WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • My man Cesaro! With all this hype and push now on him, he's suddenly basically the biggest face now on SD, sweet. That UFO spot from WM got shown like five times throughout the episode with such a high praise. Which was totally earned, of course, such a cool moment.
    Then they started this Reigns feud but with a detour called Rollins first. Which is actually propably the right way to do. Let's lay the foundation for this current run now in a solid fashion and then see where it'll lead. The Uso match was a good one. I love that Corkscrew Uppercut every single time I see it, such a beautiful move when executed like that.

  • I was excited about the fans returning even before this video! A year and a half, it's been...

    WWE welcomes back the WWE Universe this weekend
    Youtube Video

  • Money in the Bank was pretty solid! Predictable results, many of them, but good ones in any case.

    And hey! Cena's back! For the SummerSlam against Reigns. With breaking Flair's title record in the line in the process, that gives this all a great additional taste. And I wouldn't mind seeing Reigns keep on winning, he's been a great heel. Plus the Usos just got their gold as well by his side.

    Big E was the right winner, I anticipated that one. A fun guy to watch. The whole men's MITB match was entertaining with Rollins and Morrison teaming up, Ricochet jumping like a maniac, KO breaking the ladder with his back and even Jinder being a great baddie with his goons, taking out McIntyre.

    Women's match, on the other hand, was a disappointment. Didn't do much for me. And the winner... The worst of the bunch, I can't believe they're betting on that superhero gimmick even more like this.

    Charlotte's win was easy to predict, but I was waiting for Becky to return after the match! (In the end it was Cena's spot tonight.) Maybe on RAW now she'll appear to challenge her.

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    And hey! Cena's back!

    really? i couldn't see him.

  • This might be my favourite segment in WWF/WWE history:
    Youtube Video

  • @jdincinerator

    Omfg that was fantastic. I miss these days. Tried watching AEW recently and it was aight. The one wrestler had skills but the whole event just isn't turnt up to 1000 like these days. JR needs to commentate until the day he dies though. He makes everything that much better.

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  • Didn't come here to poo poo on WWE or those who still enjoy it. But my experience watching AEW this past Sunday was amazing!

    My friends and I ordered the AEW All Out PPV and had such a blast. We used to be really into WWF/WCW/WWE when we were younger, growing up watching the Attitude Era (some of it we were too young to see), and got to witness the whole entirety of the Ruthless Aggression era.

    I feel like AEW just did an amazing job of recapturing a 1997-2002 era TV broadcast. It feels like it did back then. The whole broadcast is just completely fucking lit and cranked up to 11. You have all sorts of factions, people are invading matches, brothers fighting as tag teams, cage matches, blood, JR going completely crazy in his commentary. They even have hilarious but also awesome gimmicks like the Prehistoric Dinosaur-Man, the Tarzan Boy, and the Butcher characters.

    What blew me away was importing wrestlers from AAA in Mexico or New Japan. It made for this PPV card that felt limitless and more of a celebration of not only old school wrestling on TV, but also a celebration of the performers themselves.

    It's like AEW is trying to win over lapsed fans but also provide a reliable home for international talent and talent from other promotions. It's almost as if monopolies are bad and competition is good. Who would've thought?

    All in all, if you guys haven't seen an AEW show before, I highly recommend it. WWE has bored me to death for a long time now to the point I don't even watch WrestleMania anymore but AEW hooked me back in. I'll definitely keep an eye out time to time now.

  • @dipset If WWE doesn't get its shit together, I think AEW has a legitimate chance of overtaking it within the next few years. Getting people like Punk and Daniel Bryan is huge and will do wonders for making the brand that much more known.

  • @capnbobamous

    From my understanding AEW has been winning the 18-49 demo lately. Which leads me to believe that a lot of lapsed fans like myself are back in.

    I don’t think WWE is in trouble in the short term though. Problem with the streaming wars is that networks and platforms don’t give a shit about the content and it’s performance relative to other programs so long as they just have any original content.

    So it seems like NBC/Peacock is pretty content with spending like $1B per contact with WWE and just having a consistent time slot. Might not work long term but they seem happy right now. I’m not convinced NBC really ever knows what they are doing though. They just lost the NHL contract to ESPN and TNT.

  • Here's another segment that I find totally hilarious. Damn Regal is one hell of a versatile performer:

    Youtube Video

  • Holy Shit that Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Summerslam 2022 match was intense! LMAO

  • That tractor chaos was some of the dumbest shit I've seen in a while. Loved it! :D

  • Brock's hilarious as a face. love it.

  • @yoshi He was quite hilarious as a heel too.

  • One of the sickest weapon shots I've ever heard at the end of this Big Boss Man vs. Tazz matchup at No Way Out 2000: