bad for the performers. I was also hoping Reigns would win just so we could finally move on! All signs point to Reigns winning at the Saudi Arabia bullshit made-up event now, which would both be a relief and sad. That amount of blood was insane though, I always like when this happens, raises the stakes so much!

    RAW / SmackDown

    • AoP are here! Don't be fooled by their appearance, these guys can wrestle and have great matches, I've enjoyed them a lot on NxT. Disappointing that they'll be missing Paul Ellering as their manager but I can see them dominating the division for quite a while.
    • Ember Moon, that was expected, I'm not a huge fan but she's definitely up there with the best in terms of in-ring performance. She could have great matches with Charlotte, I hope they end up on the same show.
    • I agree, Samoa Joe is one of the very best talkers, such a natural articulate badass. The sooner we're done with the Lesnar crap, the better, because this guy deserves to be in the World title picture.
    • Bobby Lashley I only knew by name, but he does look impressive! I'm not sure how I feel about this kind of return though, like Goldberg before him, always feels like they're taking the spotlight away from the current guys. We'll see how they use him but I'd be surprised if they didn't make him World champ within 6 months, sadly.
    • They managed to make me forget about Carmella so I was legit surprised when she showed up! The Iconic Duo I have mixed feelings about, they're Laycool 2.0 really, and Peyton Royce is easily the stand-out among the two. They may need to get rid of a couple girls, the divisions are getting packed.
    • Very sad for Paige, but there's a glimmer of hope I suppose. She could be fun in that general manager role, AJ did it well a few years back! But she needs to tone it down with the makeup!

  • So, what i took away from this years Wrestlemania:
    Most of the show was great. The biggest surprise was Ronda Rousey, and the match she was in. She's gonna be huge.
    Charlotte vs Asuka was really good, should have been later on the card.
    IC triple threat match was awesome as well. The pace of that match was awesome. It was a great way to start the show.
    The biggest disappointment was AJ Styles vs Nakamura. It just felt of and too slow. The turn of Nakamura made up for a lot of it.
    Braun burying the entire Tag division wasn't something i liked.
    The last match was a travesty. Brock Lesnar winning was a nice swerve
    Elias trolling the audience and Cena was awesome

  • Alright, so the Superstar Shake-up began. There were a bunch of names who moved to RAW: Jinder Mahal, the Riott Squad, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Ziggler and McIntyre(!), Natalya, Breezango, Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode. In addition, a few more were mentioned on wwe.com: Zack Ryder, Ascension, Mojo Rawley, Mike Kanellis and Chad Gable (alone).

    I was waiting for Charlotte, but no, surprisingly. SmackDown held onto its biggest names: Styles, Nakamura and Bryan. Orton, too. Really interested to see who we'll get tossed into the mix. I'm guessing Rollins, at least, with his IC title.

    McIntyre's return was propably the biggest surprise, I really liked that. And teaming him up with Ziggler works really well for Dolph as well, I feel. This makes him interesting again, energizes him in a completely different way. Good decision, WWE. And Ronda got paired-up with Natalya, which also feels right. This'll be a good way for her to start her weekly matches, not needing to straight away go in solo.

    I thought that only Backlash would be for both RAW and SmackDown, but nope. Every PPV from now on will be shared between both shows. I'm giving thumbs up for this call.

  • And now SmackDown has its new names as well. The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Absolution, Samoa Joe(!), Big Cass, Asuka, Gallows & Anderson, Cesaro & Sheamus and effing R-Truth, derp. Also from NXT "Cien" Almas and SAnitY are coming soon.

    That was a nice move with Hardy and the US title, I didn't see that happening. Joe is in my books the biggest move here, I feel like now he has a much better chance to get his hands on the top title than on RAW. Cesaro and Sheamus were a big surprise as well, I like it. (Though we now know that Bray & Hardy will win the red belts.) I'm hoping for a new beginning for the guys by the summer or something. A few months as the Bar, and then solo again. They've been great together, but it's time to shake things up even more. Oh, and Big Cass is a bore, wasn't exactly waiting for him to come back.

  • What do you guys think of rhonda rousey? I stopped watching wrestling a while back buy watch ufc all the time. I tuned into to wresltemania to see her first match, I think she did quite well. Combos against triple H up against the turnbuckle. The fans seem to like her in the stadium.

  • The shake up was great, I'm really hyped for the future.

    When did Rusev get such a bad rap!! So he was going to face the undertaker at the greatest RR and then someone told WWE that he called the undertaker old on TMZ but he didn't so they removed him from the match without actually watching the TMZ video and now we are back to the original match because they realised they made a mistake!!


  • Joe is gonna move straight to the main event scene. I don't see any other main Heel other than Nakamura atm

  • The Greatest Royal Rumble was about as exciting as I thought it would be, meaning nothing happened. This was just a pure extra thing for the Saudi audience. That botch between Hardy and Mahal was super awkward to see, they just went with it, lol. :) And Titus got unlucky. Man, and they just kept showing it over and over again. Would have liked to see Bryan win the Rumble.

  • I recommend you to listen to talk is jericho : Talk'n shop Sober edition, it's one of my favourite podcast ever.

  • This is a fun time now before Money in the Bank. Qualifications and seeing who gets in. And the fact that the spots will be shared between both RAW and SmackDown people gives the whole thing a nice extra touch, I feel. Eight participants in both MITB matches sounds pretty insane, in a good way. The chaos will be real.

    So far we have Strowman, Bálor, Miz and Rusev in the men's match. An interesting bunch. Not sure if the winner is already one of those guys. At the moment I'm open to pretty much everything, as long as Big Cass won't be the eventual winner.

    Women will also have eight people in their match, nice. So far only Ember Moon and Charlotte are in. The number of the spots means there'll almost be most of the women's roster in the match.

  • Lasner holding the UC is kinda of a spoiler to the men MITB, by that i mean the men winner will be from SD, and if the winner is from Raw that means he will hold it for more than 10 months.

    Also it seems we are in the "how to get roman over" era, Roman vs Jinder at MITB!!!

  • @a7x458 Are you saying that you think Lesnar will be the champ until next year's WrestleMania? My God, that would be boring as fuck. And yet, it doesn't seem too impossible to imagine for me, either. :/

  • The London audience was pretty bad this week on both shows. It seemed they had no interest in pretty much anything, as they either stayed quiet or chanted whatever the hell they wanted when they wanted that had nothing to do with anything. The return to US is highly welcome at this point.

    Roode and Owens secured their spots at the MITB match, as did Bliss on RAW. On SmackDown one of the New Day members gets a spot and so does Becky Lynch. The last spot for men will go either to Samoa Joe or Big Cass. Which means the worst case scenario is still possible and Cass may win the whole thing. He's just so uninteresting, I feel nothing. But his position and situation is nevertheless pretty optimal to be the MITB winner, it's there if you watch closely.

    I so would've liked to see either Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville to win, but no. That would have made the women's match much much more interesting. I mean there are currently four women in, out of which three are kind of "established" names in there, they've been champs etc. This means that at the moment only Ember Moon is a realistic winner candidate, I just don't see any of the others holding the briefcase. So a member of the Absolution would've been extremely welcome to the match. And just in general as well, I really prefer Mandy and Sonya over the whole Riott Squad, there's no question when it comes to these "new faces".

  • It would be stupid to have big cass win over Joe after Daniel Bryan destroyed him, at this point my dream winners would be Lynch and balor.

  • That segment with Lashley's "sisters" was the most embarrassing, awkward and stupid shit I've seen in WWE in years. What the hell, man. Just stop with these kind of things. No one cares, literally no reactions from anyone. Sami looked like he wanted to get swallowed by the ground to just get out of there.

    Stephanie managed to build some hype pretty neatly for the women's championship match, at least it worked for me. I'm a lot more excited now.

    On SmackDown there'll be some changes. Big Cass got injured (or possibly "injured") on the European tour and he's now out of the MITB qualification match. Now it'll be first Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan, and the winner will face Samoa Joe. The winner of that match will then get the last remaining MITB spot.