WWE - Who is hyped!?

  • So here we go.
    The draft happened, and I still have no idea how they are going to handle the respective titles?

    Anyway, I'm still excited for the Brand split. Smackdown is probably going to be the better show, since they don't have that extra hour, that really brings RAW down.
    But they better not give Mojo Rawley any meaningful push, cause he will never be a true Hype bro!

  • @DeweyDTruman Hahaha what the hell is this? The way Matt talks is hilarious. His character is cray cray. What is his story? Did he go insane or something? Holy sh** I can't handle this. haha~

    I started watching during the end of the invasion story line. What a confusing time to start watching.

    I don't really have an all time favorite.

    I also sadly don't pay attention enough to have a favorite match. My memory fails me.

  • To me, RAW seemed to get the most of the people I'm interested to watch. Rollins and Cesaro are my favourites, and Sasha Banks is great, and Charlotte, too. Enzo & Big Cass have quickly proved to be entertaining, and after a lot talk about his NXT time, I'm excited to finally see Finn Bálor. Oh, and Owens and Zayn tend to be really solid guys as well.

    I wonder what will happen to the Wyatt Family now. Bray and Rowan went to Smackdown, and the monster Strowman solo to RAW. Oh well, I'm not that interested. Especially as I've always found Luke Harper to be the best (performer) of the bunch. I wonder when he'll be back, hopefully the injury isn't too severe.

    I have a theory that the IC belt and the US belt are still going to change shows. It could happen, if Young beats Miz and takes the IC championship to RAW, and if Ryder beats Rusev and takes the US championship to Smackdown. In Battleground PPV you'll see: if one happens, the other will, too.

  • I am very excited for this brand split, I think this is one of the best things that could happen to WWE, regardless of who goes to what show. Seeing the same guys wrestle twice a week was one of the main reasons I had more and more trouble following the product, it's just not exciting anymore. Compare that to NXT, where you'll only see a guy once every 2 or 3 weeks, and that makes every match feel meaningful.

    Now as for the draft itself, sure you could argue that RAW has a stronger roster overall, but it means new pushes for some lowcard for sure, and I'm all for that. It's a breath of fresh air, and the way they present it, and the way all the guys reacted in interviews throughout the night, it sounds almost like a reboot, where everyone gets a fresh start.

    Can't wait for next week to see all of this in action!

    Check out this sad sad promo from Kalisto though, I feel so bad for him! #LuchaThing ;)

  • Yeah it's always been up to Smackdown to create the new stars, and I think that trend is going to continue. Sure you got some veterans like Cena and Orton there to boost the ratings, but that's fine unless it leads to another feud between them.
    I'm most excited for Bray Wyatt. What are they going to do with him?

    I still think it's very weird that we don't know anything about the titles.
    After battleground it could very well end up with the womens, the tag titles and the WWE championship on RAW, leaving only one secondary title on smackdown. How is that going to work?
    Are they champions going to be on both shows? Which would overexpose them.
    So it looks like each brand is going to have unique PPVs, and then the four big is going to be joined. Isn't the Smackdown PPVs going to be lackluster if they only got one title on the brand?
    It still leads me thinking, there is going to be some sort of screwy finish this Sunday, so that both brands can have a world title. Otherwise, why haven't WWE clarified any of this?

    Ohh and we also got new announce teams:
    RAW: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
    Smackdown: Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga
    Now clearly, Graves and Ranallo is a lvl above the others, but if they just removed Saxton and Otunga, it could work out okay. I understand that they went with 3 announcers if they had the talent for it.. but Saxton and Otunga??

  • No talk post Battleground or RAW?!

    It's a fresh start for the WWE right now I guess, they're in a situation where they can literally grab anyone they want, give them some time in NXT for the fans to get to know them and then just go nuts on the main show. A proper developmental system like that is ridiculously cool and if they can keep it at a level where everyone gets exposed but not overexposed then the split will work wonders. The NXT model has worked really well for them so far where they've used the hour to its full potential - there's always at least one match on the card featuring someone people want to see, and they'll happily let you enhance some other guys while they wait so instead of just serving them one bunch of noodles, they also get some broth and let it stew so it might become noodles in their eyes later. Man I love Frame Trap.

    Finn's the new no.1 contender for the RAW title. How awesome is that?

  • Battleground was good, I think. Owens/Zayn got really good towards the end. And Enzo & Cass are so good, that long mic set before the Club match really got me smiling. They're such a great pair, and I love their voices (don't know if that sounds weird, but I do! :) ).

    RAW was really nice as well. Especially that first Fatal-4-Way was really fun to watch, all the guys gave their best, it felt. Cesaro's my favourite, and he got some great moments there. And I don't often realize this, but Rusev is kinda great, too. I mean, the guy's a tank, and still he does flips and all kind of stuff.

    With Finn Bálor I might have been over-hyped, to tell you the truth. I don't watch NXT (the line needs to be drawn somewhere, only so many hours), so yeah, I had heard a LOT about the guy. And sure, he seemed really athletic and fast and kind of cat-like, but characterwise, or charismawise I didn't really feel anything after these two matches he had. But of course that can change, and I'm happy we got some fresh blood into the main match.

    Speaking of which. WWE Universal Championship. Okay. And the way Steph spoke, Dean's belt is again called the ridiculously long WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Even though they called it just the WWE Championship the last past month or so. Oh well.

    And hey! Sasha Banks! Damn, what a nice surprise. And all those "You deserve it!" chants. Maybe they thought it would be too obvious to wait for her win in SummerSlam.

    And while we're speaking of women and making of new belts, what will happen in Smackdown? The women have nothing to compete of in there. Nor do the tag teams. Interesting to see if those kind of things come up in any way as the first new show airs later this Tuesday.

  • @Mr-M Gotta catch up first!

    Battleground was a good ppv. It did fell like something that we just needed to get past, to start "the new era". The matches was good, Bayley was great as always.
    The main event was great, and I was happily surprised to see Dean keep the title.
    My one negative for Battlegrounds was Mojo Rawley. I really wanted Rusev to just straight up eat him. I have a feeling i'm gonna be complaining about Rawley every week from now on. He really needs to get of my tv.

    But hey, how about that raw!?

    • It's always great when they have qualification matches, it just makes the show feel way more important.
      And Finn bloody Bálor! That's how you start a new era! He really shinned throughout the night, and giving him the final victory against Reigns, was perfect. That way, even casual viewers could get behind him straight away. Ohh and Bálor vs. Rollins? Talk about a match of the year candidate.

    • I like that Raw is going to have a world title, I don't like the name though..

    • I didn't like the New day celebration, but I am hyped for the Club vs. The New day.

    • Jobbers is back! I will always be an advocate for using jobbers. Neither Strowmann or Nia Jax is good in the ring, but they can shine in a squash match.

    • How about some Bob Backlund hype? He can still bring it.

    • I didn't hear a lot of Cory Graves, is the pressure of Vince in his hear dragging him down, or does he just need to adjust to a three man announce team?

    • I agree with Sentinel Beach about Rusev. The man is a beast.

    I'm really curious about the titles as well. We didn't really get any answers. Since Stephanie just created a new world title, could Shane create a new tag team title and a women's title? I like have two world titles, but is there room enough for another tag title and women's title? They did have that back in the day, so you never know.

  • Loved Battleground and RAW, so refreshing! I really hope they keep it up down the line.

    General observations:

    • I really liked Bayley at Battleground. I'm usually not a big fan of hers (don't shoot me), but her attitude and facial expressions on that night were different, like she was "grown up" now, more adult, and it made her look so much more threatening. I hope she maintains this edge going forward.
    • The Orton-Jericho segment was pretty funny, you could tell they were both trying not to crack up sometimes, legitimately having fun with each other. That line about Lesnar's enhancements, and Jericho's reply "I feel like you're going to pay for that one", very cool :)
    • Zack Ryder was not bad against Rusev, I think they could push him to go after The Miz again for the Intercontinental title. But I agree with @MonsTruz , I can't stand Mojo Rawley!
    • The Shield triple threat had a lot of nice touches, and I'm really glad they kept the belt on Ambrose, nice boost for him and for Smackdown. Reigns easily looked like the weakest wrestler of the three as usual, take away his superman punch and that's 50% of his offense gone...
    • But against Finn Balor I thought he had a good match, it was very well paced and that finish was intense. And what a push for Balor!! Who else has beaten Reigns 1-on-1 clean? Rollins? That's it, no? I hope they don't push Balor too fast and too hard, but indeed, that's quite a statement for the New Era. And honestly, if Reigns had won, imagine the boos :D
    • But the match of the weekend was easily Charlotte - Sasha Banks. It had everything! Awesome moves, scary bumps, innovative counters, serious storytelling (Charlotte especially brought her A-game compared to the past few months), looking at their facial expressions it felt like a legit fight! And the crowd was awesome too, I felt so happy for her hearing all those chants.
    • Also agree about the jobbers, I hope this keeps going, it helps protects the lowcarders by not feeding them every week to the guys they want to push.
    • Love the new look of Braun Strowman, he went from looking like a fat baby to Khal Drogo!
    • New Day vs Club will be good indeed, I feel like this could be the end of their title reign.
    • Also did you notice that the commentators are no longer next to the ring, meaning no more table breaking or chair throwing. I wonder if they'll follow that model on Smackdown and during PPVs too. That would also mean guest commentators won't get involved in matches like they always do. It's like they want to remove all the typical bullshit and focus on having legit-looking matches. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

    About the titles, it's tricky. The tag teams and women of Smackdown definitely need something to fight for, but duplicating those titles would really devalue them, the rosters are too small on each show to give those titles real meaning. I'd suggest defending the women and tag team titles on both shows, having the champs potentially challenged by anyone who made their mark on their respective show.

    I haven't been that hyped for WWE in a long time! I can't wait to watch Smackdown when I get home :D

  • SmackDown Live! Can we talk about it now? Sure.

    The roster seemed kinda small in the beginning, but as the show went on, I began to think that there still is enough of names there to form interesting feuds and to give a push to "smaller names". The upcoming SD-only-PPVs still can be a little question mark, though, when it comes to filling the card for the whole night.

    But speaking of giving a push. Dolph Ziggler in the main match of SummerSlam! Who would have thought? A really big surprise to me, but this is bound to happen more, as said. Names from outside the big half a dozen of SD leads (Cena, Orton, Ambrose and a few others) will get their moments now more, I believe.

    Still, though, I would have loved to see Bray Wyatt finally getting he's share of the grand prize. This really felt like the moment for him, I think. Well, maybe he'll get his biggest push yet in six months, on the road to you-know-where.

    The women's "I'm here now too" tour was corny as hell as well as cringy for some, and I loved every second of that. :) Really, I did. It only took that long, and now I'm intrigued to hear and see more of Alexa Bliss, that heel talk was so over the top. And Eva Marie, geez. Can you get any more slutty-looking ring attire than that? No, you can't. I don't know what I feel, that was something else completely.

    Miz and Orton had some fun on the mics, and so did I. :) Nice to see Randy as a face again, the crowd's really in his corner. And I guess next week someone challenges Miz for the IC title. Could it be...

    ...Shelton Benjamin?! What is this? I haven't heard from him in years. But it's nice that they add a few more people to Smackdown, no harm there, I think. Rhyno and Heath Slater in there as well, I guess.

    No talk of any new titles (yet), but I didn't really look after any (yet), either.

  • @Axel A fellow Rawley hater? Your now my favorite ally!

    Smackdown live

    • I really don't like when the whole rooster is in the ring. Why on earth are Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan hanging around ringside? Is that really something a world eater does?

    • I dig that Shane and Bryan chose 5 wrestlers they fought deserved and opportunity, and let the rest of the roster fight for that last place.

    • A battle royal is however always borring. The royal rumble works, because you are excited to see who comes to the ring, but the standart match is a snooze. The ending was exciting though.

    • Shelton Benjamin!!!? Ain't no stopping me now!

    • The womens roster on smackdown looks very thin.. I love Becky Lynch, but i'm not seeing a lot of great matches coming her way with that roster. It was very funny how much the crowd hates Eva Marie.

    • Orton vs Miz was pretty fun.

    • I like that they are doing something with Heath Slater.

    • It's cool they are giving Ziggler a shot again. I don't think they are going to put the title on him, but it sure is a start!

    I still think it's weird they are not addressing the tag and womens titles.. Haven't they decided yet?

    Also in other news, WWE is not going to suspend Brock Lesnar, because he is only a part timer, so the wellness policy doesn't apply to him.. That's a nice loophole for other part timers...

    • I think that even if they end up creating new women and tag team titles for Smackdown, they won't do it all at once. You can't introduce so many new belts at the same time, the focus for Summerslam will be the Universal Championship, and maybe a couple months down the line the women of Smackdown will start asking for a title, and get one, etc. That's what they did on NXT, titles were introduced one after the other. Although I still would prefer those to remain unique and defended on both shows.
    • Orton is having FUN! I think his match against Brock could be super entertaining.
    • No opnion on Shelton Benjamin, I wasn't watching back when he was last in WWE, but I'm hearing a lot of great things about him!
    • So happy for Ziggler, it feels like this week of WWE has been fantasy booking by the fans :D
    • @MonsTruz Let's create our own tag team then ;)

    Overall I am so optimistic about the New Era, it's like the bookers woke up one day and finally realized what the fans want. Hopefully it keeps going and it's not just a flash in the pan. Curious what Huber thinks about it now, he was pretty down on the draft itself.

  • I really don't want new womens and tag titles since we've already seen how crap those divisions can get when they're stretched that thin. Plus it could create some sort of emphasis on the whole "brand split" thing if they go with the angle of bringing the tag/women's title back to their respective shows while the competition on the other brand actually has to work for the opportunity. treating those divisions as show exclusive when it comes to regular matches and independent when it comes to big time title contender matches might even elevate it a bit since it might mitigate some of the usual WWE pitfalls of "Oh hey this team won a match against the champs on RAW or just came out and did nothing so let's give them a title opportunity at the PPV because reasons" i.e. the Titus O'Neil "I've lost every singles match I've had in a year, but I interrupted Rusev once so I'm now no.1 contender" logic.

  • @Mr-M said in WWE - Who is hyped!?:

    I really don't want new womens and tag titles since we've already seen how crap those divisions can get when they're stretched that thin. Plus it could create some sort of emphasis on the whole "brand split" thing if they go with the angle of bringing the tag/women's title back to their respective shows while the competition on the other brand actually has to work for the opportunity. treating those divisions as show exclusive when it comes to regular matches and independent when it comes to big time title contender matches might even elevate it a bit since it might mitigate some of the usual WWE pitfalls of "Oh hey this team won a match against the champs on RAW or just came out and did nothing so let's give them a title opportunity at the PPV because reasons" i.e. the Titus O'Neil "I've lost every singles match I've had in a year, but I interrupted Rusev once so I'm now no.1 contender" logic.

    +1 to all of this.

  • @Axel The only good thing about having Rawley on the main roster, is seeing him getting his ass kicked!

    @Mr-M I agree with you, but I really think WWE needs to tell us what is going on. The women need to be fighting for something, even if it is just over a title shot for the womens title.

  • @MonsTruz I think right now it's just a case of it being one week old. Regardless of whether or not we believe WWE can make it work, we have to give them some sort of chance. They've got 5 hours of mainstream TV they have to use and they've had a week to evaluate things so something should be mentioned in regards to tag and women's divisions this week. If it's not, then yeah hahah prepare for random matches without consequence on the shows that don't have the titles.

  • @Mr-M That is true, hopefully we will get some news the next couple of days. Maybe they will adresse it when American Alfa debuts. I will say however, WWE have had a lot of time to plan this brand split, but I really get the impression, that it has been rushed, and it's currently still a work in process.

    But hey, the shows have been fun so far, so I'm definitely excited for this week. I'm curious how well Finn Balor is going to perform on the mic. And will we get some hints, on whether or not he is bringing the Demon to Summerslam?

  • @MonsTruz said in WWE - Who is hyped!?:

    Maybe they will adresse it when American Alfa debuts.

    Actually that would be the perfect way to mention how it works; when AA debut during their entrance or in the segment before they could explain a simple way how it works and boom the debut is already 100x more important.

  • I really don't think this is a big problem right now, they have a lot of new things to introduce: the brand split itself, the cruiserweight division, the new women and tag team titles (or lack thereof), they already introduced the Universal Championship last week, it's ok if they drip-feed that kind of stuff. They can't drop everything on us at once, they need each of these things to shine on its own. Of course it requires some suspension of disbelief, but what part of wrestling doesn't? :)

    For now, the Natalya-Becky rivalry, plus the debuts of both Carmella and Alexa Bliss (and to some extent Eva Marie) are more than enough to carry Smackdown until SummerSlam at the very least, without having to mention the title. Of course, if in 6 months, none of the Smackdown women have expressed the desire to chase the title, it will be extremely lame, but in my opinion there's no rush right now.

  • So we got another good episode of RAW! It was not as good, as last week. But could we really hope for that? Inevitably that extra hour is going to drag the show.

    • A fun opening segment. Usually the long talking segments to open raw, is often kinda borring, but this was really good. Cool to see the two top women get to open the show. Jericho and Enzo was a bit random, but fun nonetheless .
      The mixed tag match, was also very good. So it looks like we will get Enzo and Cash vs. Jericho and Owens at summerslam? That could be a fun tag team match.

    • Finn Balor impressed me against Rollins. I don't think his mic work, is ever going to be his strongest side, but he held his own.

    • I really liked the Mark Henry vs. Rusev match. It was a good way to use Henry, and he looked more mobile than he used to. When he first had his hall of pain run, he was so good. I know he will never get back to that level, but it was still a good win for Rusev.
      I didn't expect Reigns was going to be Rusevs opponent at Summerslam.. What do you guys think, a step down for Reigns? or a step up for Rusev?

    • The Lesnar segment was fine, but a tad borring. They did play up the RKO out of nowhere though.