WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • @yoshi Yup it's dumb, it has absolutely everything except RAW and SmackDown. I use this http://watchwrestling.in/sports/wwe-raw-15/ to watch them, and watch the rest on the Network.

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    Well Ambrose has been confirmed to be leaving in April.

    Also Hideo Itami is looking likely to be off as well (changed his Twitter back to KENTA and a lot of WWE stars have wished him well).

  • Hopefully this will make WWE step up their game, at least a little bit.

  • Plenty of obstacles ahead for Becky, it seems. As it should be, as we still have like two months to go before 'Mania. Really liked Mr. McMahon on RAW, it felt both entertaining and surprising in the right way. Also, "I'm the Man!", heh. :)

    The Revival won the tag belts finally which was cool, those two deserve them.

    This Sunday's Chamber match with the six tag teams for the women's tag belts feels actually pretty hype in my book, I'm excited. Although it does seem that Sasha and Bayley will win the whole thing, which lessens the feeling a bit. I mean they'd be great winners for the history books as the first champions given their status and acts in WWE, but I still see them more as individuals just put together. Meaning for the tag team belts I'd much rather see an actual and solidified pair to win them, like Deville & Rose, IIconics or the Riott Squad, even. We'll see.

  • Elimination Chamber results and thoughts:

    I really liked both the Chamber matches, I actually think this is one of my favourites stipulations in the whole year. What a week for Kofi, the man's suddenly so over now, huge pop from the crowd. First an hour or so in that Gauntlet Match and now this kind of night inside the Chamber. That was some entertaining stuff right there. If it wasn't Mania season there could have even been a surprise feel good ending to all of this.

    The women's Chamber match was also a really fun ride to watch. I especially enjoyed seeing Mandy & Sonya and the Riott Squad performing really well. In the end I found myself extremely invested in hoping for a win to Sonya and Mandy, but not quite. Not tonight. And okay, sure, as I stated in the post above, Sasha and Bayley are worthy inaugural tag team champs. It was just a little too predictable, that's all. But it's cool that those titles are now in WWE. Should be less meaningless matches with the women's division.

  • Finished watch Elimination Chamber, it was a weird PPV.

    The two chamber matches were great, Balor winning a title again was satisfying, but apart from that, it felt like a random episode of RAW.

    The Ronda match was a huge missed opportunity and made Ruby Riott look like a total chump (although Ronda looked amazingly badass with her Sonya Blade cosplay, please stay like this and stop wearing atrocious make-up).

    The whole Corbin-Strowman feud is boring and predictable. I can't stand those overly long heel beatdowns anymore, they're not fun to watch and are not as shocking as WWE seems to think, especially when there's one pretty much every week.

    I'm happy they went with Sasha and Bayley as inaugural champs, sure it was predictable but sometimes I'd much rather take the predictable but wholesome option than the shitty swerve only for shock value.

    Just like we all expect Rollins to beat Lesnar at Mania: if it happens but the match is great, I won't mind at all. If they make Lesnar win just to surprise us again, it will leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    Feel-good moments can be just that, and WWE seems to have forgotten this in the past few years, so I'm glad they're doing more of those recently.

  • What a great surprise on RAW, managed to catch me off guard. I'm not talking about Reigns' return to action - which is great, of course, getting his health back - but the end bit of Batista returning. They ARE going along with that match with HHH at WM. It was on that SmackDown celebration episode back in autumn when that was hinted at. And Batista's the heel this time around.

  • Have Huber or Brad ever watched OSW review ?
    It's all I wanna know (especially as brad never experienced the old school Hulkamania era)

    Also for any Allies who call themselves wrestling fans, OSW Review is a must watch...start from episode 24 or so (they're on youtube).
    It's amazing.

  • Damn, after watching SmackDown it now really feels that #KofiMania will be reality. They're going for it. He got robbed of his Fastlane title match now, so the situation continues to build and being streched across more weeks. This means that Kofi will most propably actually win the whole shabang at Mania after these hardships! I really didn't see this coming only a few weeks ago still. Thumbs up, feels like a fresh change.

  • The main show this week were pretty hype.
    And I agree, hopefully this helps Kofi get to mania. That would be SWEET.

  • I barely keep up with wrestling these days but I just thought I'd share two really, really good videos on the subject I'm sure a lot of people here might enjoy.
    The Undertaker: Long Term Story Telling in Wrestling
    there will Never Ever be another show like Monday Night Raw