WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Lasner holding the UC is kinda of a spoiler to the men MITB, by that i mean the men winner will be from SD, and if the winner is from Raw that means he will hold it for more than 10 months.

    Also it seems we are in the "how to get roman over" era, Roman vs Jinder at MITB!!!

  • @a7x458 Are you saying that you think Lesnar will be the champ until next year's WrestleMania? My God, that would be boring as fuck. And yet, it doesn't seem too impossible to imagine for me, either. :/

  • The London audience was pretty bad this week on both shows. It seemed they had no interest in pretty much anything, as they either stayed quiet or chanted whatever the hell they wanted when they wanted that had nothing to do with anything. The return to US is highly welcome at this point.

    Roode and Owens secured their spots at the MITB match, as did Bliss on RAW. On SmackDown one of the New Day members gets a spot and so does Becky Lynch. The last spot for men will go either to Samoa Joe or Big Cass. Which means the worst case scenario is still possible and Cass may win the whole thing. He's just so uninteresting, I feel nothing. But his position and situation is nevertheless pretty optimal to be the MITB winner, it's there if you watch closely.

    I so would've liked to see either Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville to win, but no. That would have made the women's match much much more interesting. I mean there are currently four women in, out of which three are kind of "established" names in there, they've been champs etc. This means that at the moment only Ember Moon is a realistic winner candidate, I just don't see any of the others holding the briefcase. So a member of the Absolution would've been extremely welcome to the match. And just in general as well, I really prefer Mandy and Sonya over the whole Riott Squad, there's no question when it comes to these "new faces".

  • It would be stupid to have big cass win over Joe after Daniel Bryan destroyed him, at this point my dream winners would be Lynch and balor.

  • That segment with Lashley's "sisters" was the most embarrassing, awkward and stupid shit I've seen in WWE in years. What the hell, man. Just stop with these kind of things. No one cares, literally no reactions from anyone. Sami looked like he wanted to get swallowed by the ground to just get out of there.

    Stephanie managed to build some hype pretty neatly for the women's championship match, at least it worked for me. I'm a lot more excited now.

    On SmackDown there'll be some changes. Big Cass got injured (or possibly "injured") on the European tour and he's now out of the MITB qualification match. Now it'll be first Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan, and the winner will face Samoa Joe. The winner of that match will then get the last remaining MITB spot.

  • Man you weren't lying, what a ridiculous segment. Overall WWE has been very spotty since Wrestlemania, I don't care about anything that's going on these days. Just watch RAW and SmackDown in the background while I cook or play games, nothing ever grabs my attention.

  • WWE are trying everything at this point to get Roman over, they just announced Roman vs Jinder in MITB which takes place in Chicago!!! This match belongs in the pre show imo.

    SD had some good stuff, the good brothers are gitting a tag titles match, Daniel vs Hardy was good, Lana is in the MITB match, so i can't complain about SD.

  • Pff, RAW is becoming more and more painful to watch.

    Nia Jax has apparently turned heel again and is acting like... a bully, which means Alexa was right all along, I guess? To be fair, I thought it was a good segment and Nia played her part well, but where's the freaking consistency?? They're not even trying.

    The entire tag team division is a joke at this point, they're all a bunch of jobbers with not a single team actually standing out as a credible threat. Where did Authors of Pain disappear to?

    Seth Rollins is indeed the hottest guy on both rosters right now, and his potential feud with Elias should be entertaining. But having the entire commentary team hammer it on and on every 10 seconds is only going to make me resent him eventually. Coach is terrible, useless commentator by the way, why the hell do they have him on? Booker certainly said dumb stuff but at least he was entertaining and his endless arguments with Graves were fun!

    Roman Reigns was not on the show tonight and I only realized it afterwards, goes to show the impact he has. With Lesnar never showing up, it means they basically have no main event scene these days.

    And still 3 weeks to go before Money in the Bank, I have no idea how they're going to fill those weeks. It seriously feels like they don't either.

    They have such a talented roster and this is the best shit they can come up with? NXT is so, so much better than the main roster, it's ridiculous.

  • Good points. I've skipped a lot of stuff recently after watching it a while and then just going "nope".

    The tag team division is pretty awful in RAW, that whole food fight segment was just ehh. And the champs themselves are not for me, I can't stand Hardy's laughter and that whole character, it's an instant skip for me. Over on SmackDown there are at least Cesaro & Sheamus, New Day and the Usos, they're all great. Harper & Rowan would be so much better as well without their gimmick, I used to really like Harper going solo, for instance.

    Didn't even noticed Reigns was missing, either.

    Samoa Joe got the last place in the MITB match. Now there's only the question of who of the New Day will be the one to take part in it. I'm starting to think that that person will eventually be the actual winner of the match, one of the New Day members. They're building towards it that way.

    Women also got their eight members together. There are so many ex-champs and big names in that match who I really don't see winning the briefcase. Means Ember Moon is my pick. There's Lana too, sure, but I don't know. Ember's clearly more the future.

  • The best story line right now is between Ricochet and Valveteen Dream.

  • RAW was again aimless, I don't get it, what's going on backstage these days? Are all their writers on strike?

    The Lashley-Zayn feud is absurd, I get what they're trying to do and I actually appreciate Zayn's work here, he's doing the best he can with the stuff he's given, but Lashley just sucks all the energy out of every interaction they have, he's soooooo vanilla and mellow. "Oh Sami, why are you saying these mean things about me? What are you trying to accomplish?" for like 3 weeks in a row now...

    Corbin being the heel assistant to the RAW manager has some potential, especially if they use him to point out all the dumb booking decisions in a 4th-wall-breaking kind of way, but I'm probably getting my hopes up.

    The whole Bayley thing was ridiculous, why would she expect she can just show up in a match and beat people up and pin them in the first place? Don't wrestlers know the basic rules by now? Especially when the same thing happened earlier on the very same show with Corbin DQing Curt Hawkins on purpose! Then the girls act all surprised when they're told they actually lost the match. Didn't it occur to any of them that Bayley's involvement was illegal?

    Come on, I know wrestling requires some level of suspension of disbelief, but these days WWE is seriously insulting our intelligence.

  • @axel there is so much inconsistencies in the story lines, it almost like WWE think that the fans are stupid.

    and now there's talk that Summer Slam main event is Lasner vs Roman AGAIN!!!

  • WWE had their will, Lesnar's title reign has passed CM Punk's record. Punk's "erased" now. Maybe there's a chance for a title change in SummerSlam now?

  • There's an unspoken rules in WWE :if you win on the go home show, or hold the title/briefcase in the air, you probably will not win at the PPV.

    So Rusev, Strowman, miz, ember moon and Natalya will not win the MITB briefcase, my predictions for the winners are Samoa Joe and Sasha Banks.

  • @sentinel-beach What a petty company.

    My interest has been fading week after week since Wrestlemania, and I'm not even excited for Money in the Bank which is usually one of the most hype PPVs of the year. With the World Cup starting I don't even know when I'll have time to watch it. I hope they turn this around fast.

  • Money in the Bank results.

    I didn't guess right this year the winners, but that's alright. If it wasn't Ember Moon, Bliss was definitely the right call after her. The other ones would have been too "soft" in a sense, not the right kind of spark for the moment.

    And Strowman did indeed win. I thought it would've been too obvious, but hey, I'm fine with this. Means that he'll get the belt eventually. I really don't see him botching the cash-in.

    My favourite match of the night was Ronda vs. Nia, that was really entertaining to watch. The size difference and the flow of the match made this interesting, liked it a lot. For a moment I was irritated at how it ended, but then I immediately pictured Ronda winning at SummerSlam. That's how it supposed to go, this'll be a good story line now. It wouldn't have been right for Ronda to win the title right away here and now, although the match was really good, but now we'll get to see this grow through the summer. Well done.

  • Oh awesome so this just got confirmed to be coming to my home city.

    Has anyone here ever been to a Live WWE event before? what is like to see the action live but from being far away from the action up in the stands? i imagine they wouldn't put the commentaters on the loud speakers for the crowd to hear what's actually going on in the story.

  • https://www.wwe.com/article/big-cass-released
    I won't miss him. The solo act just never worked.

  • MITB was great excluding Roman vs Mahal and brian vs Cass, i thought Nakamura should've won but if that means Rusev gets a shot at the WWE title I'm ok with that.

    I can't say i I'm surprised WWE released a Big Cass, the guy is a black hole of charisma and wrestling, from what we saw at SD we are FINALLY gona get Brian vs Miz.

    something Funny i found today