WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Any Royal Rumble predictions?

    I'm going with Strowman for the mens and Becky Lynch or Charlotte for the women's.

  • I find myself in a pretty nice state of mind when it comes to RR as I've no good predictions this year. Meaning it's pretty likely that I'll be surprised a few times during the show which is always welcome. I guess both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn could both return in the RR match itself (and KO's even a pretty solid winner candidate if that happens). McIntyre will be in a championship match this year, but would he really get his first one in WrestleMania? I don't see it happening yet. I'd be okay with either Strowman or Samoa Joe winning, but Strowman's position's really weird now after the past two weeks.

  • Royal Rumble results and thoughts right here. Spoiler warning if you haven't watched the show yet.

    The name of the game became pretty apparent as soon as we saw Becky vs. Asuka going in first. And after that loss you could lock your answer that Becky would still get her moment before the night's over. And she did! :) I don't matter if this was easy to see, it felt great all the same. The Man is the hottest thing in WWE right now, and you need to strike when the iron's hot. So thank you. We missed that Becky vs. Ronda in Survivor Series, but now have WrestleMania to look forward to. Ronda's first loss, coming up!

    I'd have been okay if she lost here as well, as I was pretty excited to see Sasha in the spotlight again after what seems like a long time. (I haven't liked too much her and Bayley teaming up and doing basically nothing significant.) A good match, and based on that ending we'll see something more still.

    Oh, and in the women's RR match Lacey Evans proved to be pretty capable, I was positively surprised. Her persona, that 40s/50s lady, doesn't really speak to me (yet?), but she was a nice sight in the ring. Both by her skills and visually as well.

    Rowan returning out of nowhere was definitely a surprise. Could be a good addition by Bryan's side, a new angle to keep things fresh around his title reign. (I hope Harper's nearby as well somewhere.)

    Once again there was that brief moment of hope during the Balor / Lesnar fight, that what if this is the night that the Beast falls. Buuuut then Brock killed Balor and all remained the same. What a final boss that man is.

    The men's RR match wasn't too exciting as there wasn't really too many realistic contenders. It was basically Strowman and Rollins, when you think about it. And Strowman seems to have some backstage thing going on, so that narrowed it down even further. And when they went with that boring as hell angle of "now this guy's basically dead half the match until he isn't" it was a done deal. I don't mind Rollins per se, he's okay, but the way the match was delivered wasn't really thrilling.

    Except for Nia Jax! What the hell! :D Oh man, that was crazy. I honestly thought that she would even win the whole damn thing, but nope. All she got was a series of finishers. That felt somehow super inapproriate and weird, but at the same time I was just super entertained by all that craziness happening in the ring. LOL, I tell you. :]

  • does anyone else find Becky Lynch's gimmick of referring to herself as "the man" completely stupid? WWE was all about the Women's revolution throughout last year, then all of sudden they start referring to the women's champion as "the man!"

    like wtf? lol

  • Man, Ronda had it rough on RAW. The crowd wanted none of her, that first promo was super painful to watch in the whirlwind of those boos. I imagine Vince backstage headphones on commanding Bayley on stage immediately to try and salvage the situation.

    Becky is SO OVER right now that it's insane. And I love it. Nice that they played the WM card right away and announced the match. Really good promos from both of the women in the end, despite Ronda drowning under the boos still. Now it's a long road ahead as it's still ten weeks before the 'Mania, April 7th.

  • just signed up to the WWE Network to watch the royal rumble.

    WTF kind of shit service is this? yeah you get to watch the pay per views live, but then i found out later after signing up that you can't even watch RAW & Smackdown on the network. wtf is this bullshit?

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    Yeah, the two main shows not being on the network is a pain in the arse. The UK it's all tied up in super expensive Sky Sports satellite tv service, so would cost a fortune to watch the two shows. I just do the ppv's and catch the rest on news sites/youtube these days.

  • @yoshi Yup it's dumb, it has absolutely everything except RAW and SmackDown. I use this http://watchwrestling.in/sports/wwe-raw-15/ to watch them, and watch the rest on the Network.

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    Well Ambrose has been confirmed to be leaving in April.

    Also Hideo Itami is looking likely to be off as well (changed his Twitter back to KENTA and a lot of WWE stars have wished him well).

  • Hopefully this will make WWE step up their game, at least a little bit.

  • Plenty of obstacles ahead for Becky, it seems. As it should be, as we still have like two months to go before 'Mania. Really liked Mr. McMahon on RAW, it felt both entertaining and surprising in the right way. Also, "I'm the Man!", heh. :)

    The Revival won the tag belts finally which was cool, those two deserve them.

    This Sunday's Chamber match with the six tag teams for the women's tag belts feels actually pretty hype in my book, I'm excited. Although it does seem that Sasha and Bayley will win the whole thing, which lessens the feeling a bit. I mean they'd be great winners for the history books as the first champions given their status and acts in WWE, but I still see them more as individuals just put together. Meaning for the tag team belts I'd much rather see an actual and solidified pair to win them, like Deville & Rose, IIconics or the Riott Squad, even. We'll see.