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    I really don't want new womens and tag titles since we've already seen how crap those divisions can get when they're stretched that thin. Plus it could create some sort of emphasis on the whole "brand split" thing if they go with the angle of bringing the tag/women's title back to their respective shows while the competition on the other brand actually has to work for the opportunity. treating those divisions as show exclusive when it comes to regular matches and independent when it comes to big time title contender matches might even elevate it a bit since it might mitigate some of the usual WWE pitfalls of "Oh hey this team won a match against the champs on RAW or just came out and did nothing so let's give them a title opportunity at the PPV because reasons" i.e. the Titus O'Neil "I've lost every singles match I've had in a year, but I interrupted Rusev once so I'm now no.1 contender" logic.

    +1 to all of this.

  • @Axel The only good thing about having Rawley on the main roster, is seeing him getting his ass kicked!

    @Mr-M I agree with you, but I really think WWE needs to tell us what is going on. The women need to be fighting for something, even if it is just over a title shot for the womens title.

  • @MonsTruz I think right now it's just a case of it being one week old. Regardless of whether or not we believe WWE can make it work, we have to give them some sort of chance. They've got 5 hours of mainstream TV they have to use and they've had a week to evaluate things so something should be mentioned in regards to tag and women's divisions this week. If it's not, then yeah hahah prepare for random matches without consequence on the shows that don't have the titles.

  • @Mr-M That is true, hopefully we will get some news the next couple of days. Maybe they will adresse it when American Alfa debuts. I will say however, WWE have had a lot of time to plan this brand split, but I really get the impression, that it has been rushed, and it's currently still a work in process.

    But hey, the shows have been fun so far, so I'm definitely excited for this week. I'm curious how well Finn Balor is going to perform on the mic. And will we get some hints, on whether or not he is bringing the Demon to Summerslam?

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    Maybe they will adresse it when American Alfa debuts.

    Actually that would be the perfect way to mention how it works; when AA debut during their entrance or in the segment before they could explain a simple way how it works and boom the debut is already 100x more important.

  • I really don't think this is a big problem right now, they have a lot of new things to introduce: the brand split itself, the cruiserweight division, the new women and tag team titles (or lack thereof), they already introduced the Universal Championship last week, it's ok if they drip-feed that kind of stuff. They can't drop everything on us at once, they need each of these things to shine on its own. Of course it requires some suspension of disbelief, but what part of wrestling doesn't? :)

    For now, the Natalya-Becky rivalry, plus the debuts of both Carmella and Alexa Bliss (and to some extent Eva Marie) are more than enough to carry Smackdown until SummerSlam at the very least, without having to mention the title. Of course, if in 6 months, none of the Smackdown women have expressed the desire to chase the title, it will be extremely lame, but in my opinion there's no rush right now.

  • So we got another good episode of RAW! It was not as good, as last week. But could we really hope for that? Inevitably that extra hour is going to drag the show.

    • A fun opening segment. Usually the long talking segments to open raw, is often kinda borring, but this was really good. Cool to see the two top women get to open the show. Jericho and Enzo was a bit random, but fun nonetheless .
      The mixed tag match, was also very good. So it looks like we will get Enzo and Cash vs. Jericho and Owens at summerslam? That could be a fun tag team match.

    • Finn Balor impressed me against Rollins. I don't think his mic work, is ever going to be his strongest side, but he held his own.

    • I really liked the Mark Henry vs. Rusev match. It was a good way to use Henry, and he looked more mobile than he used to. When he first had his hall of pain run, he was so good. I know he will never get back to that level, but it was still a good win for Rusev.
      I didn't expect Reigns was going to be Rusevs opponent at Summerslam.. What do you guys think, a step down for Reigns? or a step up for Rusev?

    • The Lesnar segment was fine, but a tad borring. They did play up the RKO out of nowhere though.

  • Yes, RAW was really entertaining, and so far the draft has had exactly the effects I was hoping for, it's giving underused wrestlers a second chance, even if only as jobbers. It might sound paradoxal but somehow the reduced roster increases match variety, because at least we only see each guy once a week, and there are no more RAW rematches on SD or vice-versa. And we didn't see Neville this week for example, so there's still room for turnover.

    I think it's a small step down for Reigns, but as long as he wasn't going to be in the Heavyweight title picture, he had to be somewhere else, and that's still the second highest spot on the RAW card. I can imagine he's both being slightly punished for his wellness infraction, and maybe they're finally realising that fans don't want this guy at the top. Actually it's funny, because Reigns-Rusev was what everyone would have preferred two years ago at Wrestlemania, during Rusev's first run. Now we're getting it, should be an entertaining match, but if Reigns wins in 10 minutes with a simple spear, it won't help his cause much...

    Now I want to talk about Smackdown too, so stop reading if you haven't watched it yet! I don't understand how to use spoiler tags, please help :)

    First, the opening promo between Ambrose and Ziggler was amazing, so intense! The best promos are always the ones that hit close to home, that have a foot in reality, and this one was perfect in that sense. And Ziggler wsa good! I honestly think it's his best promo yet, can't remember one when he felt so genuine and passionate. As for the main event, I have to admit I was really afraid for a second that they'd have Wyatt win, but the way everything played out was perfect. NOW Ziggler feels like a freaking legit n°1 contender. This was great wrestling writing, I don't know if they replaced the entire team or if Vince finally let them loose, but damn, I want more of this!

  • I agree, Ziggler looked really good on Smackdown this week. That opening segment felt right, and I'm glad he made it at the match itself.

    ...even if I did root for Wyatt last week. And there's still a sort of Triple Threat possibility hanging in the air, I think. I mean, who else is Bray gonna fight in SummerSlam? Only two weeks left to build up a match.

  • Cena and Styles also had a nice exchange! Whenever Cena is focused and not just making jokes it always golden.

    I agree with you guys about Ziggler. It nice seeing him get an edge to his character.

    Also, on the post show, Bryan apparently confirmed that they are working on a new women's title for smackdown

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    Also, on the post show, Bryan apparently confirmed that they are working on a new women's title for smackdown

    Oh no :( Given the roster it won't have much value...

  • @MonsTruz Also, on the post show, Bryan apparently confirmed that they are working on a new women's title for smackdown

    Another title for the women on Smackdown does make sense in kayfabe. If a second title leads to a unification match between Bayley and Sasha I'm in.

  • @Axel Well sure not right now, but think about this. If WWE is really committed to the brand split, and they see it going on for years to come. Then they need that title.

    Let's look at the womens side of Smackdown:

    • Becky Lynch:
      She is awesome, I really like her, and should be the obviously title holder.

    • Natalya
      She can be good in the ring, but unfortunately she is not good on the mic. It also looks like she is just using Charlotte's gimmick now, and that feels weird.

    • Carmella
      Her gimmick sucks, and I really don't like her. She is not good enough to pull it of, she is really no Enzo Amore. She has charisma, so there is still hope for her.

    • Alexa Bliss
      She could be an okay heel.

    • Eva Marie
      I don't ever wanna see her wrestle again. She gets good go away heat though.

    • Naomi

    Sure, this look really thin, but what if you suddenly have Bayley, Asuka and Emma on the roster? Now it suddenly looks exciting!
    As it stands right now, the Smackdown roster looks really thin, but if WWE is committed, they can easily make it viable. RAW only has one more female wrestler, so if you add a couple more top tier women to Smackdown, it's just as good (or even better, if the above mentioned women was on Smackdown) as the RAW's side in my opinion.

  • I'm still very much in the camp of the idea that one Women's title would elevate it more. I think it's a testament to wwe's shortsightedness that we have a brand split a year after injuries to only a few key players completely destroyed the main event scene. The fact that they have two women's rosters that could keep themselves afloat is true, but why would you pass up the opportunity at having a strong self promoting engine to scatter it so? Being the best out of a whole division sounds a lot better to me than being the best out of the 5 people on the brand who are worth anything.

  • @Mr-M Yeah that's also how I feel, I would much have preferred to keep one title and defend it on both brands. But I guess if they have more call-ups, and returns like Nikki and Emma, they could eventually end up with two decent divisions. You'll never know who THE best is, if there's two champions.

    I know you could say the same about men in this case, but it's more understandable given the size of the rosters. Oh well, we'll see how it goes!

  • @Mr-M
    I theory I agree with you, however, when I look at WWE i'm not so sure. Before the brand split, they only really had one feud going. It was Charlotte and her opponent of the month (I know, did a little thing with Becky and Nat just before the split). So even though WWE had all the women on the same rooster, they didn't really use that for anything.
    Now we have:

    Charlotte vs. Becky
    Nia Jax squashing jobbers

    Natalya vs. Carmella
    Eva Marie vs. Becky Lynch.

    So in that regards, the women are getting more opportunities to shine.

    You can't be against the brand split, but the as of right now, it's the future. And in that future the Smackdown women, needs a title to fight over. The alternatives, would be either:
    The champ is on both brands, which would overexpose her, or at the mixed PPV's, the number 1 contender from Smackdown, would get a title shot. I don't like that either, cause then what are they going to do in the meantime, it can't be a 3 months feud over a number 1 contender slot.

    Smackdown was always they brand that created the stars. Can they still do that? I don't know, but now, at least more female wrestlers get's that opportunity, and don't forget the Smackdown head writer used to be head writer of NXT.

  • Have you guys watched CWC? That Gargano/Ciampa match was really good last time, I only wished the winner would have been different. And on that same night Gallagher/Aichner had a great feeling in it as well. Other than that, out of the four first episodes I remember the second one having maybe the best matches on top of these two mentioned.

    It's just a bit of a bummer that they now slow down their pace on the show: only two matches next time instead of four. Well, here's hoping they'll be a bit longer, more complex and more exciting, still.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Man, those two CWC matches were something else. I've never seen a Gallagher match before, and inmediately became one of my favorites, so smooth in the ring.

  • The CWC has been really good! The presentation, the announce team, the matches. Everything have been executed to perfection!

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    I watched the last round of the first round today of the CWC. Johnny and Tomaso tore the roof off of the place.