WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • Is it just me, or does Seth's chair gimmick feel really awkward somehow? I mean he's supposed to be a face champion, yet he pummels guys (ok, sure, heels) left and right with a chair all the time now suddenly. I mean, should I cheer...?

  • Extreme Rules was pretty nice, the show had a bunch good matches. Obviously I liked my man Cesaro showing his skills against Black out there, that was a solid match. The main event was also entertaining (and damn, Lacey's sexy). Corbin hitting Becky with End of Days, lol. Pretty boring with Lesnar again, though, but SummerSlam's coming and he's the Big Four guy around WWE.

  • I liked SmackDown this week a lot, practically watched the whole show, hasn't happened for a long time. Liv Morgan on TV finally, yeah! And Charlotte, too. Ember Moon's getting a championship match feels fresh, I dig it. And this new angle with Owens is something I really want to see how it evolves.

    On RAW Rollins got his rematch against Lesnar in SummerSlam, okay. Bray Wyatt finally arrived with that creepy mask. And Natalya earned a championship match against Becky? Sorry Nattie, but I feel like this'll turn out Triple Threat eventually still. Needs more hype.

    A big question, though. Where is Sasha Banks? We haven't seen her since WrestleMania. I really thought she'd return in either of the shows this week for SummerSlam, but no. And same thing with Ronda, essentially, she's been away as long as well.

  • I was hoping that on the heels of his good match at Extreme Rules, Taker would be added to the title picture. Imagine a Fatal-4-Way for the title at SummerSlam between Lesnar, Rollins, Reigns and Taker, the 3 guys with the most history with Lesnar, to settle it once and for all, that would be fun!

    Now I just hope Rolling regains the title because I don't want another year of champ Lesnar showing up once every 3 months.

    Overall, I still hate the fact that the two rosters are leaking into each other, it's become super confusing, but it looks like with the current Shane/Owens storyline on SD they might end up dialing it down. I'm not getting my hopes up though.

  • SummerSlam wasn't anything too special. No big surprises and everything kinda went like expected. Well okay, Lesnar's loss was a good thing to happen so quickly now. And luckily Orton didn't become a champion, though that feud's propably not over yet.

    I was waiting for Ronda (or maybe Sasha) to return during or after Becky's match and beat her up, but nope. Of course, this Monday has the door open for any returns like that, too. Hearing Edge's theme on the Kick-Off show made me smile, by the way.

  • Sasha baby! \o/ I'm 100 % in right now, yes! Four months' absence and then a return like this, I love it. Heel Sasha will work wonders, and what a pairing now with Becky. She's of the caliber that'll finally take that red belt from Becky, no way this feud will lead to anywhere else. Good times ahead.

  • This is a very happy tweet! :)

  • Clash of Champions came and went. The night had its moments, some thoughts follow.

    • Women's tag match was pretty good, I liked both the pairs. I did hope it would have been Mandy and Sonya's time now as Alexa and Nikki have been kind of quiet lately, but nope, not yet. The Harley Quinn costume was very nice.
    • The Becky vs. Sasha match worked well, it felt like a big match as it should. I was hoping for Sasha to take the title, but the time wasn't now in the end. I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but I think in the long run this'll work better as the feud will get more time and steam to develop. That mustard on the back was nasty, nonetheless.
    • Orton didn't win after all, nice! I really thought so, but this is way better. I mean I'm not really that excited about Kofi (anymore), but having Orton as the top dog would have been blaargh. Now we just need some great new contender to win it all.
    • LUKE HARPER! The hell is this!? Yes! I mean the man stated in April he'd be leaving WWE entirely, what has happened? What a great moment, Harper's one of my favourites along with Cesaro. And now he returns into a Reigns storyline, into headlights like this. The match itself was pretty nice as well, like suitably rough and tough. I think this is a cool enough change to bring someone like Rowan up front for a while, at least.
    • I guess Strowman will never win the top belt. The crowd was even turning on Rollins in the end with their unsatisfied mood towards the outcome. I was actually a little terrified seeing Strowman up on those ropes like he was gonna stumble and fall any moment. I liked the pin attempts when Braun powered Seth off even before one count etc., hehee. Wyatt arrived after everything, looks like he'll head to a title match next. Which I'm fine with.

  • There was some pretty neat destruction at the end of SmackDown. When Rowan threw that piece of ring protection across the ring it really looked like it landed in the audience. The crowd even made that noise, like oooooooooh, it's coming.

    Lesnar's return to SmackDown came as a surprise. Not my first choice to compete with Kofi, but there we have it.

    SmackDown moving to FOX and to Friday nights forces WWE to actually split the roster, hence the upcoming draft. I read that there's like some real legal contract reasons that the people can't jump from one show and channel to another one anymore after that October change. So people will be more "locked" into their shows from that point forwards.

  • Felt weird watching SmackDown at this time of the week, it'll take a few weeks to get used to the new Friday spot after the FOX deal. Next week I believe the draft'll begin and the two shows can start to operate more regularly after that.

    Kofi's championship reign ended in a pretty unglorious way, lol. One move wins ftw. But I think no one saw the next thing coming as the UFC past came haunting for Lesnar, what. Cain Velasquez. I mean I was expecting for some sort of "revenge" from Rey, a feud maybe, but this all came out of the blue.

  • Hell in a Cell results follow. What a weird ending for the night, the main event. I mean the match had a cool premise but they didn't really know what to do with all this. A No DQ match ending in DQ (or something like that)? The Fiend's pretty awesome, but his durability/stamina is maybe even too absurd. I mean how can anyone win him after what we saw now? Rollins stomped him like a dozen times and the monster gets up at one. Got his head bashed in, no impact in the end. He was like made of rubber or something, just absorbed everything. Took more than Cena, Lesnar, Taker or pretty much anyone. The crowd was furious over how the match ended and how Rollins was winning most of the time. I was somehow perplexed by the whole match, trying to piece together the big picture.

    Becky vs. Sasha on the other hand was a 10. What a match, really really liked this one. We saw pretty much everything here, nice amount of imagination and props were used. Really flashy and impactful moves like Becky jumping feet first into Sasha on that corner chair, or Sasha hitting that knees over shoulders move on Becky through the table. Too bad Sasha didn't win, though, I'd really have liked to see the match end that way. Are we waiting for Rousey to return or what will be the moment Becky will eventually face the loss?

    Charlotte and the Kabuki Warriors winning came out of nowhere somehow. I would've preferred more build-up for both these moments. I guess this could be because of the upcoming draft, they're placing people and titles to the positions they want.

  • lol

  • Bayley's transformation, nice. Was never fan of the hugging and all that. Now we got rid of the Bayley Buddies, too. The title change was a surprise but a good one at that, it fit perfectly to the occasion now.

    Those backroom moments during the draft, so stupid. :D So WWE, could not have been otherwise executed.

    Raw: Becky Lynch
    Raw: The O.C.
    Raw: Drew McIntyre
    Raw: Randy Orton
    Raw: Ricochet
    Raw: Bobby Lashley
    Raw: Alexa Bliss
    Raw: Kevin Owens
    Raw: Natalya
    Raw: The Viking Raiders
    Raw: Nikki Cross
    Raw: The Street Profits

    SmackDown: Roman Reigns
    SmackDown: "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
    SmackDown: Sasha Banks
    SmackDown: Braun Strowman
    SmackDown: Lacey Evans
    SmackDown: The Revival
    SmackDown: Lucha House Party
    SmackDown: Heavy Machinery

  • Raw: Seth Rollins
    Raw: Charlotte Flair
    Raw: Andrade (with Zelina)
    Raw: The Kabuki Warriors
    Raw: Rusev
    Raw: Aleister Black
    Raw: Cedric Alexander
    Raw: Humberto Carillo
    Raw: Erick Rowan
    Raw: Buddy Murphy
    Raw: Jinder Mahal
    Raw: R-Truth
    Raw: Samoa Joe
    Raw: Akira Tozawa
    Raw: Shelton Benjamin
    Raw: Rey Mysterio
    Raw: Titus O’Neil
    Raw: Liv Morgan

    SmackDown: Brock Lesnar
    SmackDown: The New Day
    SmackDown: Daniel Bryan
    SmackDown: Bayley
    SmackDown: Shinsuke Nakamura
    SmackDown: Ali
    SmackDown: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
    SmackDown: Carmella
    SmackDown: The Miz
    SmackDown: King Corbin
    SmackDown: Shorty Gable
    SmackDown: Elias

    No spotlight for my man Cesaro. Nor for Mandy and Sonya. That ain't right, WWE. A bunch of other names as well were left behind, they'll propably just be assigned to a show on some online list. :/

    Big heel names at the moment Sasha and Bayley are both in the blue brand. I hope they won't pit these two against each other any time soon, as that would most likely mean one of them turning into a face and I much prefer the current situation of these two women. When it comes to the men Lesnar will come face to face with the likes of Reigns, Bryan, Strowman and Wyatt in the near future, it seems.

  • WWE sure is not so good recently.

  • Crown Jewel was pure filler as expected. I went skipping basically through the whole show. The only "whoa" moment was Wyatt winning in the end which means both the big belts are now in SmackDown.

  • Royal Rumble was pretty cool. At least the men's Rumble match itself! That whole Lesnar angle was kind of genius. At first I was like "oh no you didn't" when he threw guys out one after another, but pretty quickly I started to get excited for the whole shtick, like waiting to see if this would really go all the way like that. Luckily it didn't. And McIntyre was basically the perfect guy to knock him over: surprising, but he still made sense in that role, too. This'll be his biggest push now, and about time, too. The man's a great athlete in the ring and he's garnered support and charisma over time. This went right, I feel like.

    Edge's return was cool, too! I mean damn, it's been since 2011 when he left. And he looked great with that grey in his beard. Interesting to see what his role will be.

    The women's match was less exciting, I had hoped for a surprise winner but we got Charlotte. And Sasha wasn't even in it. I guess they'll keep us waiting for the rift between her and Bayley. And that's actually fine, this double-heel pair of theirs works well atm.

  • Sooooooo... Super Showdown happened. I guess it really is WrestleMania season now, I mean I really wouldn't see this happening any other time of the year. What a crappy way to make the Fiend lose his title. To Goldberg all of a sudden. With literally no story here or build-up. And those Spears and the Jackhammer are like otherwordly lethal moves, I guess, because the Fiend has been literally unstoppable so far when it comes to anything else. Oh man, this is just stupid in so many ways.

  • They're just gonna have the Fiend beat Super Cena at Mania just to keep him looking like a threat

  • I hope you watched this SmackDown because it was truly something else entirely. Performance Center, for the empty seats, with Cole and Triple H on the mics. And Hunter had some good and funny shit to say a bunch of times. "I didn't see Asuka emerge from the crowd", "Great promo from Shinsuke" = didn't say a word etc. LOL

    Such a comical sight to see when the men and women came to the ring in all that silence. And then performed in silence, like that women's tag match for instance. If Becky Lynch had been there we all would've heard her shouting out the next moves beforehand, heh.