WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • The Fiend x Alexa Bliss continues after that brief swamp match weirdness?! Now THIS is something! Yes! jizzedinmypants.jpg

  • Sasha & Bayley!

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  • Just got off from watching all of the 2020 WWE PPVs and the wrestling and entertainment quality was much better than I expected with some really good storylines and a real effort to make the product more exciting.

  • Rhea Ripley on RAW and she's on her way straight to 'Mania's championship match!

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  • @sentinel-beach I always had the feeling Rhea's favourite ice cream flavour is Raspberry Ripley.

  • WrestleMania's over. The first night didn't really have any surprises, everything went as expected. Cool things: Cesaro swinging Rollins ON HIS SHOULDERS, Strowman ripping the steel cage open, and Bianca whipping Sasha so freaking hard.

    The second had the two most welcome results that I was unsure of: Rhea winning, yes! Damn, that felt good. That woman is divine. The other thing was Roman retaining, I'm actually happy about that. He's been an excellent heel so let's just continue 'til SummerSlam or something. Really glad Edge didn't pick up the win. Oh, and that sight of Alexa Bliss looking like Senua's Sacrifice's titular character came out of nowhere and was bizarrely cool. Earned a "holy shit!" chant as well.

    On to the RAW after 'Mania! Tends to be a good one.

  • Honest WM37 was so-so. The best matches on the card were Belair vs Banks, Cesaro vs. Rollins and EDGE vs. Bryan vs. Reigns, but most of the other bouts were underwhelming with poor backstories and generally the event wasn't overly compelling but that's WWE in modern times. Lashley vs. McIntyre didn't have a great build at all, there was far more emphasis on the break-up of The Hurt Business than there was substance within the build up of the match. Fiend vs Orton was easily the worst match of the night simply because there was no drama or suspense and was too rushed.

  • My man Cesaro! With all this hype and push now on him, he's suddenly basically the biggest face now on SD, sweet. That UFO spot from WM got shown like five times throughout the episode with such a high praise. Which was totally earned, of course, such a cool moment.
    Then they started this Reigns feud but with a detour called Rollins first. Which is actually propably the right way to do. Let's lay the foundation for this current run now in a solid fashion and then see where it'll lead. The Uso match was a good one. I love that Corkscrew Uppercut every single time I see it, such a beautiful move when executed like that.