WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • @sentinel-beach being there live was cool. but weird as hell.

    They definitely dress it up alot to make it look way cooler on TV than it actually is in Person.

    in Person you're basically just watching an expensive Pay Per View but on Mute since you don't get to listen to the commentators or anything. and the only tickets that would really make it worthwhile going is if you paid a fuckload to be at ringside. if you're towards the back of the crowd like i was, whenever a wrestler made their entrance out to the ring everyone not only just stands up to see them, but people were standing on chairs and even putting their kids on their shoulders.

    they didn't even bother to set up a bunch of tvs around for the rest of us who couldn't see what was happening. no wait they did. in the fucking canteen.

    Not happy WWE or MCG.

  • @yoshi You painted an interesting picture, thanks. I've sometimes wondered the nature of that kind of live event, being in the audience. And you're right, it would be really weird without the commentators. You don't always have to like them, but they do do an important job in narrating the match and hyping up the action and the moves. The sensation would be totally different without them.

    Shame about the organizing there, doesn't sound too nice. And there were over 70 000 people, I can imagine being in the back rows in there. :/

  • @sentinel-beach aside from the entrance music and whenever the wrestlers had mics themselves, all it was was just the wrestlers in the ring with a loud thud sound effects added every now and again to make moves seem bigger than they actually were.

    i was on the actual MCG ground towards the back. i should have either bought a ringside ticket or somewhere on the outside of the oval in the normal seats where people usually sit to the footy and the cricket.

    yeah i was on the ground so i was closer to the wrestlers. but there was no fucking point even being on the field and closer to them when everybody wouldn't sit the fuck down.

    i had a much better view up in the stands when i went to get myself a meat pie and a hot dog during the show.

    you know your seats shit when you have a better view of the action at the canteen than you do on the actual ground itself

  • Pretty fun SmackDown 1000, immediately from that opening montage. So many memories. Evolution was the brightest star of the night, so cool to see those men together even like this after such a long time. It was another lifetime ago. Edge's music hitting felt right as well. We got Vince himself, Mysterio, Big Show, Taker. And the audience even gave Eddie a chant at one point, much deserved, thumbs up.

  • Shocking news in WWE as Roman Reigns leaves the ring and the championship behind him because of his battle against leukemia. That's rough, really rough. The real life strikes when you least expect it to.

    In other news - dealing with the real world as well - the news are now circling that both Cena and Bryan won't be taking part at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia because of the current international situation regarding Khashoggi's fate. This'll be tricky for WWE to explain if they have to end up replacing the men and/or their matches at the PPV. A sudden, difficult and awkward situation for WWE with their 10-year deal with the country.

  • That's so fucked up, I really hope he beats this.

  • I don't like the character romen raigns, he is one of the reasons i stopped watching Raw and Smackdown( i just watch highlights) , but i really hope he can beat leukaemia again.

  • Evolution PPV came and went. I liked the Becky vs. Charlotte the best, it managed to entertain the whole 30 minutes. Super happy too that Becky kept the title.

    The Battle Royale winner should have been Ember Moon in my opinion, but maybe it's her time at RR in January then.

  • As reported before, now it became clear: Cena is skipping the trip to Saudi Arabia entirely. Storywise they put Lashley in his place in the tournament, because Cena "didn't even qualify".

  • I watched Evolution and enjoyed it alot, Toni storm vs Io shirai was great, the nxt champion match was great, and my favourite women's match of this year Becky lynch (the man) vs Charlotte even though the reff almost ruined the match.

    Even though they just got their own PPV i still think the women's division is being held back by WWE.

  • Crown Jewel happened. Pretty bullshit show, to be honest. I can't believe they went with Lesnar again, this is honestly ridiculous. Just kick him out of WWE entirely already and let the championship be fought over in a way more frequent basis. And what was this match? We didn't even have a match, that's how much they were interested in this. I just don't understand.

    And what was up with that Shane surprise? I mean the whole tournament was completely dull and useless to begin with, but to make it not matter at all in the end like this was just wow. I'm wondering if this had been the plan from the start, maybe start some Survivor Series angle with this, or if this was Plan B and Cena was supposed to win the whole thing originally.

    The Saudis went crazy over the main event and the four old-timers. Well, it was fun seeing Michaels like this.

    Otherwise I'd have a couple of ill words to say about the whole thing (and not just because of the last month's news), but maybe I'll remain quiet on that front.

  • Crown Jewel takeaways.
    Shane is the best in the world.
    Vince loves money.
    Women's wrestling was deeply missed.
    Universal Championship will become boo'd by the fans. Its a dead belt.

  • really sucks what happened to Roman

  • SmackDown had some developments this week. I knew right away that something was going to happen as that title match was made official all of a sudden. And yes indeed, Bryan with the belt now! Although I did not see a heel turn. We haven't seen this side in a good while.
    ...does this also mean Bryan vs. Lesnar now?

    Becky's sudden concussion was really a shame. Damn. :/ So unnecessary, out of that kind of situation. At the end of RAW I just thought that someone had accidentally hit her nose the wrong way, but this turned out to be something bigger. Luckily she still gets to keep her title, at least. That's not in jeopardy.

  • I'm so sad Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey is cancelled

  • Survivor Series came and went. About the results there:

    What a weird concept to have RAW just win everything, 6-0, this year. Maybe some big changes are coming to SmackDown, and this acts as a story point to that.

    Charlotte and Ronda was way better than I had hoped, that match became physical, kinda cool and pretty even. Shame about the ending, then, but I guess Ronda couldn't have her first 1v1 loss in a "non-canon" match like this. (And it honestly wouldn't have been believable if she won.) I wonder if this was supposed to have ended in DQ even with Becky originally.

    Lesnar vs. Bryan was, well, a typical Brock match. Bryan's second wind was sort of cool, and I actually got a bit excited when Lesnar looked for a moment that maybe he'd actually tap out, but no, it was just false hope (again.) WWE sure has painted Brock as an unstoppable behemoth, his power levels, so to speak, are way beyond anyone. Like waaaay beyond. He doesn't have believable challengers anywhere. I honestly can't see him losing in other than a Triple Threat match or something where he doesn't have to be involved in the pin. They've made him otherwise unconquerable, which is crazy in its own way.

    Nia Jax got the biggest boos of the evening because of Becky. Well deserved, those ones. But of course they just went along with it and brought it into the story. I guess that's fair, but it was great to witness those real reactions in any case like this.

  • So according to the dirt sheets the pre show tag team match was supposed to go to Raw but someone backstage fucked up and Smackdown won so the score should've been 6-1,but WWE management think the viewers are goldfish so i don't think anyone is gona mention in it on TV.

  • Finally there was a mention of WWE Women's Tag Team Championship on RAW. It's felt for a good time now that many of the women need something other to go after than just the top belt, where there can only be 2 or 3 people at once, really.

  • @sentinel-beach I feel like having a brand split women's tag team championship belt is a bad idea when the roster is better on Smackdown and also half the roster is on Smackdown. They didn't have enough people for a rumble. I also think it's bad when the men tag team is in a weird place right now.

  • Has anyone played the new WWE 2K19 that came out in October? It's now on sale in PlayStation Store for only 30 € and I'm really tempted, I think I'm gonna get it. The last one I have is 2K13 so there's bound to be lots of new additions and tweaks and all. I read from the Wiki article that this one is supposed to be sort of faster and more fluent in many ways. There are also a good MyCareer mode and this journey mode with Daniel Bryan's classic matches (with himself even telling about them documentary style). IGN's review was helpful. ... I'm actually kind of excited, all of a sudden. Yeah, I think I'll get this one. I've thought about this year after year now.